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3二、N-COUNT-COLL(可数集合名词) (词数:50)

1 aristocracy army array audience band
2 cast chapter command commission committee
3 community company congress consortium coterie
4 council couple coven crew crowd
5 electorate family fauna field fifteen
6 flock gaggle government group hierarchy
7 hurdle jury military multitude opposition
8 panel people profession quartet school
9 staff swarm team tribe tribunal
10 trio troop troupe work works

3三、N-FAMILY(家庭成员名词) (词数:6)

1 aunt father grandfather grandmother mother
2 uncle        

3四、N-IN-NAMES(名称名词) (词数:87)

1 academy avenue bowl brother bureau
2 canyon cape channel chase circus
3 close college common commonly commonwealth
4 company comprehensive confederation conservatory corporation
5 corps cottage council court drive
6 estuary exchange fall fort friend
7 front gallery garage garden gate
8 gazette gospel great green grove
9 guard guide hall harbour hill
10 house infirmary inn institute institution
11 island isle junction junior knoll
12 lane lesser mansion mount news
13 ocean office overture parade park
14 peace route row school sea
15 square stadium strait street symphony
16 syndrome tale tavern temple terrace
17 theatre tower trophy union university
18 way zoo      

3五、N-MASS(物质名词) (词数:167)

1 Scotch abrasive acid acidity adhesive
2 alcohol ale alkali alloy antiseptic
3 balm beer bitter bitterness bleach
4 brandy bread brocade bromide butter
5 ceramic ceramics cereal champagne cheese
6 chocolate cider clay cloth coffee
7 compost concentrate conserve cordial cotton
8 crude crudity defoliant dessert detergent
9 diesel disinfectant dye effluent emollient
10 enamel essence extract fabric fat
11 feed fertilizer filling flour fluid
12 foam food foundation fragrance fuel
13 fungicide fur gas gloss glue
14 grain granite grass gum herbicide
15 hydrate ink insecticide jam jelly
16 juice laminate lava laxative leather
17 limestone linen lipstick liqueur liquid
18 liquor lubricant manure margarine material
19 meat medicine metal milk moss
20 mould mustard nitrate oil ointment
21 ore oxide paint paste perfume
22 peroxide pesticide pickle pigment plastic
23 poison polish pollen potpourri powder
24 preservative propellant protein punch red
25 relish repellent resin rice salve
26 sauce scent seasoning seaweed shale
27 shampoo silicate silk soap soda
28 soil solvent soup spice spray
29 spread squash starch steel stock
30 stone stout stuffing sulphide syrup
31 tea tobacco tonic vaccine varnish
32 velvet venom vinegar wax wheat
33 whisky wine wood woods wool
34 yarn yeast      

3六、N-PLURAL(复数名词) (词数:420)

1 British Dutch French Japanese Portuguese
2 Soviet Spanish activity admission advance
3 advert affair affection air airing
4 ally alms amusement ancient annals
5 apartment apology arm arms art
6 article ash asset attention authority
7 bacteria bag bang beginning belief
8 belongings bench better bleachers blue
9 blues bond book bound bowel
10 brace brief bucket bunch but
11 cattle chain chamber chime circumstance
12 claw clergy clipper clothes clutch
13 coal coffer colony comic communication
14 compass compliment condition conditioning condolence
15 confine confining connection content coordinate
16 coordinated cord cost cover craftspeople
17 credentials damage data defence demand
18 depth detail diamond dig dimension
19 direction dish dog door drawer
20 dregs drop due dues duty
21 dynamic dynamics earnings effect eighty
22 electronics element environs essential ethics
23 exercise expense extremity faithful fall
24 fatigue favour feature feeling fellow
25 fetter fifty figure filings final
26 firework fitting fittingly flannel flare
27 folk force fortune forty foundation
28 friend fry fume fund funny
29 future game garden gentry giggle
30 glass glory goggle goods grace
31 great green grit grocery ground
32 gut guy hand handcuffs head
33 headline heaven heel height heroic
34 highlight holiday horse hour humanity
35 illumination innards inside instruction intricacy
36 invisible jaw jeans juice kin
37 knee lad law leather light
38 lightly like limit limitation line
39 literati living lock look lowland
40 main major man manner manoeuvre
41 margin mark mass material matter
42 means measurement mechanic mechanics merit
43 merited mile minute money monsoon
44 moral mores movement movie nasty
45 necessary nerve ninety noise notion
46 nuptial nut nylon occupant odds
47 oil outskirts overall pants paper
48 peanut people peril person personnel
49 pharmaceutical pickle picture pile pincers
50 pipe pit plan plate pliers
51 point police politics poll pool
52 poultry prayer premise preparation preservation
53 preserve private proceed proceeding proceeds
54 progeny proportion prospect prospecting prospector
55 province provision pulse pyjamas quarter
56 quote race rag rain rank
57 ranking rapids rate rating ration
58 reaction receipt refreshment regard region
59 rein remain remains representation responsibility
60 return rich right root rope
61 rowdy royalty ruin ruins rush
62 sale sanction sand saving savings
63 scale scaled scissors scrap scum
64 sea second secretion securities security
65 seed separate service seventy shackle
66 shade shake shear sheep shore
67 short shoulder sideline sight sixty
68 snow soul spat specifics spectacle
69 spike spirit spoil stack staff
70 stair stake stall standard standing
71 star step stick stock strain
72 strait stranger string strings study
73 subtitle suburb sunglasses supply surround
74 surroundings susceptibility suspender sweat tail
75 talk tear term terrace textile
76 thank thing thirty thought thread
77 throes time tongs tooth track
78 travel troop trouble troubling trousers
79 trunk tweezers twenty uninitiated upland
80 value vermin want waste water
81 way wheel whisker white wild
82 wing wish wit wither woe
83 woollen woolly word work works
84 worm writing year young youth

3七、N-PROPER(专有名词) (词数:40)

1 Antarctic Bible Christ God Internet
2 Jesus Mediterranean Midwest antarctic arctic
3 bar bible budget channel commonwealth
4 continent crown crowning customs devil
5 earth exchequer fall father galaxy
6 god grace heaven internet lord
7 lordship paradise parliament pharaoh purgatory
8 renaissance restoration speaker state web

3八、N-PROPER-COLL(专有集合名词) (词数:6)

1 common commonly cub labour lord
2 senate        

3九、N-PROPER-PLURAL(专有复数名词) (词数:1)

1 crusade

40、N-SING(单数名词) (词数:721)

