oracle已知会致使错误结果的bug列表(Bug Issues Known to cause Wrong Results)

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这篇文章主要向大家介绍oracle已知会致使错误结果的bug列表(Bug Issues Known to cause Wrong Results),主要内容包括基础应用、实用技巧、原理机制等方面,希望对大家有所帮助。








NB Prob Bug Fixed Description
  I 16551418   xmltype.XMLQuery may return wrong results
  II 14488609   DBMS_SQL.execute does not return correct row count for counts > 2147483647
  II 13653968   Messages are not purged by DBMS_AQADM.PURGE_QUEUE_TABLE
  10263269   Wrong USERID in UNDO with trigger on table in another schema
  I 18559920, Wrong results from XMLtype virtual column
E I 18502903 ANALYZE INDEX VALIDATE STRUCTURE ONLINE does not detect duplicate ROWID for different keys
  II 18353141, Wrong result from analytical query with NLS_SORT set
  18314156 XQuery returns different results when alter session STATISTICS_LEVEL=all is set
  II 18264060,,, ORA-600 [kzaxpsqbnd:ENCD-lxgcnv] occurs with AUDIT_TRAIL=XML,EXTENDED / Incorrect bind audit data with 18136988 fix
  I 18176929, Wrong results selecting from user-defined table
  III 18092127,,, Wrong results (or serial execution or PQ parse errors) for parallel query from PLSQL – superseded
  II 18051556,,, Wrong results from SQL using materialized “WITH” clause, COALESCE and TO_CLOB
  II 18034871, Wrong results for query with ANSI join
  III 18020394, Wrong result from parallel query
  17979094, Wrong results from SQL with NVL involving a bind if columns in WHERE clause change sides
  I 17949480, Wrong results with column replacement in GROUPING functions
  17816031, Materialized View with “UNKNOWN” staleness
  I 17812110, Wrong results from query using PARTITION REFERENCE ALL
  I 17684143, Compression Advisor returns unrealistically small size for used space
  II 17543180, Wrong results on query using star transformation, semi join, and transitive join predicates
  II 17501565, DBMS_STATS.gather_system_stats on Exadata gets inconsistent measurement of IOTFRSPEED
  I 17500493, DBMS_METADATA.get_ddl doesn’t show storage clause “store as securefile” for queue table
  17460097, Sample seed with BLOCK gives wrong results with TABLE() functions / ORA-7445 [xtyopncb]
  II 17445370, Wrong result (duplicate) from a query with a subquery using nested loops
  I 17436081, Wrong results when using “partition reference all”
  17362796,, Wrong results / ORA-600 [kdmv_check_row_1:imcu]
  17220339, Wrong results from CASE optimization with an Outer join
  17205719,,,, OGG: IR shows incorrect DML stats not matching with actual DMLs applied
  17157954, Converting boolean value to integer in XMLTable returns wrong results
  II 17156148,,, Wrong results with query result cache using bind variable
  I 17064391, Wrong result with USE_MERGE_CARTESIAN hint
  17036973,,,, NULL resilts from CLUSTER_PROBABILITY or CLUSTER_SET
  17031322,, OCIXmlDbRewriteXMLDiff returned bind variables are not whitespace preserving – affects OGG
  II 17016479,, Wrong results from nested loops join to CDB view
  II 17000264, Wrong results from STAR transformation of SQL with multiple “IN(EXISTS)” subqueries
  II 16995929, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL generates incomplete DDL for nested tables / ORA-22913 from IMPDP
  I 16934803,,, Some analytic functions do not honour session NLS_SORT
  III 16878635, Wrong result from enforced query rewrite with RELY ON due to Join Elimination
  II 16864501, Empty tag when maintaindom false in registerschema when minoccurs is not specified
  I 16861628,, Wrong results from SQL with NVL() clause which is incorrectly removed
  I 16841060,, Wrong first day of the week for Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates
  16802693,, Incorrect ORA_DICT_OBJ_OWNER for grant/revoke DDLs on directory objects
  16801799, SYS_CONTEXT use in an RPC over a database link gives inconsistent results
  16751248, Wrong results from UNPIVOT operator
  I 16710729,, Wrong result with INLIST and CHAR / VARCHAR2 join
  16709171,, Wrong results on monolingual collations with combining characters
  I 16694280,, Wrong results when joining composite partitioned tables
  16682595,, SPFILE / V$SPPARAMETER problems with PDB
  III 16668584,,, V$SQL.SQL_FULLTEXT may show “garbled” SQL for some statements > 1000 bytes long – superseded
  II 16623192,, Wrong result from the first execution of a query that uses a function based index
  I 16562269, Wrong results from PLSQL reference to a record or array component with plsql_optimize_level>=2
  16551086,, DBA_DIRECTORIES does not show PDB directories when PDB is in restricted mode
  16545335,, Wrong results with database link and outer join
  16523150,, OGG errors / missing info due to DML reordering
  16491477, Missing changes to Securefile LOB if session gets an error
  II 16454223, Wrong results with flashback query (data archive)
  I 16416264,, Wrong results from query with LEADING hint and ORDER BY DESC
  16342156, Wrong results from XMLTable in WITH clause
  16338342,, Wrong results from CTAS with an IOT and functional secondary index
  II 16311211, ALTER INDEX .. REBUILD sets the MONITORING to OFF
  16240139, Comments truncated at end of CREATE USER/ALTER USER/GRANT statements in LogMiner
  II 16229527, Wrong results (corrupt column value) from NLJ batching
  II 16226660,, Wrong result from IN/ANY subquery unnested into semijoin
  16186165,, Various ORA-7445 from PQ with rollup pushdown and long VARCHAR
  II 16181570,, LMHB reports incorrect “Memory is low, average X%, current X%” messages
  16105745,, DBA_TRIGGER_COLS.TABLE_OWNER returns the name of an internal Edition user
  16101465,,,,, Incorrect data in DBA_TRIGGER_COLS with editioning
  I 16097622,, Wrong result when querying with != (not equal to) on CSX table
  16089283 Wrong result with bitmap conversion operation of domain index
  I 16084340,, V$SQLSTATS LAST_ACTIVE_TIME wrong for certain cursor types
  16059394, XML query returns wrong results with projection pushdown – superseded
  I 16059282,, Wrong results due to faulty predicate generation during table expansion
  16039533,, Histogram in summary reported by orion (Oracle IO numbers) is wrong
  I 15933433,, EXTRACT/XMLQuery returns wrong data with more than 64k nodes
  II 15894143, Insert statement via database link causes wrong results / logical corruption
  II 15889476,, Wrong results with cursor-duration temp table and function running on an active transaction
  I 15866631,, RAW bind values are not correctly recorded in the audit trail
  15841010,, Wrong (stale) results from RESULT CACHE functions referencing remote objects
  I 14852021,,,, “spawrio” script shows wrong %Reads and %Opt values
  14827309, LIKE gives wrong result (missing rows) for LINGUISTIC collation with _AI or _CI
  I 14652700, Wrong results from query with function based index with parallel plan
  II 14610432, ORA-7445 [kkqutruns] on CONNECT BY select statement
  14514024,, UTL_MAIL does not send an “Orig-date” field
  III 14468157,, Wrong results / ORA-600 [kdsgrp: No CU row] from bitmap access to HCC tables
+ I 14398428,, Sporadic Wrong results from Exadata (duplicate rows)
  II 13945563, Wrong results / ORA-1468 from CONNECT BY query with OUTER join
  I 13591259,, Wrong result from query on transported OLTP compressed table with column comparison predicate
  II 13253977,, Wrong results or error with cursor-duration temp table and PLSQL function running on an active transaction
  8352043,,, Logminer generates incorrect LCR for update to compressed table with trailing null.