1 ability absence accent acme act
2 action active actively administration advance
3 advocacy affair affinity aftermath aim
4 air airing aisle ambience anatomy
5 announcement answer apex apogee apotheosis
6 appearance appliance appreciation armistice arrival
7 ascent aspect atmosphere avalanche average
8 axe babble back backbone background
9 badge balance balcony bane barber
10 barrier basis bathroom beam bean
11 bearing bedrock beginning belief beloved
12 bench bent best bill bind
13 biosphere bit bite blank blanket
14 blast blaze body bomb bore
15 bosom bottom box brass breast
16 breath breeze brick brink bug
17 bulk bundle bush business butt
18 buzz cachet call can capacity
19 catch cavalry centennial centre chain
20 chair championship change character chase
21 cheek cinema circle circus class
22 cloak close cloth comment commonwealth
23 competition concern conclusion condition conditioning
24 conduct confluence conquest consensus content
25 converse core cornucopia cosmos cost
26 count countdown counter country course
27 courtesy crack crawl crease credit
28 crop cross crossroads crutch crux
29 culmination cult curtain custom cut
30 danger dark dash date dawn
31 dawning daytime daze dazzle dearth
32 death deep defence demise descent
33 description desk difference din dirt
34 disgrace disposition distance distinction diversity
35 dock downside downstairs draft drag
36 drain dream drift drive dry
37 duty ear earth east edge
38 effort embodiment end entrance entrancing
39 entry environment envy epidermis epitome
40 equator equivalent espousal establishment ethics
41 ethos executive exhibition exodus extent
42 eye fabric facade face factor
43 farce fashion fault feast feel
44 feeling few finish first fit
45 fix flair flap flavour fling
46 float flower flush fog fogged
47 fold folding foot force forefront
48 formula fox fracas fray freedom
49 friendship front fulcrum furnace fusillade
50 fuss future galaxy gallop game
51 gamut gang gas gauge genesis
52 germ ghost giggle gist glare
53 gleam globe gloom gloss glow
54 goad good gospel grain grasp
55 grass grind grip gripping ground
56 gush gut gutter hail hand
57 handful handle harvest haze head
58 heart heat height helm help
59 herd heyday hiatus hint hodgepodge
60 hold holocaust home honour horizon
61 horror hour house household hubbub
62 hunger hurry hush idea ideal
63 ignition impasse imperative import impression
64 indicative inheritance initiative inspiration instant
65 instantly intake interior interregnum interrogative
66 inverse inversely invitation issue item
67 jam job joke jungle junior
68 kaleidoscope keep kick kingdom ladder
69 lady land lapse law lead
70 left length level lexicon lid
71 lie lifetime lift light lightly
72 likelihood likeness limbo line load
73 loan look lot lottery luxury
74 machinery mail mainland man manner
75 mantle many march mark market
76 marrow mash mass master match
77 matter mean measure measures memory
78 mess middle mien millennium minority
79 mint mire mission mixture mob
80 monopoly mood moon morning mouthful
81 murmur nadir nap nation nature
82 neck need negation net news
83 norm north northeast northwest nose
84 note number oath obverse occult
85 ocean offence onset onus opinion
86 option orbit orchestra order ounce
87 outdoors outlook pace packet paint
88 pair palace pantomime park part
89 passage passive past patina patrimony
90 paucity peach penchant pendulum penny
91 performance personification phoenix phone pick
92 pickle pickup picture pig pile
93 pill pitch pity place plane
94 platform plenitude plethora point pond
95 position possible post pot potpourri
96 pound poverty power preponderance presence
97 present price privilege progress prosecution
98 prospect prospecting prospector province pulp
99 pulse purse pursuit puzzle puzzling
100 quarrel quarry question rabble racket
101 radio radius rage rain rap
102 rape rapport rapprochement rash reaction
103 reality rear reception recipe recoil
104 reflection remainder renaissance renewal repertoire
105 repertory reproach resistance resolution respite
106 responsibility resurgence return revelation reverse
107 reversion right ring riot rise
108 rollicking rot row rub rule
109 run rush sack sacrament safety
110 sale salvation say scale scaled
111 scandal scare scatter scene scope
112 scream screen script sea seabed
113 seaside seat secret senior sensation
114 sense set shambles shame shape
115 sheen shine shower sight singular
116 singularity skin slant small smattering
117 sniff snip sod solace sort
118 soul sound south southeast southwest
119 space spectrum speech spin spinning
120 spirit splash split spoor spread
121 sprint squash squeeze stab stage
122 stair stammer stamp stand standstill
123 state steal step stir stitch
124 stock stop strain stride stroke
125 struggle stuff substance succession suggestion
126 sum sun surface surfeit survey
127 suspicion sweep system tack take
128 taking tan tangle tango taste
129 tempo tenor text thatch theatre
130 thing thirst thought throne thrust
131 ticket tide tilt time toast
132 tone top toss touch touched
133 town tread treat tribute trouble
134 troubling tube tumult turn twilight
135 twist umbrella unconscious underground understanding
136 union unknown upstairs upsurge use
137 utmost vanguard variety varnish veneer
138 vertical vicinity view vocabulary vogue
139 voice vote walk want warp
140 wash way wealth week weight
141 west wheel while whisker will
142 winner wisdom wit withdrawal wonder
143 word work works world worm
144 worst wreckage wrench yawn yoke
145 zenith        

4一、N-SING-COLL(单数集合名词) (词数:24)

1 abundance artillery bench brass clientele
2 community cream crew defence enemy
3 floor guard headquarters laity left
4 majority media ministry nobility opposition
5 police press public right  

4二、N-TITLE(头衔名词) (词数:53)

1 aunt baron bishop brother captain
2 cardinal chancellor chief colonel commander
3 comrade congressman consort constable corporal
4 detective doctor emperor ensign father
5 general governor guru inspector judge
6 justice king lady lieutenant lord
7 major marshal master metropolitan miss
8 nurse patriarch president prince princess
9 prior private professor queen recorder
10 saint secretary senator sheriff sir
11 sister superintendent uncle    

4三、N-UNCOUNT(不可数名词) (词数:2038)

1 AIDS Buddhism China Chinese Dutch
2 English French German Greek HIV
3 Islam Italian Japanese Latin Mercury
4 Portuguese Roman Spanish abandon abandonment
5 abolition absenteeism absorption abstention abuse
6 acceleration acceptance access accession acclaim
7 accommodation accomplishment accounting accretion accumulation
8 accuracy acerbity achievement acid acidity
9 acoustic acquaintance acquisition acrimony action
10 activity acuity acumen acupuncture adaptation
11 addition administration admiration admission admittance
12 adobe adolescence adornment adrenalin advancement
13 advantage advent adventure advice advocacy
14 aerodynamics aeronautics aerospace aesthetics affection
15 affluence age aggression agitation agony
16 agreement agriculture aid air airing
17 alabaster alacrity alarm alchemy alcohol
18 algebra alignment allegory alteration altruism
19 aluminium amalgam amazement amber ambition
20 amity ammonia ammunition amnesia amplitude
21 amusement anarchy anathema anatomy anger
22 anguish animation animosity animus anorexia
23 antagonism anthropologist anthropology anticipation antipathy
24 antiquity anxiety apathy aplomb apostasy
25 apparel appeal applause application appreciation
26 apprehension approbation appropriation approval archaeological
27 archaeology architecture argument arithmetic armour
28 arson art arthritis artillery artistry
29 artwork ascendancy ash asparagus aspect
30 asperity asphyxia assembly assent assignment
31 assistance assumption assurance asthma astonishment
32 astrology astronomy asylum atheism athletics
33 atmosphere attainment attendance attention attire
34 attitude attraction attrition austerity authority
35 autocracy autonomy avarice aviation avoidance
36 awe back backbone bacon badinage
37 badminton baggage bail bait balance
38 ballast ballet balm bankruptcy banter
39 bark barley baseball basketball bauxite
40 beauty bedlam bedrock beef beet
41 behaviour being belief benefit benzene
42 bile bingo biography biologist biology
43 birth bite bitumen blackmail blame
44 blight blighted bliss blood bloodshed
45 bloom board body bold bombast
46 bondage bonhomie boredom botany bother
47 bottle bounce bowl bowling box
48 boyhood braid brass bravado bravura
49 bread breadth bridge bronchitis bronze
50 broom brush bulk bull bullion
51 bunk bureaucracy business bustle butterfly
52 cable calcium calculation calculus calibre
53 call calligraphy calm camouflage cannibalism
54 canvas capacity capital capitalism captivity
55 carbon card care carnage carpentry
56 carriage carrion cartography carving cash
57 caste casualty catch catharsis caution
58 celebrity cellulose cement ceramic ceramics
59 ceremony certainty certitude cessation chaff
60 chagrin chalk change chaos char
61 character charade charcoal charge charisma
62 charity charm chauvinism cheer chemistry
63 chess chic chicanery chilli china
64 chivalry chocolate choreography chronology cinema
65 circulation circumference circumstance citizenship civilization
66 clarity class classic clay cleanliness
67 clemency closure clothing clout coal
68 cobbler cocaine code coercion coffee
69 cognizance coherence cohesion coinage coke
70 cold collaboration collage collateral collection
71 colonialism coloration combat combustion comedy
72 comfort command commencement commentary commerce
73 commission commitment communism community companionship
74 company compassion compensation competence competition
75 complacency complexity compliance complicity composition
76 compost composure comprehension compulsion compunction
77 conceit concentration conception concern concord
78 concrete condensation condolence conduct confidence
79 configuration confinement conflict conflicting conformity
80 confusion congestion conquest conscience consciousness
81 consent conservation conservatism consideration consistency
82 consternation constraint construction consultation consumption
83 contact containment contempt content contention
84 continuity contraband contrast control convenience
85 conviction coordination copper copy cork
86 corn correction correspondence corrosion corruption
87 cost costume cotton counsel country
88 countryside courage course courtesy courtship
89 cover coverage crack cramp cream
90 creation credence credit cricket criticism
91 crochet crockery cronyism crystal cub
92 cubism cuisine culture cunning cupidity
93 curiosity curl currency custody custom
94 customs cutlery cyanide cyberspace damage
95 damp dance danger daring dart
96 dash data daylight dazzle debris
97 debt decency decision decomposition decoration
98 decorum default defence deference defiance
99 definition deflation degradation degree delay
100 delicacy delight delinquency delirium delivery
101 delusion demand demeanour democracy demography
102 demolition denial denim dentistry dependence
103 deportment deposition depravity depth derangement
104 dereliction desalination descent description design
105 desire despair despotism destiny destitution
106 destruction detail detection determination detonation
107 detritus devastation development devotion dew
108 dexterity diabetes dictation diction difficulty
109 digestion dignity diminution dip diplomacy
110 direction dirt disagreement disappearance disappointment
111 disapproval disarray disaster discipline discomfiture
112 discomfort discontent discord discourse discretion
113 discrimination disdain disgrace disgust dishonour
114 disillusion dislike dismay disorder dispatch
115 dispersal displacement disposal disrespect dissent
116 dissenting distance distension distinction distress
117 distribution disturbance diversion division documentation
118 doggerel dogmatism dole doom dotage
119 double down drag drainage drama
120 dread dress dribble driftwood drill
121 drink drive drivel drizzle dross
122 drudgery duplicity duration duress dusk
123 dust duty dynamic dynamics dynamite
124 dysentery dyslexia earth earthenware ease
125 east eccentricity eclecticism ecology economics
126 economy ecstasy education efficacy efficiency
127 effort effrontery egoism elastic elasticity
128 election electricity electronics ellipsis elocution
129 embezzlement embroidery embryological emergence eminence
130 emotion empathy empiricism employment enamel
131 endurance energy engineering enlightenment ennui
132 enormity enrolment enterprise entrance entrancing
133 entry envy equality equanimity equilibrium
134 equipment equity erasure erosion escapism
135 espionage essence esteem ethics etiquette
136 etymology euphoria evidence evil evolution
137 exactitude exaltation excellence excess exclusion
138 excrement exhaust exhausted exhausting exhilaration
139 exile existence expectancy expectation expediency
140 expenditure experience expertise expiration exposure
141 expression expulsion extinction extraction extravagance
142 extremity exuberance eyesight face faction
143 failure faith falsehood fame fanaticism
144 fantasy farce fare fascination fashion
145 fat fate fatigue favour fealty
146 feedback feeling fellowship feminism fencing
147 ferment fermentation festivity fibre fiction
148 fidelity fight filigree film filth
149 finance financing finery finesse fire
150 fish fission five flair flak
151 flannel flash flatulence flax flesh
152 flight flint flu fluff flux
153 foam focus fodder foil foliage
154 folklore football forage forbearance force
155 foreknowledge forensic foresight forestry forgery
156 form formation formula formulation fortitude
157 fortune foundation fraternity freedom freight
158 frequency fretwork friction friendship fright
159 fruition fun funding furniture fury
160 fusion futility gaiety gall gallantry
161 game gangrene garb garbage garlic
162 gas gasoline gastronomy gear genealogy
163 generality generation generosity genetics genius
164 genocide gentility geography geology geometry
165 gerontology gilding ginger glamour glare
166 glass glassware glee glitter gloom
167 glory gloss glucose gold golf
168 good goodness goodwill goose gospel
169 gossip governance government grace graft
170 grammar grandeur graphic graphics graphite
171 grass gratitude gravel gravitation gravity
172 grease greed gridiron grip gripping
173 gristle grit ground growth guidance
174 guile guilt gunpowder gusto gut
175 gymnastics gypsum hail handwriting harassment
176 hardware harm harmony haste hatred
177 hauteur havoc hay health hearing
178 hearsay heat heating heaven hedonism
179 hegemony height helium help hepatitis
180 heredity heroin heroism hindrance hire
181 history hive hold holiday homage
182 home homespun homework homogeneity honesty
183 honour hope horn horror horsepower
184 horticulture hose hospitality hostility housework
185 housing hubris humanist humanity humidity
186 humility humour hunger husbandry hustle
187 hydrogen hygiene hyperbole hypertension hypnosis
188 hysteria ice icing idealism identification
189 idiom ignition ignominy ignorance ill
190 illness illumination imagery imitation immigration
191 impetus import importance imprisonment impurity
192 inability inattention incense inception incredulity
193 indemnity independence indifference indigestion indignation
194 individualism induction industry ineptitude inertia
195 infancy inference infinity inflation influence
196 influenza information ingenuity initiative innocence
197 innovation input inquiry insanity insight
198 insistence insomnia insouciance inspiration instability
199 institution instruction insulation insulin integrity
200 intelligence intercourse interdependence interest interference
201 interplay intimacy intoxication intricacy invective