  I 17801303 DBMS_METADATA returns two DDLs separated by semi-column for a User Defined Type
  II 17393683,,, OGG: IR reports negative daily/hourly stats & eventually total stats mistmatch
  16845022,, Discrepancy between “read” and “read total” stats with Smart Scan
  I 16709181, extractValue() IS NOT NULL can return wrong results
  II 16314254,,, Wrong results from query using multiblock scan for an OLTP compressed block
  16851308, Wrong Results / Dumps with fix for bug 9841679 present
  IIII 16166364 ORA-600 [rworofprFastUnpackRowsets:oobp] or similar from Parallel Query
  15866520,, Wrong results for certain NLS settings with offload to Exadata
  15847798, XMLSerialize produces wrong data for CR, LF and tab
  15831829, Extracted data truncated using XMLTable on binary XMLType
  I 14810890, Wrong results in create materialized view with subqueries
  I 14746489, Inter node parallel flashback query fails with ORA-1555
  14695377,,, Wrong values in V$XML_AUDIT_TRAIL.COMMENT_TEXT (and possibly other columns)
  I 14673958, Attributes containing CR or LF (+others) not serialized correctly in XMLSerialize
  14611427, ERROR:ORA-31011 ERROR:ORA-19202 ERROR:LPX-224 SQL:XMLAGG
  14605021, SELECT FOR UPDATE returns wrong result when function based index used
  II 14600776, Wrong results from fast refresh MView having outer joins
  I 14581922, Wrong results / missing rows with missing NVL predicates
  14488816, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL does not work for REFERENCE PARTITION mapped via a foreign key
  I 14483460, Wrong results from subquery partition pruning
  14478567, koka directly updating snapshot environment
  14465787,, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DEPENDENT_DDL does not show correct comments for view with Editions
  II 14463229, Wrong results from Bloom filter on RAC
  II 14406648,,, Binary XML storage returns wrong results with multiple namespaces
  II 14399981, IMPDP reports wrong number of rows imported / ORA-1426 for very large numbers of rows (>2Gb)
  II 14362485 ORA_SQL_TXT event attribute function does not return original SQL text
  14351114, Wrong results from parallel query (multiple rows returned for each expected row)
  I 14341002, Wrong result on “UNION-ALL partition” when “_optimizer_push_pred_cost_based=false” – superseded
  II 14320218, Wrong results with query results cache using PL/SQL function
  II 14305552, Logminer adds incorrect columns in presence of DEFAULT VALUE column and trailing NULLs
  I 14299504, XML Query using XMLTable returns wrong results
  I 14291951,, Result cache is not invalidated by SQL*Loader with direct path load
  14262042, LAST_ACTIVE_TIME from V$SQLSTATS may be wrong
  14233393, Accessing an XML resrouce with multibyte characters from HTTP can loose some bytes
  III 14222244, Adding a column with DEFAULT and NOT NULL constraint disabled causes problems – superseded
  14217622, Wrong query results from outer join with unstructured XML index
  II 14217009, Wrong results from Parallel Query using UNION ALL
  14204891, Wrong results / errors from string operations on XMLType
  II 14192356, ORA-600 [rwoirw: check ret val] or wrong results during execution of queries with HASH JOIN of virtual columns and query rewrite
  II 14174798, V$RECOVERY_PROGRESS / V$ARCHIVE_DEST reports wrong Last Applied Redo SCN
  14164191, CDATA truncates some data after inserting on binary XML
  II 14131103, Wrong results and/or ORA-7445 [ldxite] from TRUNC(<date>)
  14087755, GET_ROW_TEXT returns incorrect value for DATE column
  I 14020842, Logminer produces wrong results for FLOAT data with precision > 36
  II 14008838, XMLType.transform can lose the XML declaration
  II 13998858, Wrong results / ORA-600 with OR-expansion and bloom filters
  I 13920924, Replay produces wrong results for CLOB data in multibyte database
  II 13882850, Wrong results from parallel hash-join on RAC with bloom filter
  II 13878246,,, Streams rule conditions like get_command_type() = ‘delete’ do not work
  13854329, Wrong data in MView after fast refresh with partitioned MView
  I 13832069, Query using DBA_TABLESPACES (X$KCFISTSA) can leak cursors and give wrong results
  II 13814866, Query rewrite fails with named views in queries / errors or wrong results after rewrite
  II 13811568, Garbage characters retrieving BINARY XML data greater than 4000 characters long
  13796060, DBMS_XMLDOM.SetDoctype generates empty double quotes when sysid or pubid is NULL
  II 13789869,, ORA-1031 from Streams queries when Database Vault in use / blank username in DV audit
  III 13770500, Wrong results / ORA-600 [kghstack_alloc] can occur
  13738342, Wrong result for a query that forces OR-expansion (concatanation)
  II 13717748,, Wrong result on Exadata with simple select on HCC compressed table with > 255 columns
  13655147, Wrong output from DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL for Materialized View
  III 13637058,, 11.2 dequeue gives duplicate messages with high concurrency
  II 13529386, ORA-600 [6812] or similar from recursive SQL with NLS_COMP set
  13416132, utldtchk.sql script outputs wrong object onwer id
  I 12996767, “parse count (total)” in AWR may be wrong
  12863429, getClobVal() returns miscellaneous results
  II 12647744, DENSE_RANK returns wrong results
  II 12626914, Wrong results from CASE expression in outer join
  12332340, Incorrect Indonesian locale definition (month/day names)
  II 11822439, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL for tablespace shows multiple autoextend clauses
P IIII 11801934, AIX: Wrong page-in and page-out OS VM stats in V$OSSTAT on AIX
  I 11686700, when select has a – minus sign the record with positive value is discarded
E II 10241091, SPA reporting incorrect plan changes / add DBMS_SQLPA “PLAN_LINES_COMPARISON” parameter
  III 10049905, Wrong result from SUBSTR() in PLSQL
  I 9949330, ORA-7445 or garbled data casting a NUMBER to NVARCHAR2
  III 9836854, ORA-918 not raised on query with ANSI join
  II 9507333, Missing notification if AQ client re-registers same port
  9257423 ORA-28055 error message reflects incorrect number of days for password expiry for EUS
  I 9127594 Wrong results with dblink to DB with different NLS settings
  8988101, SDO_GEOM.SDO_DIFFERENCE generates spikes
  III 5144934,,, Wrong oereof value returned when error occurs in a batch – can cause ORA-600
  10024426 ORA-28527 / data corruption from HS
  7265215, Wrong result from SDO_GEOM.RELATE for contains mask
  I 4490782, Unparse operations give wrong date for BC TO_DATE literals
  5060137 Progessive relaxation returns no hits although it should
  3377931, SAVE EXCEPTIONS does not work reliably with a partitioned table
  2622496 SDO_RELATE returns wrong results on ARCS with reasonable tolerance
  2945267   Multithreaded JDBC-OCI fetching NLS data can see garbled data
  I 440317, ISOLATION LEVEL SERIALIZABLE may not find a row which has just been INSERTED
  1647030 NOFIX Wrong results instead of ORA-1799 with OUTER JOIN to subquery
  II 1385495 NOFIX OERI:4080 or STALE data in “ON COMMIT” snapshot if base table updated by DISTRIBUTED transaction
  II 21459392 Wrong results from ANSI OUTER JOIN
  I 24567929   wrong results with join elimination and nls_comp=ansi
  I 23047460   Wrong Results from “PX SEND 1 SLAVE” and COUNT
M 22037067   Version 25 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – October 2015
  II 22037014   Version 25 TIMEZONE files – October 2015
M II 20875943   Version 24 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – April 2015
  II 20875898   Version 24 TIMEZONE files – April 2015
M II 19397646   Version 23 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – September 2014
M II 19396455   Version 23 TIMEZONE files – September 2014
M 18759260   Version 22 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – June 2014
M 18759211   Version 22 TIMEZONE files – June 2014
  17443054   Version 21 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – October 2013
  III 17432124   Version 21 TIMEZONE files – October 2013
  II 17287993   wrong results with ‘timestamp with local time zone’
  I 16799766   Version 20 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – June 2013
  16799735   Version 20 TIMEZONE files – June 2013
  II 16425180   CHAR blank padding does not occur for some JDBC calls
  24438281 Wrong results Using Aggregation And Projection with IMC enabled
  II 23702338 ORA-600 [ktspnextl1:4] or wrong results on ADG with fix 22575209
  23533807 Partition Index with prefix compress 1 may produce internal errors or display wrong data
  I 23527087 Wrong results when INSERT LOG ERROR has scalar subqueries that execute User-Defined functions that raise errors
  II 23480973, wrong results with chained rows and fix of bug 22503456 or 22576590 (Cell image
  23253821 Logical Corruption by Parallel Merge over table with Added columns and supplemental log
  23224017 Wrong results with parallel and temporary tables inside a subquery
  23178558 Dropped PDB backup reported as OBSOLETE even if within recovery window
  23147905 Wrong Results with filtering on an aggregation expression
  I 22961508 Corruption / Wrong result with add column optimization after updating a table
  II 22951825 wrong results with jppd, concatenation and projection pushdown
  II 22916353, Window sort function returns wrong results with ORDER BY clause
  22896578 impdp fails with ORA-39083 if there is a table which has identity column.
  22845742 Wrong Results/False ORA-979with complex view merging of query with scalar subqueries and fix 16053273 enables
  II 22734628 Wrong results from UNION ALL using OJPPD with cost based transformation disabled
  I 22660003 wrong results when unnesting set subquery with correlated subquery in a branch
  II 22606162 Wrong Results with concurrent DDLs and parallel inserts
  22529728 Wrong results (duplicate rows inserted) with append hint and automatic statistics gathering
  22520320 wrong results from GROUP BY ROLLUP COLLECTOR
  I 22514740 Wrong result occurs using Vector Transformation in an In-Memory DB
  22465352, Wrong results using object types with UNPIVOT operator
  I 22445503 Wrong results / suboptimal plan with nested loop batching over parallel hash distribution and adaptive plans
  II 22365117 Wrong Results / ORA-7445 from Query with Table Function
  I 22351417 Wrong results for IS JSON form compressed LOB
  III 22338374 ORA-7445 [kkoiqb] or ORA-979 or Wrong Results when using scalar sub-queries
  22332966 Wrong Results from Materialized WITH and OR Expansion
P 22296449 Windows: CTX_DOC.policy_filter sometimes returns an incorrect value in Windows environments
  III 22173980, Wrong results (number of rows) from HASH join when “_rowsets_enabled” = true in 12c (default)
  I 22170948 Wrong results with view merging of view with a select list subquery, and subquery referenced multiple times
  I 22069600 Invisible column is visible when querying a view with VPD policy – withdrawn
  I 22062517 wrong result with fix for 17833448 enabled
  22062026,, Wrong results possible from DBMS_QOPATCH queries after accessing DBMS_QOPATCH.get_pending_activity in RAC
  21962459 wrong results joining CHAR column of different lengths
  21895366 Wrong Results with ANSI Joins and Transitive Predicate
  II 21826068 Wrong Results when _optimizer_aggr_groupby_elim=true
  21814415 Wrong result on 12c with ansi FULL OUTER JOIN and INNER JOIN on CHAR or NCHAR column
  I 21766103 Wrong Results with materialized subquery factoring blocks used in subqueries
  21694179 nlb files are not compatible between different endianess
+ 21608238 Wrong results with rowsets (enabled by default)
  II 21571158 ANSI hash outer join with table pl/sql function gives wrong results
  21568141 wrong result with predicate move-around
  II 21553476, Wrong Results using aggregations of CASE expression with fix of bug 20003240 present in Exadata
* I 21550777 MJV materialized views not refreshed during updates on base tables after upgrade to 12.1
  21534893 OGG Instantiation on newly created table after a prepare schema will not proceed if the schema name length is 3 or 6
  II 21482099 ORA-7445 [opitca] or ORA-932 errors from aggregate GROUP BY elimination – superseded
  II 21467081 wrong results with implicit datatype conversion on partition key
  II 21464885 Wrong results / ORA-7445 [evaopn3] / ORA-600[qkaffsindex3] from query with virtual column and dynamic plan
  II 21387771 Wrong result with subquery coalesce even with fix for bug 20871556
  II 21296029, Logical corruption / wrong behaviour for commit in distributed transaction
  21275387 JSON_EXISTS(…) with “!” operator can produce wrong results
  II 21239530, DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS returns no rows for a tablespace which exists in DBA_TABLESPACES
  II 21220620, Wrong result on 12c when querying partitioned table with DISTINCT clause
  21208150 JSON_TABLE() path stream engine with ordinality returns wrong result
  21201446 wrong results from null-accepting hash semi join
  21186638 JSON_QUERY on NUMBER / DATE are not rendered properly with PRETTY flag
  I 21164318 FBDA internal TCRV table shows two rows with the same RID and ENDSCN=NULL
  21132333 Extra Rows are Loaded with Parallel “CREATE TABLE AS SELECT” Statement
  II 21079201 wrong results with concurrent px on gtt under union all
  21079172 JSON_TABLE without a datatype can fail with an error (ORA-40478)
  21070321 Wrong results from IOT Connect By query when Optimizer_Features_Enable <
  I 21047167 DBCA “include datafiles” template with UT8 nls_nchar_characterset does not work – corrupt dictionary data
  I 21026605 Precision and scale of numeric column in select list is altered when using GROUP BY
  II 20930092 JSON SYNTAX errors or wrong results from JSON operation on a large LOB column
  III 20916723 Dump/Wrong results with adaptive plan and correlated subqueries sharing same correlated column
+ III 20881450 Wrong results or Assorted dumps and errors querying HCC tables with OLTP blocks
  IIII 20877664, SQL Plan Management Slow with High Shared Pool Allocations
  II 20871556 Wrong results with optimizer_features_enable set to or for SQL with two or more subquery predicates
  II 20862087 Index becomes corrupted after direct insert on COMPRESS table with many columns
  I 20859910, Null value for score() on a column with domain index and with “union all”
  I 20757810 Wrong result when joining with TABLE() function and filter evaluation
  I 20700587 show parameters returns inconsistent results on pdb
  I 20659700 DBMS_AQ.dequeue_array() dequeues message twice following purge of queue table
  II 20634449 Wrong results from OUTER JOIN with a bind variable and a GROUP BY clause in
  II 20618595, DBA_CONSTRAINTS returns wrong CONSTRAINT_NAME for system generated in PDBs
  20615472 AL32UTF8 database has different character for for “-” between 11.2 to 12.1
  I 20597568 Wrong results from CONNECT BY query with Semi Join in plan
  I 20537092 wrong result for nested query group by
  III 20509482,,, ORA-600 [3020] / ORA-752 Wrong Results after Parallel Direct Load or RMAN ORA-600 [krcrfr_nohist] in RAC (caused by fix for bug 9962369)
  III 20508819 Wrong results/dump/ora-932 from GROUP BY query when “_optimizer_aggr_groupby_elim”=true – superseded
  I 20478882 wrong results with function based index and OR expansion
  II 20357616 12c JDBC-OCI fails to retrieve string of Japanese half-width Katakana characters (bad data or ORA-3106)
  II 20356733, Wrong result from SQL using OUTER APPLY
  II 20324808 Wrong Results for Hash Join With Subquery Pruning on CHAR Columns
  II 20318703 intermittent wrong results with adaptive plans and fixed char datatypes
  II 20294666,,, Dropping a VPD function may leave dependent cursor in valid state
  II 20275908 Intermittent wrong results with adaptive plan and bloom filter
  I 20266510 V$IM_SEGMENTS Resets After Setting Table To NOINMEMORY
  I 20250614 Wrong Results with Nested Loop Joins and Partitioning
  20233824 Wrong results from outer joined view having a subquery in the select list
  20214168, Wrong Results using aggregations of CASE expression with fix of bug 20003240 present.
  I 20194732 DBMS_XMLGEN.getxmltype does not change tag characters into entity references in multibyte
  20193377 JDBC DatabaseMetaData information about null sorting is wrong
  II 20173897,, Wrong result from GROUP BY over a TABLE() function
  II 20101006,, V$PARAMETER shows incorrect default parameter values
  II 20052788 wrong results with subquery coalescing and rownum
  III 20010162 wrong result with COUN(*) subquery in an expression and fix 12999577 enabled
  20004642 Wrong results from query with TABLE() subquery and functions with binds
  19958830 wrong results for query with inline views and partitioned outer join
  I 19952345 Wrong Results with partition pruning and subquery factoring
  19932746 JSON_EXIST does not work properly for unicode characters
  II 19896336,,, Delete and update triggers not firing in some DML against Editioned views
  I 19869255,, Output all nulls from table function when first row of results are null values
  II 19853235 DBA_SCHEDULER_WINDOW_LOG / DBA_AUTOTASK_JOB_HISTORY.job_start_time displays wrong job start time
  II 19835133,, Intermittent wrong results when using PL/SQL RESULT_CACHE function
  19702201 Wrong result for INSERT .. SELECT over DB link within PL/SQL (cursor_sharing=similar)
  IIII 19689979,, ORA-8103 or ORA-600 [ktecgsc:kcbz_objdchk] or Wrong Results on PARTITION table after TRUNCATE in or above
  II 19679504 Wrong Result with Simple Select on EHCC compressed table with more that 255 columns
  I 19638123 RMAN wrong RC_RMAN_BACKUP_JOB_DETAILS.output_bytes_display value
  19621708 DBMS_STATS get_prefs function does not raise an error for non existant objects
  IIII 19614585,, Wrong Results / ORA-600 [kksgaGetNoAlloc_Int0] / ORA-7445 / ORA-8103 / ORA-1555 from query on RAC ADG Physical Standby Database
  II 19576559 Wrong results from Join Predicate Pushdown
  III 19567916 Wrong results when GROUP BY uses nested queries in – superseded
  III 19547013, Wrong results / ORA-600 [kkqcscpopnWithMap: 0] from vector transform on SQL
  19535087 CTX_DOC.SNIPPET+SCAVE_COPY=PLAINTEXT returns dots, argument values, blank lines
  19534363, Wrong results from REGEXP functions in PLSQL
  I 19526873 Wrong result on temp table under UNION ALL when accessed by Concurrent Parallel