202 invention investment iodine ire iron
203 irony irritation isolation ivory jade
204 jargon jaundice jazz jealousy jet
205 jewellery jingoism journalism joy jubilation
206 jumble jungle junk jurisdiction jurisprudence
207 justice kerosene ketchup kindness kindred
208 kit knowledge kudos labour lace
209 lack land landfill language languor
210 largesse lassitude latitude laughter laundry
211 law lead leadership learning leave
212 leeway legislation leisure lemon length
213 leniency lethargy levity lexicographer lexicography
214 liaison liberty licence life light
215 lightly lightning lightweight like likelihood
216 limbo lime limitation linen linguistic
217 linguistics linoleum lint literacy literature
218 litigation litter living loam locomotion
219 lodging logic longevity lore loss
220 love loyalty luck lucre luggage
221 lumber lumbering luminosity lust luxury
222 machinery magic magnanimity magnesium magnetism
223 magnitude mail maintenance maize majesty
224 majority makeup making malaise malaria
225 malice malnutrition management manhood mania
226 mankind marble mark marriage marrow
227 masculinity mash masonry mate material
228 materialism maternity mathematics maths matrimony
229 matter maturity mayhem meal meaning
230 mechanic mechanics medicine mediocrity meditation
231 megalomania melancholy melody membership menace
232 mendacity menthol merchandise mercury mercy
233 merit merited metallurgy metaphysics meteorologist
234 meteorology mettle midday midnight might
235 mild mildew milk mimicry mince
236 mint mire mirth mischief misconduct
237 misery mistress mistrust modesty moisture
238 momentum money monogamy monotony morale
239 morality morphology mortality mortar mortification
240 motherhood motion mourning mud multiplication
241 muscle music mustard mutton myopia
242 mystery narcissism narrative nature nausea
243 navigation necessity nectar needlework negation
244 negligence nemesis neon nepotism nerve
245 net neurology neutral news newspaper
246 nickel nicotine nihilism nil nitrogen
247 nobility noise nonconformity nonfiction nonsense
248 noon north northeast northwest nostalgia
249 notice notoriety nourishment novelty number
250 numerology nurture nutrition nylon oatmeal
251 obeisance objection obscurity observation obstruction
252 occupation odium office oligarchy ooze
253 opacity operation opinion opium opposition
254 optics optimism orange oratory order
255 ordnance organization orientation ornament ornamentation
256 ornithologist ornithology osmosis ostentation ostracism
257 outrage outreach oversight overtime ownership
258 oxygen ozone packaging padding pain
259 pains painting palaver panache pandemonium
260 panic pantomime pants paper paperwork
261 papyrus parallelism paralysis paranoia paraphernalia
262 parapsychology parity parlance parquet parsimony
263 part passage passion paste pastry
264 paternity pathology pathos patience patriotism
265 patronage pay payment peace pedagogy
266 peel penicillin penury pepper perception
267 percussion perfection perfidy performance perjury
268 permission perplexity persecution perseverance persistence
269 personnel perspective perspiration persuasion pessimism
270 petrol petroleum petulance pharmacology pharmacy
271 philately philology philosophy phonetics photography
272 photosynthesis physics physiological physiology piety
273 pique piracy pitch pith pity
274 plagiarism plague plankton plant plaque
275 plasma plaster plastic plate pleasure
276 plenitude plenty pluck plumage plumbing
277 plunder plush pneumonia poetry poise
278 poker polemic polio polish politics
279 pollution pomposity pool popcorn populace
280 porcelain pork porridge port portraiture
281 possession post postage posterity pot
282 potential pottery poverty powder power
283 practice praise prayer precedence precipitation
284 precision preference preoccupation preparation presence
285 presentation pressure prestige presumption pretension
286 prey pride prime print privacy
287 privation privilege probation probity procurement
288 produce production productivity professionalism proficiency
289 profile progress projection prominence promise
290 propaganda property propriety propulsion prose
291 prosperity protection provincialism provision prowess
292 proximity proxy prudence psychiatry psychoanalysis
293 psychology puberty publication publicity pulp
294 punch punctuation punishment purchase purgatory
295 purpose pursuit qualification quality quantity
296 quarantine quarter quartz quiet quintessence
297 rabies racism racket radiation radio
298 radium rage ragtime rail rain
299 rainfall ranching rap rapture rationing
300 rawhide rayon reach reaction reading
301 reality reason recall receipt reception
302 reclamation recognition recompense reconnaissance reconstruction
303 recourse recovery rectitude redress reduction
304 redundancy reference refinement reflection reformism
305 refreshment refuge refuse regard regimentation
306 regret regulation relativity relaxation release
307 relevance reliance relief religion remission
308 remorse removal renewal renown rental
309 renunciation reparation repartee repertory replacement
310 reportage repose representation repression reproduction
311 repulsion repute rescue research researcher
312 resentment reserve residence resignation resistance
313 resolution resonance resort respect respiration
314 responsibility restitution restraint retail retention
315 retirement retribution reunification revelry revenge
316 revenue reverse revision revival revulsion
317 rhetoric rhubarb rhyme rib ridicule
318 riffraff rock romance room root
319 rot rotation rote royalty rubber
320 rubbish rubble ruin ruins rust
321 saccharin sacrilege safety sage saliva
322 salt salvage salvation sanctuary sand
323 sangfroid sanitation sanity sap sarcasm
324 satire satisfaction saturation savvy sawdust
325 scab scaffolding scandal scenery schedule
326 scholarship school schooling science sclerosis
327 scope scorn scrap scrub scrutiny
328 sculpture scum scurvy seclusion secrecy
329 secretion securities security sedition seismology
330 selection semblance seniority sensation sense
331 sensibility sentiment serendipity serfdom service
332 servitude settlement sewage sewerage sex
333 shade shadow shame shelter shingle
334 shipbuilding shipment shock shocked shopping
335 shorthand show shrinkage sick sickness
336 sight sightseeing significance silence silica
337 silicon silk silt silver similarity
338 simplicity simplification single size skill
339 skunk slang slate slavery sleep
340 slime sloth smell smoke snap
341 snow sobriety soccer socialism society
342 sociology soda sodium softball software
343 soil solace solder solicitude solidarity
344 solitary solitude song soot sophistication
345 sophistry sorcery sorrow soul sound
346 south southeast southwest sovereignty soy
347 space spawn speech speed spelling
348 spice spin spinach spinning spirit
349 spit spite spleen spoilage spontaneity
350 sprawl sprawling springtime spunk squalor
351 squash stamina standing starch stardom
352 starvation stasis static stationery statistics
353 statuary stature status steak stealth
354 steam steel sterling stewardship stick
355 stitch stock stone storage strain
356 strangulation strategy straw strength strife
357 study stuff stuffing style submission
358 subsistence substance success succession suffrage
359 sugar suggestion suicide sulphur sun
360 sunlight sunrise sunset sunshine superiority
361 supervision supplementation supply support supposition
362 supremacy surgery surprise surrealism surrender
363 surveillance survival suspense suspension sustenance
364 sweat swill swing symbiosis symbolism
365 symmetry sympathy syrup tableware tackle
366 tact tag talk tape tar
367 tarnish tarpaulin taste taxation teaching
368 teamwork technique tedium telegraph telephone
369 television telex temerity temperament temperance
370 temperature tenacity tennis tension tenure
371 term territory terror testimony text
372 thatch theatre theory therapy thermodynamics
373 thirst thought thrall thrift throttle
374 thrust thunder timber time tin
375 tinder tissue title toast tobacco
376 toil tolerance tomorrow tone topography
377 topsoil torment torpor torque torture
378 touch touched tourism town traction
379 trade traffic training tramp transience
380 transit transmission transport transportation trash
381 travel treachery treason treasure treatment
382 trepidation trickery triumph trivia trouble
383 troubling truancy trust truth tuberculosis
384 tuck tuition turbulence turf turpitude
385 tutelage twaddle twilight twine type
386 tyranny unanimity understanding understatement underwear
387 unemployment unification uniformity union unity
388 unrest upbringing upkeep uproar uranium
389 urbanization usage use usury utility
390 utterance vacation vagrancy validity value
391 vandalism vanilla vanity variety vegetation
392 vengeance venom veracity verbiage verdigris
393 verse vertigo verve veto vexation
394 vice video view vigour violence
395 virtue virtuosity viscosity visibility vision
396 vitality volition volleyball volume vomit
397 wanderlust want wardrobe warfare warmth
398 warrant warranted waste water wax
399 way wealth wear weather weathering
400 weed weight welfare west whimsy
401 whit whitewash wholeness wholesale width
402 wildlife wind winding wireless wisdom
403 wit withdrawal wizardry woe woman
404 wonder wool word wording work
405 works worry worth wrap wrath
406 wreckage wrestling writing xenophobia yesterday
407 yoga youth zeal zero zest
408 zinc zip zoology    