  I 19461687 LISTAGG return value contains ASCII 0x00 bytes for NVARCHAR with no delimiter specified
  II 19447006 Wrong results with literal replacement and literals in group by
  II 19372024 “IF UPDATING” clause of update trigger works incorrectly on XMLType column
  I 19364558 Wrong Results with self-join using a bitmap join index
  I 19361710 Wrong results from SQL with MERGE JOIN ANTI
  19326615 Wrong Results (Column Output Scrambled) – superseded
  I 19301904 Wrong results from SELECT on a table with a PARTITION clause in the query
D 19206211 XMLSerialize with indent size gives extra new line after the result
  19183813, Select median from IM tables can lead to wrong results
  II 19183343,, Wrong result returned by statement when using an IN LIST
  19176241, ORA-600 [kdmv_check_row] / wrong results from IM table query in RAC
  III 19158500 JDBC getString() returns an incorrect value for a CLOB of length 8000 for multibyte data
  II 19072979 Wrong results with HASH JOIN and parameter “_rowsets_enable”
  II 19018545 DBMS_METADATA.get_ddl looses “INVISIBLE” option for partition index
  III 19013183,,,,, Wrong results with context sensitive VPD policy in PL/SQL block
  I 19004298 Wrong results from xmlTable index
  18974476 MERGE statement bypasses VPD policy
  18971474 A wrong precision may be returned by a DESCRIBE against SQL with a CASE expression in it
  III 18940497,,, ORA-600 [6856] ORA-600 [4512] ORA-600 [kafspa:columnBuffer1] ORA-600 [kdblkcheckerror] [6126] Wrong Results after UPDATE on Table with Chained rows
  II 18914624, Duplicate records when retrieving historical data of a FBDA table
  II 18859658, ORA-7445 [kdstf00101010000010km] / wrong results from In Memory table scan with concurrent updates
  II 18856999,,,, Wrong results (wrong cursor) with schema table masking public synonym
  18835191 ORDER BY on select list SYSDATE expression produces wrong ordering
  II 18828318 ORA-7445 [memcpy] ORA-607 corrupted IOT with more than 255 columns and/or wrong result
  II 18820080, mview refresh group missing transactions
  II 18779636, Wrong results from SQL with a subquery in a DECODE expression
  18730839 DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo() LITERAL_PREFIX and LITERAL_SUFFIX are NULL for DATE and TIMESTAMP column types
  II 18718327,, PDb open/close issue on remote node when parallel_max_servers is 0
  18684802,, Wrong results with ROWID RANGE SCAN in Exadata when Smart Scan is used
  I 18671823 V$OPEN_CURSOR.last_sql_active_time is incorrect
  III 18650065 Wrong Results on Query with Subquery Using OR EXISTS or Null Accepting Semijoin
  18609821 Incorrect DDL generated by DBMS_METADATA.GET_SXML_DDL for compound trigger
* IIII 18607546,,,, ORA-600 [kdblkcheckerror]..[6266] corruption with self-referenced chained row. ORA-600 [kdsgrp1] / Wrong Results / ORA-8102
  II 18549238, Primary key allows NULLs after DBMS_REDEFINITION of table
  I 18540943 In Oracle Standard Edition log_checkpoint_interval or fast_start_io_target may not work properly
  II 18538640, ASM cannot detect the new size after griddisk size was expanded (wrong data in V$ASM_DISK / ORA-15057 errors)
  II 18499088, parallel query runs with wrong result with pushdown distinct (unique)
  III 18485835, Wrong results from semijoin elimination if fix 18115594 enabled
  18458318, Low quality font image file created using stored Java after upgrade to
  III 18430870 Wrong Results with Adaptive Plans and INLIST ITERATOR
  II 18424939 Wrong result / missing rows with INDEX FAST FULL SCAN or INDEX JOIN
  I 18396992 Wrong results for “WITH” query using virtual column with dynamic plan – superseded
  II 18390735 DBA_DATA_FILES.BYTES different than both V$DATAFILE.BYTES and filesystem datafile size after failed DATAFILE RESIZE
  18342306 Changing datatype from TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE to DATE may modify the minutes value
  II 18325460,,,,, EXEMPT ACCESS POLICY not working correctly in RAC
  II 18311351 ORA-1/ORA-10388 ORA-7445 [kdzsbuffercupiece_col] ORA-600 [kdsgrp1]/ORA-1499 Wrong Results, Index Inconsistency after Parallel Direct Path Insert of HCC table in EXADATA
  III 18306996,,,, Wrong SORT order for SQL with ORDER BY including partition column
  II 18295192 Scheduler JOB_OVER_MAX_DUR event notification email is sent incorrectly
  18273508, Wrong result in 12.1 with window function and inline view using DISTINCT
  II 18195042, Wrong results from fast refresh mview with outer join
  18113525 TO_SINGLE_BYTE and TO_MULTI_BYTE append NULL for an NCHAR column
  I 18106915, Wrong behavior of interval for ‘asmcmd iostat’ command
  II 18029305, CONTAINS() Text query returns wrong result if NLS_SORT is set
  II 17980980, Wrong results from subquery coalescing
  17972478, DBMS_COMPRESSION.get_comression_type incorrectly shows rows as OLTP compressed
  I 17918109, Wrong results (not sorted) with OR expansion and ORDER BY
  II 17875418, Wrong results (extra rows) or ORA-7445 [kkqctdrvGBP] on query using subquery
  17866942, Wrong results from query with domain index expression or CONNECT BY
  II 17858813 Wrong results from parallel execution with temporary tables
  II 17824637,,,, A context sensitive cursor may be incorrectly shared leading to wrong results or errors
  I 17799759, Wrong results from Parallel Query in multi-byte character set database
  II 17781859,, wrong result with merge join cartesian in execution plan
  I 17737485, data redaction feature returns the last day of the month wrongly
  II 17645326, Wrong Results with outer joins of subquery factoring having subqueries
  II 17580553, OracleParameterMetaDataParser returns corrupted table and column names
  III 17564992,, Wrong results with fix for bug 12999577 present
  II 17533534, Wrong result with multi-column inlist with just two tuples
  II 17448638, Wrong Result After Adding a Column to a Table with a “NOT NULL” constraint on
  II 17414008, Wrong results/ORA-7445 for functions returning object types
  17398633, DatabaseMetadata getFunctionColumns returns Types.OTHER for NVARCHAR2/NCHAR/CLOB etc..
  II 17362789, Wrong results from view pushed predicate on partitioned table
  I 17337753, V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS.sql_redo may contain extra “END;” for LOB chunk spilling to multiple rows
  II 17325383 The APPLIED_SEQ# column is showing wrong value in V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS
  II 17308552, Select query with OUTER JOIN and an ORDER BY returns rows in wrong order
  17271493, Wrong result when using an incorrect columns order in BITMAP_TREE hint
  II 17266585 log_archive_dest_n and log_archive_dest_state_n are incorrectly shown as ISPDB_MODIFIABLE in V$PARAMETER
  16999622, DBMS_METADATA.get_ddl does not work properly for materialized views
  16969073 Wrong Results from “LIKE” for specific NLS_COMP / NLS_SORT settings – ignores some characters in the LIKE phrase
  II 16883319,, Wrong results with query involving range partitioned empty table
  II 16865496, Wrong result for a select query with hash join and default column value as a result of adaptive fetch
  I 16790307,,,,, Wrong results / ORA-7445 [kgghash] due to wrong partition pruning for a Parallel Query
  I 16780853, New rows missing from Materialized View after fast refresh if base table has a self referencing foreign key constraint
  II 16767759, AUDSYS schema is not present in V$SYSAUX_OCCUPANTS even though there are AUDSYS objects in SYSAUX- affects EM
  II 16455998,,, Select returns wrong results with ORDER BY DESC clause with fix 15909705 present
  16453535,, Wrong result with Outer Join Elimination (OJE) and Scalar Subquery
  III 16344871,,,,,, Wrong results / Mismatch in cursor shareability with VPD/RLS policy with fix 13080778 present
  16276281,, Wrong Results with Analytic Functions and Hash Joins on the same Parallel branch
  16263994,, Wrong results on V$TEMP_EXTENT_MAP with _optimizer_distinct_placement enabled
  II 16191689 Wrong resilts from projection pruning with XML and NESTED LOOPS
  II 16096894,, UPDATE sets wrong column values when using virtual columns with an index on predicate
  16061466, V$PROCESS.program / V$SESSION program show “?” with long hostnames
  II 16033838, Adaptive joins leads to worse execution plan or wrong results for query
  16017668,, Wrong results with NLS and analytic Function
  II 16007293, USED_BLOCKS of DBMS_SPACE.SPACE_USAGE wrong for Securefile
  II 15988249, Incorrect handling of expressions with virtual columns in subqueries / ORA-7445 [kkobrfak] / wrong results
  II 15955538,, DBMS_LOB.substr truncates input after 24991 bytes with multibyte characterset
  15951898, Session Statistics for PGA Memory are Incorrect in V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY / V$SESSTAT
  15948299,, Wrong results in parallel with global temp table, ORDER BY, and CASE statement
  II 15937372, Wrong results with Nested loop parallelization of nested tables
  I 15935806, Query with long inlists and bitmap index returns wrong results
  15933188,, Wrong result may be returned if CHAR columns with different length are compared including partition key – superseded
  II 15909705,, Query against INTERVAL partitioned table can hang/spin if fix for bug 12693573 present – superseded
  I 15905091,,, Wrong result on query with same table present more than once and MV present
  II 15897859, Version 19 TIMEZONE files – Dec 2012
  I 15870552, registerOutParameter with typename does not work for specific data types
D III 14805408,, Wrong results / wrong MV content on mview complete refresh over database link
  III 14799269,,,, Information in V$SQL/V$SQLAREA are incorrect once _CURSOR_OBSOLETE_THRESHOLD is reached
C II 14675058, A package procedure with zero arguments should not have a row in ALL_ARGUMENTS
  II 14632167,, Wrong results with query involving range partitioned empty table – superseded
  II 14580303, Incorrect timestamp data inserted via instead-of trigger
  14525270 OCI EVENT_10842 trace shows wrong statistics about freed handles
  14372604 Select from view with outer join (+) to nested table returns wrong results
  II 14348807,, Wrong Results with Nested Loop Batching and functions
  14206800, Full width delimter is not treated as delimiter by text search using section
  I 14133928,, Wrong Results Intersecting Disjunctive Predicates With Other Predicates
  I 14073795,, Wrong results on select statement with TRUNC(date) or ROUND(date)
  13782857 Value of ‘session cursor cache hits’ in V$SYSSTAT decreases
  II 13720740,, Wrong results with CASE statement with outer join
  II 13613000, RMAN-06214: datafile copy is misleading showing controlfile copy listed
  II 13571521, ADRCI “show alert -p” command produces incorrect output
  II 13570803,, Insert / Merge SQLs with a subquery may not report ORA-904 when they should, or may report ORA-904 when they should not
  11651866 DBMS_SQLTUNE.delete_sqlset fails to delete sqlset
E II 9648430, ORA-932 or ORA-1400 or wrong column data on INSERT ALL statement with BEFORE INSERT trigger and TIMESTAMP datatype
  I 9199532, *_TAB_COMMENTS data dictionary views return remote object information
  II 8643803, Size discrepancy between DBA_EXTENTS and DBA_SEGMENTS when compatible=9.2.0
  II 18819908 Wrong Results From Partition Pruning When Comparing CHAR Columns of Different Lengths
  II 18417036,, insert /*+append*/ produce wrong results after upgrade to
  23134070   Wrong results from EXTERNAL TABLE with numeric data comparisons in the WHERE clause in big data SQL
  II 17360606,, Wrong results for materialized subquery factoring (WITH clause) on Data Guard
  III 17332800,,,, Wrong results with IOTs and fix of bug 13705338 present
  IIII 17325413,,,, Drop column with DEFAULT value and NOT NULL definition ends up with Dropped Column Data still on Disk leading to Corruption
  I 17191791 Wrong results with functional indexes, GROUP BY and user supplied ROWID
  16989676 ORA-937 is NOT generated when expected
  I 16818788 AWR report interconnect device statistics not populated while using infiniband
  I 16803862 V$ASM_DISK.cold_used_mb and hot_used_mb shows wrong values
  II 16736611, Wrong results with rejected OJPPD predicate push – superseded
  II 16447242, ANSI JOIN causes wrong results or even hang sometimes
  II 16283430, wrong results from inlist on partitioned table and index on virtual column
  16247720,,, wrong results from query with nchar bind variable and plan with subquery pruning
  III 16180753 V$SGA_TARGET_ADVICE has no rows
  II 15935253,, Wrong results from disjunctive subquery unnesting
  9878501 Query wtih DISTINCT returns duplicate row with nlssort
  III 13785734, ORA-8103 or similar from queries on PARTITION table in ADG Standby Database – superseded
  II 21615091   Precision and scale of numeric column in select list is altered when using GROUP BY
  II 20774515   Wrong results with partial join evaluation
P I 19267014   ODP.Net OracleDataAdapter.FillSchema() returns extra columns when querying for primary-key
  I 17449815,,, ORA-8102 ORA-1499 after ORA-1/ORA-2291 by MERGE with DML ERROR LOGGING
P II 16551284 Incorrect number of CPU cores reported for AMD Opteron processors
  21678126   wrong result parallel-updating added column not null with default to a partitioned table
D I 19714916   DBMS_STATS with Smart Scan calculates NUM_ROWS higher than actual
  II 14599683   Extended XML audit trail files may not capture the entire SQL statement
  II 7828323   SYS_CONTEXT returns wrong value with SHARED_CONTEXT_SENSITIVE RLS policy
  II 20674548 Table with redaction policy can be exported without privilege of “exempt redaction policy”
  I 19388020 wrong result using temporary table and parallel query
  18140416 Wrong results from ANSI outer join query with query rewrite
  16674082 V$backup_spfile.bytes shows number of blocks instead of bytes
  16172215,, OGG capture sends incorrect transaction name
  III 15969429, Wrong Results / ORA-600 [qesmagettblseg1] / ORA-8103 at physical standby with fix for bug 13536971 – superseded
  15897884, Version 19 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – Dec 2012
  II 14835322, ORA-600 [kcbgtcr_1] on transported IOT with key compression
  II 14828059,, Wrong Results / False ORA-1578 in SuperCluster
  I 14775679,, Wrong results from CONNECT BY in a subquery with subquery unnesting
  14673722, DBMS_SESSION.IS_SESSION_ALIVE returns an wrong answer for RAC systems
+ III 14668670,,,,, Wrong results when execution plan shows nested loop batching
  I 14630325, Wrong results from SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE
  II 14624146,,, PMON may crash the instance while cleaning up temp table state if fix 12326708 present – withdrawn
  I 14619804, Wrong results due to bad HAVING predicates after View Merging
  II 14585499, ORA-1422 raised by DBMS_XPLAN
  14580050 wrong result by the correlated filter on temporary table
+ III 14540423,,, Assorted Errors/ Dumps / Memory corruption / wrong results for particular type of chained row with Exadata
  II 14524268,, Wrong results caused by group by placement
  II 14506175,,, Wrong result on temporary table with parallel execution
  II 14472647,,,,, Wrong results on IOT secondary index after DML
  14402514,,, Wrong results with LIKE operator on CLOB column using ESCAPE character
  14377082, G/V$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO may show negative numbers for SERIALl#
  II 14342378,, Wrong results from projection pushdown
  I 14325378, XDBURITYPE query on apostrophe returns &apos; instead of an apostrophe character
  14251170,, wrong results with descending range scan
  I 14244395, JDBC Thin ResultSet.isBeforeFirst() always returns true when Calling a PLSQL
  II 14193629, wrong results with correlated COUNT subquery inside an expression
  I 14171623, wrong results when view column (a select subquery) appears in where and order by
  II 14157408, ora-1424 not raised with full width percent followed by escape character
  14156082, wrong results with INLIST of ROWIDs and sub-query in the WHERE clause
P II 14146268 Windows: V$OSSTAT has wrong CPU information / CPU Busy statistic not correct
  14112837,,, Wrong Results from Loading TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE into DATE from external table
  14112098, Version 18 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – June 2012
  III 14095143, Wrong result if subquery returns rows (also affects Datapump Export)
  I 14087914, Wrong results from ExistsNode with CURSOR_SHARING
  14061627, Dbms_stats does not gather correct stats if column has all null values
  14052474,,, Wrong Results with NULLIF using constants in JOINs
  II 14035892, wrong results (predicates missing) with BETWEEN
  III 14033984 V$DATAGUARD_STATS “transport lag” or “apply finish time” have a NULL value if there is a disabled thread in RAC
  13998753,, Wrong Results with PARTITION OUTER,and BROADCAST LOCAL and RAC
  II 13983083, wrong results cause by filtering join eliminated
  13961338,, wrong results (incorrect aggregation) on compressed cubes
  13960903,, v$streams_capture shows ‘WAITING FOR DICTIONARY REDO’ incorrectly
  I 13953292, Query with ORDER BY and DISTINCT may produce wrong results or ORA-7445
  13936547, Query using xmltable produces wrong results in
  II 13936424,,, SELECT FOR UPDATE not returning values for added column with NOT NULL and default value
  II 13911711,,, No element tag for an inner xmlagg(xmlelement(xmlforest()))
  II 13910181 Wrong results (NULLs) / ORA-7445 from query with ORDER BY expression containing select list item
  I 13902316,, Wrong results from serial access of a global temporary table in a PQ slave
  13877559, oracle.sql.TIMESTAMP.TimeZoneConvert() returns wrong results
  II 13876608, wrong results with outer joins of subqueries in select list.