4四、N-UNCOUNT-COLL(不可数集合名词) (词数:10)

1 algae club diamond flora heart
2 infantry livestock logistics prey spade

4五、N-VAR(可变名词) (词数:938)

1 April August Christmas December Easter
2 February Friday January July June
3 Monday November October Saturday September
4 Sunday Thanksgiving Thursday Tuesday Utopia
5 Wednesday aberration ability abortion absence
6 abstention abuse acceptance accident accusation
7 acquaintance acquisition acquittal admission adornment
8 advance advancement adversity affectation affiliation
9 affliction afternoon age aggression alder
10 alignment allegiance allergy alliteration allusion
11 almond altitude ambiguity ambush amendment
12 amethyst amnesty amount amplitude analysis
13 anecdote anticlimax apology apparatus appeal
14 appetite apple application appointment appraisal
15 apprehension approval aptitude aquamarine area
16 argot argument arrival art artifice
17 artwork ash aspen aspiration aspirin
18 assault assembly assessment assurance asymmetry
19 atrocity attachment attendance attitude auction
20 autumn aversion avocation backup bait
21 bamboo banana bassoon batter battle
22 beet behaviour benediction benefit bias
23 birth blasphemy blight blighted blossom
24 bluff bombardment bone bounty bouquet
25 breach breakage breakfast breast breath
26 brick brunch build burial burlesque
27 cabbage cable cake calamity calculation
28 calumny camp cancer candidacy candy
29 cane canker canvas capability capacity
30 caprice carbohydrate cargo carp carpet
31 carrot cartilage cello ceremonial challenge
32 chance change chapel character characterization
33 charm childhood chilli church circumlocution
34 civilization class clearance climate climax
35 closure cloud coincidence collaboration college
36 collision commencement comment commentary commission
37 commitment commotion comparison compensation competition
38 complaint comprehension compromise computation concentration
39 conception concern concussion condemnation confession
40 confinement conflict conflicting confusion conjecture
41 connection conspiracy consultation context contingency
42 continuation continuity contrast control controversy
43 convention conversion copyright coral cord
44 cornet costume courtship cream crime
45 crisis criticism croissant cruelty crumble
46 crystal cucumber cuisine cumulus curd
47 curfew currency custom dalliance dawn
48 dawning day deadlock death debate
49 debility debt deceit deception decline
50 decoration defeat deficiency deflection degradation
51 delay delivery demolition denial density
52 denunciation departure depredation depression deprivation
53 depth derivation descent description desert
54 deserted desertion designation development deviation
55 diagnosis dialogue diamond diet dinner
56 dip direction disagreement disappearance discharge
57 discipline discovery discrepancy discussion disease
58 disguise disorder disparity dispute disquisition
59 dissatisfaction distance distortion distraction distribution
60 disturbance divergence diversity division dock
61 doctrine dogma doubt drama drill
62 drought duck dumpling duty ecology
63 ecstasy education effect effort egg
64 eggplant eggshell ego election elm
65 embellishment embroidery emission emotion emphasis
66 enactment endeavour engagement enmity entanglement
67 entertainment enthusiasm entreaty environment equilibrium
68 error eucalyptus evasion evening eviction
69 evolution excess excise excitement exclusion
70 expansion expenditure expense experiment experimentation
71 explosion explosive exposure expression expulsion
72 fable fact faculty failure fall
73 fallacy famine fancy fanfare fantasy
74 fear fern fever fibre fillet
75 film fir fire flame flavour
76 fleece flood flounder flux fog
77 fogged folly foodstuff fool force
78 forest forfeiture formulation fragrance fraud
79 frenzy frequency friendship frivolity frost
80 fruit fur fusion garnish gas
81 gender generalization girth gold grace
82 grammar greeting grief grievance ground
83 growth guitar habit habitat hair
84 halibut hallucination ham hardship hare
85 harmony harp harpsichord hassle haze
86 hazel heart height heresy heritage
87 hide hierarchy holocaust homicide honey
88 hospital hostage hubbub humour hurt
89 hypocrisy hypothesis identification identity ideology
90 idiosyncrasy ignition illusion imagination imbalance
91 impact impertinence imprecation improvement impulse
92 incentive incidence inclination income incongruity
93 indemnity indication indignity induction inequity
94 infatuation inflammation infrastructure infusion inheritance
95 iniquity injury injustice innuendo input
96 insight insolvency instinct insurance insurrection
97 intellect intent intention interpretation interrogation
98 intervention interview intonation intrigue intrusion
99 intuition invasion invention inventory investment
100 irony irritation jail jelly jungle
101 justification juxtaposition key kidnap kidney
102 lampoon landing landscape language latitude
103 laurels lawn leakage legend lemon
104 length lettuce libel liberty libido
105 lily lime limitation line lineage
106 lining literature livelihood liver lobster
107 location longing longitude loss lunch
108 luncheon magnitude malpractice man maple
109 margin marriage marrow marsh mass
110 massacre master material matriarchy maturity
111 meaning measurement medication melodrama melon
112 memory mention meringue mesh mess
113 metabolism metaphor methodology metre miasma
114 microfilm migraine mime miscarriage misery
115 misfortune misgiving mishap mist misuse
116 mix monarchy monologue monopoly mood
117 moor morning mosaic motorway movement
118 muddle mulberry murder muscle mushroom
119 myth mythology nationality negotiation neurosis
120 night notation nuance nursery oak
121 obeisance objection obligation obscurity observance
122 obsession obstruction octopus odour offence
123 olive omission onion opera operetta
124 opportunity orange orientation outcry output
125 pain pains panic parade paradigm
126 paradise paradox parity park parley
127 parody pastiche pasture penance performance
128 peril personality personification pestilence piano
129 pie pine pineapple plot polarity
130 polemic policy pollutant polytechnic porcelain
131 posture potato potentiality practicality practice
132 prairie preamble precedent prediction preference
133 pregnancy prejudice pretence pretension principle
134 prison probability procedure profit promotion
135 pronunciation proof property prophecy prosecution
136 prospect prospecting prospector protection protest
137 protocol provenance provision provocation pudding
138 pumpkin punishment qualification quantity race
139 radar radish rag rage rank
140 ransom rape ratification reaction reappraisal
141 rebellion recession recollection recommendation recorder
142 recovery recreation reference refinement reform
143 refusal register regret rehearsal reminiscence
144 remission remittance removal renewal rent
145 repair repetition reprisal reproach reproof
146 resemblance reservation resignation resistance resolve
147 resonance rest restraint retirement retrenchment
148 reunion revelation reversion revision revolt
149 rhythm ribbon rind risk ritual
150 rivalry robbery roe romance rope
151 rotation routine rumour sage salad
152 salary sapphire sausage scarcity scent
153 schism school scrawl scribble script
154 scripture scruple sculpture sediment seed
155 sensibility sentence sentiment separation shark
156 shellfish shipwreck shock shocked shortage
157 shoulder sickness sign silence silver
158 sin size skin sky slander
159 slippage slumber smog society space
160 spectacle speed sponge sport spray
161 spring spruce squash stalemate statute
162 steak stew stigma stimuli stimulus
163 strain strategy strength stress string
164 strings structure struggle style subterfuge
165 suicide summer sunburn superstition supper
166 supply surmise surplus susceptibility suspension
167 suspicion swamp sweet swelling symmetry
168 synthesis talent tango tape tapestry
169 tart tax tea technology telling
170 temper temperament temperature tempo temptation
171 tenancy tender tension term terminology
172 terrain territory testament testimony texture
173 theft theocracy theory therapy thirst
174 thorn thread threat tile tolerance
175 tomato tone tongue touchdown toxin
176 tradition tragedy transfer transition transmission
177 transplant transplantation trauma tread treatment
178 trial tribulation tribute trifle trim
179 triumph trumpet tuna tundra turbot
180 turmoil turnip turnover turquoise tyranny
181 understanding uniform uniformly university use
182 utopia valuation value vapour variance
183 variation velocity vendetta veneer victory
184 vine violin vocabulary vocation walnut
185 war warning wasteland watermelon weed
186 weight whim white whiting width
187 will wind winding winter wire
188 wisdom withdrawal yolk    