  II 13874642, Wrong result for query with subquery predicate with >2 operands due to incorrect filter predicate pull up (FPPU)
  13873885, Wrong results from RECNUM column in external table
P III 13846587, AIX: Unrealistic CPU Time / DB time with for IBM AIX
  II 13839641,,, Wrong entries for description column in DBA_TRIGGERS using synonyms
  I 13838855, CTX_DOC.markup marks up the wrong position when using multibyte
  13837222 ORA-600 [25027] or Wrong Results for Tables with chained rows
  II 13837105,, statistics “parse count (total)” and “session cursor cache hits” miscounted
  13830276,, wrong results from ggsci commands
  II 13827380, Wrong Results by MERGE with Mergable View
  II 13812031,,,, Wrong results /ORA-600 from query/DML on partitioned table
  III 13804294,,, Internal errors, corruptions, using pipelined function whose rows raise exceptions
  II 13794591, TO_NUMBER does not raise ORA-1722 for some NVARCHAR2 values which include non-numeric data
  III 13794550,,,, Redo missing for ALLKEYS_ON supplementally logged columns
  II 13790109,,, Refresh produces wrong results for ON-COMMIT MV in specific case
  II 13786778,, wrong results with OR expansion and order by
  III 13768663, ORA-1791 not reported in 11.2 when expected
  III 13743357, Wrong results with function based index on first execution
  II 13734192, Transitive predicate generation produces wrong results with NOT IN clause
  III 13730155, Some XML audit files cannot be queried from V$XML_AUDIT_TRAIL when more than 1000 audit files exist
  13720954, wrong results when using bitmap index and nchar/nvarchar2
  II 13720544,,, Chained Rows in Compressed (EHCC) Tables are not Updated / Deleted
  III 13705338,,, Wrong results / ORA-7445 on IOT secondary index – superseded
  II 13698527, ORA-7445 [evaopn3] or wrong results with CHECK constraint using ORed inlists
  II 13685520, wrong results with Subqueries and PARTITION clause
  13635347, DBMS_XMLGEN.getXML returns empty XML CLOB as result
  13611265, Wrong Results (Bad Data) Selecting more than 1000 columns
C 13593616, incorrect avg_col_len for char columns on mutlicharacter databases
  13545355, V$SESSION.FIXED_TABLE_SEQUENCE may show negative values if DB up for a long time
  I 13543281, Wrong Results with semijoins and query rewrite
  II 13530646, Wrong result from certain transitive join predicates
  13520166, XMLType transform() returns NULL with null parammap value
  I 13514126, Wrong results due to missing single column range predicate caused by fix to bug 8275054
  II 13490942, Clumping of local and nonlocal hash distributions in parallel gives wrong results
  I 13457537,,, Wrong Results from selects on gv$ objects on rac
  II 13417321 Version 18 TIMEZONE files – June 2012
  II 13409719,, Wrong results with partition-wise join on reference partitioned tables with a composite partitioned parent table.
  13396671, Wrong results with NLS and analytic Function – superseded
  I 13391200 Queries with ANSI join using lateral view may fail with ora-7445 [evaopn3] or ora-7445 [kkoppjt]
  13388199, Wrong object returned from type hierarchy with OCCI when VARRAY size increased
+ II 13384397,,, wrong results / OERI:[kkooqb: bsj not used] with star transformation
  II 13384122, Wrong Results (Duplicate rows) with OR-expansion and missing “order by”
  13368545, Wrong results from Nth_Value window function when N is variable
  I 13358781,,,, dba_hist_sqlstat.ccwait_delta is zero always
  13339074, SYS_XMLGEN returns corrupted output or ORA-600
  III 13146182,,,,, ORA-1499 ORA-8102 ORA-600 [kdsgrp1] Bitmap Index / Table mismatch
  II 13117516, Intermittent wrong results with DESC index in GROUP BY
  II 13111630,,, Result cache can return wrong result if redo log archive stops
  II 13088409, RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR ignored in a WHEN OTHERS / WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND exception handler of a pipe-lined table function
  13072362, wrong results with dblinks and multi table join predicates
  I 13059718, wrong results from sys.dba_tab_modifications on bulk MERGE operations
  II 13059165,,, UTLRP does not report the correct number of “OBJECTS WITH ERRORS”
  II 13011357, Wrong results / ORA-600 [kkoipt] with anti-outer join with DECODE / CASE
  III 13001379,,,,, Datapump transport_tablespaces produces wrong dictionary metadata causing errors like ORA-7445 [qeaeMinmax] / ORA-1858 etc…
  13000530, DBMS_SPM.PACK_STGTAB_BASELINE may loose information of origin
  II 12990797, Wrong results with subquery correlated with more than one table/view (SEMI/ANTI Join property Lost)
  12985138, extractValue returns no results after deleteXML
  III 12984935,,, Wrong results from OR expansion with function based indexes
  IIII 12971242, dumps occurs around kpofcr with STAR transformation
  12965899, START WITH and CONNECT BY clause does not work in XPath query context
  I 12960992, Global variable has wrong value in trigger when materialized view is fast refreshed
  12960758, Wrong results with GROUPING SETS
  12953092,,, wrong results with bloom filter pruning and joining CHAR columns of different sizes
  II 12949919, Version 17 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – Oct 2011
  III 12949905 Version 17 TIMEZONE files – October 2011
  I 12945879,,, VERSIONS query with a non constant start SCN includes rows after the barrier SCN
  12945290,,, wrong results with partition for (varchar2) on nvarchar2 key column
  II 12925507, The value of “session uga memory” in V$SYSSTAT is invalid
  12913317, Query against dictionary view ALL_CONSTRAINTS returns wrong results for INDEX_OWNER column
  II 12898020, Wrong Result with NVLs and Grouping Sets / Rollup / Cube and fix for bug 7237571 enabled.
  12888949, wrong results with min/max optimization
  II 12873183,,,, Wrong results from query with ROWNUM on partitioned table
  I 12870617, wrong results with Partition Join (Data Densification) due to Predicate misplacement
  12867713, Wrong results from XDB queries over a substitution group
  II 12828738, V$DB_OBJECT_CACHE.SHARABLE_MEM show excessive amount of memory used
  II 12827166, Wrong result with star transformation with temp table
  II 12822334,,, wrong results with full outer to left outer join conversion (by fix of bug 9287401 )
  II 12821418,,, Direct NFS appears to be sending zero length windows to storage device. It may also cause Lost Writes
  I 12790010, Wrong Results with Complex View Merging and Correlated SELECT LIST subqueries
  II 12775220, DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() returns unexpected values in COLUMN_SIZE and DECIMAL_DIGITS for INTEGER columns
  I 12772053, wrong results with min/max index access
  II 12764658,,, DBMS_STATS overestimated num_rows and leaf_blocks on EHCC tables.
  III 12755231,,, Assorted Dumps when querying V$MUTEX_SLEEP
  II 12737668, wrong results w/ implicit date conversion, STAR and MVIEWs
  II 12721378, DBMS_AQ.LISTEN returns true for dequeued message when using DELAY
  12705901, wrong results due to group-by item removal
  12695062, Wrong results doing join factorization on OUTER joins with constants inside views – superceded
  12694525, Query using bitmap join indexes gives wrong result with addition of the new column in the table
  12689808, wrong results (duplicate rows) with GROUPING SETS / ROLLUP / CUBE
  IIII 12683462, Internal Errors / Wrong results from “PX SEND RANGE”
  I 12677023, Fetching NUMBER(38) data into packed-decimal host variable with 38 precision causes the last digit missing
  III 12668341, Core dump under memcpy() or Wrong Results When using PLSQL Subprogram Parameter Aliasing
  I 12642813, Duplicate result with OR-expansion and missing “order by”
  II 12642673, Wrong Results with self joins and fix for bug 10232225 enabled
  II 12619529,, ORA-600[kdsgrp1] from SELECT on plugged in tablespace with FLASHBACK
  I 12618817,, wrong results with partition-wise join of reference partitions
  II 12618136,, wrong result with storage index and bloom filter
  II 12563639, Wrong result (null columns) for query executed with parallel hints
  12563459, SDO_SAM.AGGREGATES_FOR_GEOMETRY returns wrong results run as different schema
  II 12557300, Wrong results with full outer join and RULE optimization
  II 12553446, Wrong result from a query with CONNECT BY
  II 12546877, PLSQL OUT RECORD default lost in RPC
  II 12543639,,,, Wrong Results with NULLs in CASE or for SQL using TABLE() with UNION
  12543489, Wrong results with inline view and predicate move around
  12543110, Wrong results from DBA_FLASHBACK_ARCHIVE* views (missing / no rows)
  II 12539487,,, gv$sql_shared_cursor may not show all reasons to not share a cursor
  I 12411740, wrong results with NOT EXISTS subquery containing minus
  II 12396151, wrong results with mix of outer and inner join predicates on the same table
  12390860, Wrong results from XML extract/XMLtable query within PLSQL
  II 12363485,, Wrong results / dump from subquery unnesting
  12358753, INDEX_STATS has wrong values for ANALYZE of deferred segmentindexes