4六、N-VAR-COLL(可变集合名词) (词数:2)

1 management membership

4七、N-VOC(称呼名词) (词数:53)

1 Mister baby beast bishop boy
2 brother bud buddy captain chairman
3 colonel commander comrade constable darling
4 dear detective doctor duck eminence
5 father folk general gentleman grace
6 guy honey honour inspector kid
7 lad lady lord lordship love
8 madam maestro majesty major man
9 mate miss nurse pet professor
10 sir sister son speaker sugar
11 sweet vicar woman    

4八、NEG(否认词) (词数:1)

1 not

4九、NUM(数词) (词数:38)

1 billion dozen eight eighteen eighty
2 eleven fifteen fifty five forty
3 four fourteen gross hundred love
4 million nil nine ninety nought
5 one score seven seventeen seventy
6 six sixteen sixty ten thirteen
7 thirty thousand three trillion twelve
8 twenty two zero    

50、ORD(序数词) (词数:15)

1 eighth eleventh fifth first fourth
2 last next ninth second seventh
3 sixth tenth third twelfth twentieth

5一、PREDET(前置限定词) (词数:8)

1 all double many quite such
2 treble triple what    

5二、PREP(介词) (词数:80)

1 aboard about above absent across
2 after against alias along alongside
3 amid amidst among amongst apropos
4 around as at bar before
5 behind below beneath beside besides
6 between beyond but by come
7 concerning considering despite down during
8 except following for from given
9 half in inside into less
10 like minus near notwithstanding of
11 off on onto opposite outside
12 over past pending per regarding
13 round save since than through
14 throughout till to towards under
15 underneath unlike until up upon
16 versus via with within without

5三、PRON(代词) (词数:20)

1 all better either enough first
2 former it last latter least
3 many more one same that
4 there these this those you

5四、PRON-EMPH(强调代词) (词数:1)

1 all

5五、PRON-INDEF(不定代词) (词数:8)

1 anybody anyone anything everyone everything
2 somebody someone something    

5六、PRON-INDEF-NEG(否认不定代词) (词数:2)

1 nobody nothing

5七、PRON-PLURAL(复数型代词) (词数:5)

1 them they us we you

5八、PRON-POSS(全部格代词) (词数:5)

1 hers mine ours theirs yours

5九、PRON-RECIP(相互代词) (词数:2)

1 another each

60、PRON-REFL(反身代词) (词数:8)

1 herself himself itself myself oneself
2 ourselves themselves yourself    

6一、PRON-REFL-EMPH(强调反身代词) (词数:8)

1 herself himself itself myself oneself
2 ourselves themselves yourself    

6二、PRON-REL(关系代词) (词数:8)

1 that when whereby which who
2 whom whose why    

6三、PRON-SING(单数型代词) (词数:7)

1 I he her him it
2 me us      

6四、QUANT(数量词) (词数:44)

1 bag bit bucket bulk bunch
2 certain couple deal dealing dozen
3 each generality heap host hundred
4 iota jot load lot mass
5 modicum most mountain much multiplicity
6 multitude myriad none one part
7 piece pile plenty pot remainder
8 rest score some spot thousand
9 touch touched welter whole  

6五、QUANT-PLURAL(复数数量词) (词数:2)

1 billion million

6六、QUEST(疑问词) (词数:14)

1 how however what whatever when
2 whence where wherever which who
3 whoever whom whose why  

6七、SOUND(声音词) (词数:2)

1 bang crack

6八、SUFFIX(后缀) (词数:1)

1 lier

6九、V(动词) (词数:3881)