  12349940, Wrong Results with joins on local encrypted table over dblink
  II 12346165, wrong results with decode predicate
  II 12341758,, wrong results with parallel execution of multi table join
  II 12339576, wrong results with DISTINCT and Semi Join
  II 12336962, Wrong results from join factorization with OUTER join and constant view column
  12330222, ORA-7445 [lnxmin] or wrong results accessing x$kqrpd
  II 12328803,, blocker for wait event “gc current request” not identified by hanganalyze
  II 12326708,,, Wrong results with cursor-duration temp table and function running on an active transaction – superseded
  II 12320006 Version 16 TIMEZONE files – June 2011
  12318502, conflict resolution maximum discards change / data differs
  II 12313218, Wrong results/Internal Error using concatenated DESC index with aggregation – superseded
  III 11927239, V$FILESTAT / V$FILE_HISTOGRAM may return duplicate file numbers – causes ORA-1 running statspack.snap
  II 11893908, Wrong results / ORA-7445 from SDO_GEOM.RELATE with DETERMINE / ORA-13050 from SDO_INTERSECTION
  II 11893621,,, DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR can truncate data over 8191 bytes long in a multibyte characterset – superseded
  II 11889579, wrong results with min/max and set operations over partition tables
  II 11880198, Wrong result for query with aggregate function in an “IN” subquery
  I 11875766, Invalid ROWID values in the ROW_ID$ column of a change-table – superseded
  II 11872813, V$PGA_TARGET_ADVICE view returns fewer (no) rows for larger setting of PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET
  IIII 11872103,,, RMAN RESYNC CATALOG very slow / V$RMAN_STATUS incorrectly shows RUNNING
  II 11869076, DML with subquery may not update/delete rows when expected with concurrrent DML
P I 11867696, Solaris: DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS incorrect in solaris when using autoextend maxsize
  II 11850492, ORA-8103 ORA-600 ORA-3113 on temporary tables using INDEX FAST FULL SCAN and DIRECT read
  II 11847276, Wrong result for MIN / MAX query on partitioned table – superseded
  I 11846902,, Missing entries in V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS from RAC sourced redo
  11840579, wrong results with recursive subquery factoring and dates – superseded
  II 11839701, wrong results with using decode/case in a correlated subquery
  II 11829985,,, wrong result for star transformation with semi-join subquery and NCHAR/NVARCHAR
  I 11817663, dump on lnxmin
  II 11816187, Wrong results / corruption from MERGE SQL with false predicate pull-up
  I 11805880, wrong results with PARTITION HASH SUBQUERY
  I 11800118, INSERT..RETURNING does return all values if statistics are being calculated on the table at the same time
  II 11778458, Wrong Results / ORA-1802 on TO_CHAR with CURSOR_SHARING
  11774263, DBMS_XMLstore.deleteXml deletes the wrong rows if the value in the column set by DBMS_XMLStore.setKeyColumn contains trailing spaces
  11741744, Trigger Updates Column to NULL During Update…Returning Even if not Fired – superseded
  I 11740303, wrong results of select using group by on partition by reference table
  III 11734067,,, Wrong results from GROUP BY NOSORT / DISTINCT NOSORT
  11726301, Wrong Result with query_rewrite_enabled=false and Joins of CHAR with Other CHAR and VARCHAR2 Columns
  11722149, Wrong results from INLIST and NOT EXISTS
  II 11716626, wrong result with LIKE , to_multi_byte on nchar
  II 11705281, wrong results with false filter predicates and analytic functions
  II 11704376, OERI:15570 / wrong results from parallel query with semijoin
  II 11695060, Wrong results due to join elimination with fix for bug 10232225 – superceded
  11686843 Wrong results from SDO_RELATE using multi mask
  11670695, Wrong timestamp returned for a TIMESTAMPLTZ column if the database and session time zones are the same
+ IIII 11666959, ORA-7445 / LPX-200 / wrong results etc.. from new XML parser
  I 11664022, Wrong results being returned without rtrim() function
D III 11657903, Wrong results / unstable Exec Plan / ORA-979 from SQL using positional binds in PL/SQL – superseded
  11655920, wrong result with nested pivot
  11076030, Wrong results for XDB when CURSOR_SHARING enabled
  II 11074393,,, Replacement fix for bug 8752691
  11073768,, Wrong results with NULL predicate on a newly added column of a compressed Table
  11073690, Wrong base64 encoding when retrieving XML document with base64binary content
  II 11063821,,, SQL%BULK_EXCEPTIONS gives wrong results with partitioned table ORA-1
  10640142,, Wrong results / ORA-600 / dump from Parallel query with join filter pruning
  10627048, When DBMS_XMLGEN.GETXML is used to generate a large XML file, the file would be truncated at about 4Gig in size
  10624628, Compound trigger gets wrong values for :OLD/:NEW in DEBUG mode
  II 10428450, Wrong results from Parallel query with ORDER BY / GROUP BY on join columns
  I 10426548, Query from GV$ view inside a TRIGGER only sees data from the local node
+ II 10425010, Stale data blocks may be returned by Exadata FlashCache
  10420235, Wrong column values possible for query with multiple result cache row sources
  II 10418863, SDO_NN wrong result after an update, before a commit
  10411215, wrong results with outer joins and user-defined operators
  II 10407959, Wrong result/Ora-00600 [qcopx0la:1] caused by sub-query coalescing
  III 10405897, Wrong results from subquery in an expression which includes an NVL() /decode operator
  II 10404294, Wrong results with correlated CONNECT BY subqueries
  II 10401327 wrong result with parallel star with temp transformation
  I 10398247, RMAN DELETE BACKUP ignores the “completed before” clause with db_unique_name
  I 10396554, Wrong Results/ Dump with DISTINCT and ORDER BY
  II 10396543, Wrong result with join predicate pushdown
  II 10394583, Wrong Results with ANY or IN Subqueries
  10390389, XMLTRANSFORM may return NULL instead of a single character
  II 10385866, Wrong result for XQuery range expression when executing multi-item sequence
  III 10383833, Intermittent wrong results after adding a column with DEFAULT
  10365159, Query returns wrong results with filter push and predicate transitivity
  II 10358019,,,, Queries against FLASHBACK_TRANSACTION_QUERY return wrong results
  II 10353880,,, V$ASM_DISK reports high READ_ERRS when there are no real errors
  10340780, Wrong results from GROUP BY placement inside a subquery
  II 10337762, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP does not show fractional seconds
  10322043 Wrong results from V$FLASHBACK_TRANSACTION_QUERY – superceded
  I 10319360, wrong_result with “PX SEND BROADCAST LOCAL” and “PX SEND HASH LOCAL”
  II 10315994, ResultSet.getRow() incorrectly returns rowcount instead of 0 after all rows are fetched (next() returns false).
  II 10305573,,, Wrong results using LIKE on a CLOB column
  II 10296467, A valid geometry is considered invalid when using compound CS with SDO_CS.MAKE_3D
  10295754,, V$PQ_TQSTAT columns SERVER_TYPE and PROCESS have bad characters
  II 10282533, wrong_result with “PX SEND BROADCAST LOCAL”
  II 10272702 Version 15 TIMEZONE files – December 2010
+ III 10269193, Wrong results with outer join and CASE expression optimization (CASE need not to be present) or LIKE operator
  II 10269026,,, INDEX RANGE SCAN (MIN/MAX) produces wrong result with partitioned table
  II 10265557, wrong results / dump on _memcmp using hash joins and multiple materialized WITH clauses
  II 10265486, wrong result when join factorization transformation takes place
  10265349, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL gets truncated for an OUTLINE text when its length is is more than 4000 bytes
  II 10261680,,, Wrong results from PQ with Bloom filter on added column
  10261389,,, Wrong results from FULL OUTER JOIN and GROUP BY
  10261072,, Wrong Results with GROUPING sets
+ IIII 10259620,, Wrong results / ORA-7445 with DESC indexes and OR expansion
  10258812, JDBC returns an incorrect size using getColumnDisplaySize() for type NUMBER
  10256823, Wrong results / ORA-1722 “invalid number” from query rewrite
  I 10253540, JDBC may give incorrect Timestamp values when DST is in effect
  II 10246472, Wrong results when using MODEL expression in subquery
  II 10245259,, PARALLEL INSERT with +NOAPPEND hint or if PARALLEL INSERT plan is executed in SERIAL corrupts index and causes wrong results
  I 10244177, XML select may returns wrong data in place of whitespace
  I 10239870,,, wrong results on parallel query joining with UNION ALL view – superseded
  II 10238676, wrong results with CONNECT BY and ORs or inequality predicates
  I 10232230, Wrong Datatype returnf by getobject
  I 10232083,,, Wrong results (missing data) / ORA-7445 using PLSQL collections of RECORDS
  I 10226927, Wrong Results/ Assorted errors on queries over tables after transportable tablespace import
  I 10224414, Wrong result possible with NLS_COMP/NLS_SORT and query use like with escape clause and subquery.