1 Ford Mars abandon abate abbreviate
2 abdicate abduct abet abhor abjure
3 abolish abort abound abrade abrogate
4 abscond absent absolve absorb abstain
5 abstract abuse abut accede accelerate
6 accelerated accelerating accentuate accept access
7 acclaim accommodate accompany accomplish accord
8 according accost account accredit accuse
9 accustom ache achieve acknowledge acquaint
10 acquiesce acquire acquired acquit act
11 action activate actuate adapt add
12 addle address adduce adhere adjoin
13 adjoining adjudicate adjust adlib administer
14 admire admit admonish adopt adoption
15 adore adorn adulterate advance adventure
16 advertise advise advocate aerate affect
17 affiliate affirm affix afflict afford
18 affront aggrandize aggravate aggravating aggregate
19 aggregation agitate agree aid ail
20 aim air airing alarm alert
21 alienate alight align allay allege
22 alleviate allocate allot allow allude
23 ally amass amaze amble ambush
24 ameliorate amend amends amortize amount
25 amplification amplify amputate amuse analyse
26 anchor anger angle animate annex
27 annexation annihilate annotate announce annoy
28 annul answer antagonize anticipate apologize
29 appal appeal appear appease applaud
30 apply appoint apportion appraise appreciate
31 apprehend apprentice apprise approach approaching
32 appropriate approve approximate approximately arbitrate
33 arc arch argue arise arm
34 arms arouse arraign arrange arrest
35 arresting arrive arrogate articulate ascend
36 ascertain ascribe ask asphyxiate aspire
37 assail assassinate assassination assault assemble
38 assent assert assess assign assimilate
39 assist associate assuage assume assure
40 astonish astound atone atrophy attack
41 attain attempt attend attenuate attest
42 attract attribute auction audit augment
43 augmentation augur authenticate author authorization
44 authorize automate automation avail avenge
45 aver average avert avoid avow
46 await award awe axe babble
47 back badger baffle bag bail
48 bait bake balance bale balk
49 balloon ballot bamboozle ban band
50 bandage bandy bang banish bank
51 bankrupt bar barbecue bare bargain
52 barge bark barrage barrel barricade
53 barter base bask baste bat
54 bath bathe batter battle bawl
55 bay be beam bear beat
56 beckon become bedeck beef befuddle
57 beg beget beggar begin begrudge
58 beguile behave behold belch belie
59 believe belittle bellows belong belt
60 bend bequeath berate berth beseech
61 beset besiege besmirch bespeak bestow
62 bet betoken betray better beware
63 bewilder bias bicycle bid bike
64 bilk bill billow bin bind
65 bite black blackball blackmail blame
66 blanch blanket blast blaze bleach
67 bleed blemish blend bless blight
68 blighted blind blindfold blinds blink
69 block blockade bloody bloom blossom
70 blot blow bludgeon bluff blunder
71 blunt blur blurt blush bluster
72 blustering board boast bob bode
73 boding boil bolster bolt bomb
74 bone boo book boom boost
75 boot border bore borrow boss
76 botch bother bottle bounce bound
77 bow bowdlerize bowl box boycott
78 brace bracket brag braid brain
79 brainstorm brake brand brandish brave
80 bray breach bread break breakfast
81 breathe breathing breed breeze brew
82 bribe bridge bridle brief brighten
83 brim bring bristle broach broadcast
84 broaden broil broker brood brook
85 browbeat brown browse bruise brush
86 bubble buck buckle bud budget
87 buffer buffet bug build bulge
88 bully bump bunch bundle bungle
89 buoy burden burgeon burn burnish
90 burrow burst bury bus bust
91 bustle busy butcher butt butter
92 button buttress buy buzz bypass
93 cable cadge cajole cake calculate
94 calibrate calibration call calm camouflage
95 camp campaign can cancel cancellation
96 cane cannon canvass cap caper
97 capitalize capitulate captain caption captivate
98 capture card care careen career
99 caress caricature carouse carp carpet
100 carry cart carve cascade cash
101 cashier cast castigate castigation catalogue
102 catch categorize cater caution cavil
103 cavort cease cede celebrate cement
104 censor centralization centre certification certify
105 chafe chain chair chalk challenge
106 champion chance change channel chant
107 char characterize charge charm chart
108 charter chase chasten chastise chatter
109 cheat check cheer cherish chew
110 chide chill chime chirp chisel
111 choke choose chop choreograph chortle
112 chorus chuckle circle circulate circumscribe
113 circumvent cite civilize claim clamp
114 clap clarification clarify clash clasp
115 class classify clatter claw clean
116 clear clearly cleave clench clerk
117 click climax climb clinch cling
118 clinging clip cloak clock clog
119 clone close clot clothe cloud
120 clout clown club cluster clutch
121 coach coagulate coagulation coalesce coast
122 coat coax cock cocoon coddle
123 code codify coerce cogitate coin
124 collaborate collapse collar collate collect
125 colonize comb combat combine come
126 comfort command commemorate commend comment
127 commentate commercialize commiserate commission commit
128 committed commune communicate commute commuter
129 compact compaction compare compel compensate
130 compete compile complain complement complete
131 completely completion complicate compliment comply
132 comport compose compost compound comprehend
133 compress compression comprise compromise compute
134 conceal concede conceive concentrate concern
135 conciliate conclude concoct concrete condemn
136 condense condescend condition conditioning condone
137 conduct confer confess confide confine
138 confining confirm confirmation confiscate conform
139 confound confront confuse congeal congratulate
140 congratulation congregate conjecture conjure connect
141 connive conquer conscript consecrate consent
142 conserve consider consign consist console
143 consolidate consolidation consort conspire constitute
144 constrain constrained constrict constricted construct
145 construe consult consume consummate contact
146 contain contaminate contamination contemplate contend
147 content contest continue contract contradict
148 contrast contravene contribute contrive control
149 convalesce converge convert convey convict
150 convince convoy cook cooperate cooperation
151 coordinate coordinated cope copy core
152 corner corral correct correctly correlate
153 correlated corroborate corrode corrupt cosset
154 cost couch cough counsel count
155 countenance counter counteract counterbalance counterfeit
156 countermand couple courier course court
157 cover covet cow cower crack
158 cradle craft cram crane crank
159 crash crate craving crawl create
160 credit creep crest crew cringe
161 cringing cripple crisscross criticize croak
162 crochet crook croon crop cross
163 crouch crow crowd crown crowning
164 cruise crumble crumple crusade crush
165 cry cube cue cuff culminate
166 cultivate cultivation culture cup curb
167 cure curl curse curtail curve
168 cushion cut cycle dabble dally
169 dam damage damn damp dampen
170 dance dangle dare dart dash
171 date daub daunt dawdle dawn
172 dawning dazzle deactivate deaden deafen
173 deal dealing debar debase debate
174 debilitate debrief debunk decamp decant
175 decay deceive decentralize decide decimate
176 decipher deck declaim declare declassify
177 decline decode decorate decree decry
178 dedicate deduce deduct deem deepen
179 deface defame default defeat defecate
180 defect defend defer defile define
181 deflate deflated deflect defoliate deforest
182 deforestation defraud defray defuse defy
183 degenerate degrade dehydrate dehydrated dehydration
184 deify deign delay delegate delete
185 deliberate deliberately delight delimit delineate
186 deliver delude deluge delve demand
187 demarcate demean demobilize demolish demonstrate
188 demoralize demote demur demystify denigrate
189 denote denounce dent denude deny
190 depart depend depict deplete depletion
191 deplore deploy deport deportation depose
192 deposit deprecate depress deprive depute
193 deputize derail deride derive descend
194 describe desecrate desert deserted desertion
195 deserve design designate desire desolate
196 despair despise despoil destroy detach
197 detail detain detect deter deteriorate
198 deterioration determine detest detour detract
199 devastate develop deviate devise devote
200 devour diagnose diagram dial dictate
201 die diet differentiate diffuse diffusion
202 dig digest dignify digress digression
203 dilute dim diminish dimly dine
204 dip direct dirty disable disabuse
205 disagree disappear disappoint disapprove disarm
206 disavow disburse discard discern discharge
207 discipline disclaim disclose discomfit discomfited
208 disconcert disconnect discount discourage discouraging
209 discourse discover discredit discriminate discuss
210 disdain disengage disentangle disfigure disgorge
211 disgrace disguise disgust dishonour disillusion
212 disinfect disintegrate disinter dislike dislocate
213 dislodge dismantle dismay dismember dismembered
214 dismiss disparage dispatch dispel dispense
215 displace display displease disport disprove
216 dispute disregard disrupt dissect dissection
217 dissemble disseminate dissent dissenting dissimulate
218 dissipate dissociate dissociation dissolve dissuade
219 distance distinguish distort distract distress
220 distribute disturb ditch dive diversification
221 diversified diversify divert divest divide
222 divine divulge dizziness dizzy dizzying
223 do dock doctor document dodge
224 doff dog domesticate dominate domination
225 donate doodle doom dose dot
226 dote double doubt douse down
227 download downplay downsize doze draft
228 drag drain dramatize draw drawl
229 dread dream dredge drench drenched
230 dress dribble drift drill drink
231 drip drive drizzle drone droop
232 drop drown drowse drug dry
233 dub duck dumbfound dump dupe
234 duplicate dust dwarf dwell dwindle
235 dye dynamite earn ease eat
236 eavesdrop ebb echo eclipse economize
237 eddy edge edit educate efface
238 effect ejaculate eject elaborate elaborately
239 elaboration elapse elbow elect elevate
240 elicit eliminate elimination elucidate elude
241 emanate emancipate emancipation emasculate embargo
242 embark embarrass embed embellish embody
243 embolden embrace embroider embroil emerge
244 emerging emigrate emit emphasize employ
245 empower empty emulate enable enact
246 encapsulate encase enchant enclose encompass
247 encounter encourage encroach encumber end
248 endanger endangered endeavour endorse endow
249 endure enduring energize enforce engage
250 engender engineer engrave engulf enhance
251 enjoin enjoy enlarge enlighten enlightening
252 enlist enliven ennoble enrage enrapture
253 enrich enshrine enslave ensnare ensue
254 ensure entail entangle enter entertain
255 enthralling entice entitle entitled entrance
256 entrancing entreat entrench entrenched entrust
257 enumerate enunciate envelop envisage envision
258 envy epitomize equal equip equivocate
259 equivocation eradicate erase erect err
260 erupt eruption escape eschew escort
261 espouse espy essay establish esteem
262 estimate etch eulogize evacuate evade
263 evaluate evaluation evaporate evaporation evict
264 evidence evince eviscerate evoke evolve
265 exacerbate exact exaggerate exaggeration exalt
266 examine exasperate excavate excavation exceed
267 excel exchange excise excite exclaim
268 exclude excoriate excrete excuse execute
269 execution exemplify exempt exemption exercise
270 exert exertion exhale exhaust exhausted
271 exhausting exhibit exhort exhume exile
272 exist exit exonerate expect expel
273 expend experience experiment experimentation expiate
274 expiation expire explain explicate explode
275 exploit exploitation exploration explore export
276 expose expostulate expound express expressly
277 expropriate expunge expurgate extemporize extend
278 exterminate externalize extinguish extol extort
279 extract extradite extrapolate extricate extrude
280 exult eye fabricate fabrication face
281 facilitate fade fail faint fake
282 fall falsify falter fan fancy
283 fare farm fascinate fashion fast
284 fasten father fathom fatten fault
285 favour fawn fax faze fear
286 feast feature feed feel feign
287 feigned feint fell fence fend
288 ferret ferry fertilize fester fetch
289 fetter fidget field fight figure
290 filch file filibuster fill fillet
291 film filter finance financing find
292 fine finger finish fire firm
293 firmness fish fit fix flag
294 flagging flake flame flank flap
295 flare flash flatten flatter flaunt
296 flavour flay flee fleece flesh
297 flick flicker flickering flinch fling
298 flip flirt flit float flock
299 flood floor flounder flour flourish
300 flout flow flower fluctuate fluctuation
301 fluff flunk flush flustered flutter
302 fly foam focus foil fold
303 folding follow foment fondle fool
304 forage forbid force ford forecast
305 foreclose foresee foreshadow forestall foretell
306 forfeit forge forger forget forgive
307 fork form formalized format formulate
308 forsake forswear fortify forward foster
309 foul found founder fox frame
310 frank free freeze freight frequent
311 frequently freshen fret frighten frisk
312 fritter frolic front frown fruit
313 frustrate frustration fry fuel fulfil
314 fulminate fumble fume fumigate function
315 fund funnel furnish furnishing further
316 fuss gabble gain gainsay gall
317 gallop galvanize gamble gambol gape
318 garden garland garner garnish gas
319 gash gasp gather gauge gaze
320 generalize generate genuflect germinate gesticulate
321 gesture get ghost giggle gild
322 girdle give glance glare glaze
323 gleam glean glide glimmer glimpse
324 glisten glitter gloat glorify glory
325 gloss glow glower glue glut
326 gnaw gnawing go goad gobble
327 goggle gorge gouge govern grab
328 grace grade graduate graft grant
329 grasp grass grate gratification gratify
330 graze grease greet grieve grill
331 grimace grin grind grip gripe
332 gripping grit groan groom grope
333 gross ground grouse grovel grow
334 growl grumble grunt guarantee guard
335 guess guest guffaw guide guillotine
336 gulp gun gush gust gut
337 gutter guzzle gyrate gyration hack
338 hail halt halve hammer hamper
339 hamstring hand handcuffs handicap handle
340 hang happen harangue harass harbour
341 harden hare harm harmonize harness
342 harpoon harry harvest hassle hasten
343 hatch hate haul haunt have
344 hawk hazard head headline heap
345 hear hearten heat heave heckle
346 hector hedge heed help hem
347 herald herd hesitate hew hibernate
348 hide highlight hijack hike hinder
349 hint hire hiss hit hitchhike
350 hoard hobble hoe hoist hold
351 hole holiday hollow homogenize hone
352 honeymoon honour hoodwink hook hop
353 hope hose host hound house
354 hover howl huddle hug hull
355 hum humble humiliate humour hump
356 hunch hunger hunt hurdle hurl
357 hurry hurt husband hustle hydrate
358 hypothesize ice identify idle idleness
359 idolize ignite ignore illuminate illustrate
360 imagine imbibe imbue imitate immerse
361 immigrate immobilize immunize impact impair
362 impale impart impeach impede impel
363 imperil impersonate impersonation impinge implant
364 implement implicate implode implore imply
365 import importune impose impoverish impress
366 impressed imprint imprison improve improvisation
367 improvise improvised impugn impute inaugurate
368 incapacitate incarcerate incarnate incense incinerate
369 incise incite incline include incorporate
370 incorporation incriminate incubate incubation inculcate
371 incur indemnify indent index indicate
372 indict indoctrinate induce induct indulge
373 infect infer infest infiltrate inflame
374 inflate inflict infliction influence inform
375 infringe infuriate infuse ingest ingestion
376 ingratiate inhabit inhale inherit inhibit
377 initial initiate inject injure ink
378 inoculate input inquire inscribe insert
379 insinuate insist inspect inspection inspire
380 inspired install instigate institute institutionalize
381 institutionalized instruct insulate insult insure
382 intend inter interact interaction intercede
383 intercept interdict interest interfere intern
384 interpolate interpose interpret interrogate interrupt
385 interruption intersect intersected intersperse intervene
386 interview intimate intimidate intrigue introduce
387 intrude intruding inundate invade inveigh
388 inveigle invent invert invest investigate
389 investigation invigilate invigorate invite invoice
390 invoke involve irk iron irradiate
391 irrigate irrigation irritate isolate issue
392 itemize jabber jail jam jar
393 jarring jeer jeopardize jest jesting
394 jet jettison jibe jockey jog
395 jogging join joke jolt jolting
396 jot journey judge jump junk
397 justify juxtapose keen keep kick
398 kid kidnap kill kindle kiss
399 knead knee kneel knife knight
400 knit knock knot know label
401 labour lace lacerate lag lament
402 lampoon lance land landscape languish
403 lap lapse lash lasso last
404 latch laud laugh launch lavish
405 lay layer layering lead leaflet
406 lean leap learn lease leave
407 leaven lecture leer legislate legitimate
408 lend let letter level lever
409 levy libel liberate liberation license
410 lick lie lift light lighten
411 lightly like liken limit limp
412 line linger link lionize liquidate
413 list listen litter live load
414 loaf loan loathe lobby locate
415 lock lodge loft log loiter
416 loll long look loom loop
417 loose loosely loosen lope lose
418 lounge love lower lubricate lug
419 lull lumber lumbering lunch lurch
420 lure lurk lynch machine madden
421 magnetize magnify mail maim maintain
422 major make malfunction malign malinger
423 maltreat man manacle manage mandate
424 mangle manipulate manoeuvre manufacture map
425 mar march mark market maroon
426 marry marshal martyr marvel mash
427 mask masquerade massacre master mastermind
428 masticate match materialize matriculate matter
429 mature maul maximize mean meander
430 measure measures mechanized meddle mediate
431 mediator meditate meet melt memorize
432 menace mend mention mentor merit
433 merited mesmerize message meter microwave
434 migrate migration milk mill mime
435 mimic mince mind mine minimize
436 minister minor mint minute mirror
437 misappropriate misinform mislead misrepresent misrepresentation
438 miss mist mistake mistimed mistrust
439 misunderstand misuse mitigate mix moan
440 mob mobilize mock model modernization