  II 10218578,,, Wrong results from CONNECT BY with long names or aliases
  II 10213902, A PL/SQL REF cursor incorrectly reports that it is closed after the last row has been fetched
  I 10203630, Wrong results with distributed query when using TDE
  II 10202228, wrong result when _allow_level_without_connect_by set to true
  II 10191099, wrong results with outer joins and Rule-Based Optimization
  I 10190421,, Wrong results from CONNECT BY query
  10190053, Wrong description for DBWW, DBWX, DBWY, DBWZ in V$BGPROCESS
  III 10184115,, Wrong Results, Assorted Internal Errors and Dumps with ANSI join of tables with large number of columns
  10181752, Wrong Results with DISTINCT and novalidate unique constraint
  II 10178982, Getting ORA-38902 or the wrong number of exceptions reported during partition maintenance
  II 10176644, sql_id is incorrect (shorter) on r11.2 awr report with text format
  II 10175442, Wrong Results / OERI:[qkaconPreUA:FJswrwo] with a correlated subquery on a CONNECT BY query
  II 10172260, Wrong Results with NVL in ‘is not null’ predicates and Join predicates
  III 10165083,,,,,, Wrong child cursor may be executed – SQL executes in a wrong schema
  II 10158679, wrong result from view with filtering join elimination
  II 10158493,,,, Wrong Results on WITH clause when fix for bug 6082605 is present
  10157402,,,, LOB segment has null data after long to lob conversion in parallel mode (eg DBMS_REDEFINITION).
  II 10149223,, Wrong results from subquery unnesting with OUTER join
  II 10146200, wrong results from query after bitmap join elimination
  10142776,, Wrong Results with Enhanced Hybrid Columar Compression and “Not Equal” predicates
  I 10136532,, wrong results on exists select over temporary table in parallel
  II 10131867,,, Dequeue browse (first_message) may return a dequeued message
  10130633, Wrong results from the same rewritten plan once other eligible MVIEWs are present
  II 10124841,, Wrong results from multi-column partition pruning
  10112011, Wrong results from SQL with bind in DECODE or other expression after OCI Describe – superceded
  I 10104100, wrong results with connect by and BITMAP AND
  II 10103086, wrong result for query with order by and rownum=<constant>
  I 10100244, Wrong results from view with RESULT_CACHE, UNION and filter predicates
  10098342 Trigger predicate function can incorrectly match the wrong column name
  10097711,,,, V$ASM_DISK.HASH_VALUE is shown as 0 in the RDBMS instance
  II 10094732,, Wrong results from SQL with DISTINCT function and an outer join in 11.2
  III 10093383, wrong results when added column with default value
  II 10092858,,,, Wrong results / bad materialized view content after fast refresh if MV has an OUTER join
  II 10091171, Wrong Results / Dump:qerixTunnelGetKey using Function based index with OUTER join
  II 10078754, Wrong results from OR expanded query with function based index/es
  III 10075392, ORA-3137 [12333] or bind variable interpreted as NULL using SQL with binds
  I 10074975, DBMS_RESUMABLE.SPACE_ERROR_INFO() returns wrong TABLE_SPACE_NAME on ORA-1691
  II 10074840, Wrong Results with Native Full Outer Join on Nested Loops
  10072528, V$ARCHIVE_GAP may not detect archive gap when physical standby is open read only
  I 10067750, query getting wrong results with bitmap index and inlist iterator
  10067698, Wrong results from fn:empty in the presence of Path-Subsetted XMLIndex
  II 10066946, ORA-700 [kkqjfadjselord: found] /Dump/ excess memory use / wrong results from UNION query with LIKE join
  10058969, Corrupted results from SDO_GEOR.SUBSET doing irregular polygon-based clipping
  I 10058195, V$SQL_CS_SELECTIVITY columns are padded with chr(0) characters
  III 10054513,, Wrong results from CARTESIAN product with Star transformation
  II 10052339, Wrong Results / ORA-7445 [ldxeti] with TRUNC , function based indexes and fix of bug 6778556
  III 10052141,,,, ORA-7445 / ORA-600 for columns with invalid number content
  10048645, Wrong result from DBA_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS with trigger on view
  10043077, A nested table or varray contains more elements than expected when PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL is 3
  II 10028651, wrong results with userenv and group by
  I 10026972,, Intermittent Wrong results from Parallel Query with chained rows in RAC
  IIII 10013177,,, Wrong Results (truncate values) / dumps and internal errors with Functional based indexes of expressions used in Aggregations
  II 9970091, Wrong results against a partitioned table using an INLIST iterator and GROUP BY or WINDOW SORT
+ III 9965278, Assorted dumps and errors with function based indexes or virtual columns present
  II 9962778, Wrong results with “_CONNECT_BY_USE_UNION_ALL” = “OLD_PLAN_MODE”
  9962565, Wrong Results with Full Outer Join and Table Expansion
  II 9961706, Wrong results / ORA-7445 [qcsogolz] / ORA-600 when Select list subquery of a view is hidden inside an operator
  I 9958518, Wrong Results From Predicate Move Around With Implicit Conversions
  II 9956713,,,,, Wrong result from key compressed index range scan during buffer cache resize (rare)
  9950719, fuzzy match losing records as more data is added to the base table
  I 9946875, Scheduler event-based job does not fire when there is a subscriber on AQ queue
  9946150, Inconsistent results using OCR fuzzy search
  II 9941341, Wrong results from Merge command in parallel
  II 9935857, LOB indexes are missing from DBA_OBJECTS
  II 9916260, Wrong Results Caused By NULL IS NOT NULL Filter With Predicate Tree Compression
  II 9909907, Wrong results from Exadata offload processing
  I 9900850, UNPIVOT returns corrupt data for columns not in the UNPIVOT operation
  II 9900417,, Wrong Results from Bloom Filter in Rac
  9884618 SDO_JOIN query with mask=filter and with no explicit mask returns different results
  II 9882805,, Wrong results with NATIVE FULL OUTER JOIN and NVL
  9878722, dbms_space.create_index_cost returns incorrect values
* IIII 9877980,,, ORA-7445[kkslMarkLiteralBinds] / Assorted Errors on if cursor sharing is enabled – Affects RMAN
  9877757, An uninitialised PL/SQL variable of type CHAR used as an IN OUT bind in a dynamic SQL statement is not being set
  II 9874613, Wrong result from subquery unnest with correlation in a SET query block
  I 9873276, Extracting attribute values removes linebreaks with XDB
  II 9871299, Loss of unescaping with XMLTable
  II 9867462, Wrong result for parallel execution of Nested Loop with pushed join predicate and fix for bug 9381638
  II 9857247, Wrong results for count(*) with group by placement
  9850754, Column total_bytes in DBA_QUEUE_SCHEDULES is not updated correctly
  II 9843740, Segment space advisor shows different shrink values between DBA_SEGMENTS and DBA_ADVISOR_FINDINGS
  II 9836853, DBA_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS shows view is not updatable when it is
  9836066, XPath expression with VARCHAR2(1000) or higher returns too many characters when NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS=CHAR on SB table
  9835605,, wrong results for recnum parameter
  9826886, Wrong results from query with outer join
  II 9816678, Merge on a remote table using local table gives wrong results.
  II 9813909, Wrong results from CONNECT BY query with INLIST
  9812934, Wrong results from parallel query with window sort
  9795170, DBMS_SPACE.CREATE_TABLE_COST estimates inaccurately when using COLINFOS
  9781046, Wrong results with CHECK constraints , INLIST and OUTER join
  III 9776940, Wrong results with function based indexes / ORA-600 [qkeUnreferenceExpr_2] parsing CONTAINS/SCORE – superceded
  9773813, message_properties_t.original_msgid has same msgid for each batch of messages
  II 9771278,,, REQUIRED_MIRROR_FREE_MB is wrong for large diskgroups
  9757199, Wrong results from set views where individual branches have window functions
  9756312, Wrong results from TO_DSINTERVAL with ISO duration format
  I 9738674, V$STREAMS_APPLY_READER.STATE is never idle
+ II 9734539, ORA-8102 / ORA-1499 corrupt index after update/merge using QUERY REWRITE
  II 9732434, Wrong result when using parallel and CONCATENATION
  II 9724626, Wrong results from lost “col IS NULL” predicate on outer joined view
  I 9713012, Wrong results from push predicate on ANSI SQL
  9709185, Wrong results on pipelined function / Encrypted Columns using hierarchical query
  II 9705349, Intermittent Wrong Results from Parallel query, dynamic Sampling , Partition and RAC
  I 9695366, problem inserting encrypted values to mv log
  I 9692372, Wrong result from COUNT(*) in CASE statement
  9689530, Wrong results from SQL using a TABLE function and CONNECT BY
  9685331, Wrong results from predicate move around aggregates in select list
  III 9681133,,, ORA-6508 and/or wrong results on valid package variable in RAC
  I 9670261, Wrong results with OUTER JOIN and subquery with filter
  9658968, UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_NUMBER can return invalid Oracle number
  9647853, Wrong result in a query using a REF type IS NULL predicate
  9647170, Wrong results from XMLTable with unstructured XMLindex
  9643815, Wrong results selecting columns in XMLTable not found in structured XMLindex
  II 9639456, Wrong results or dump from Parallel Query with an unnested subquery with group-by
  II 9639146, Wrong Results with Parallelized UNION ALL/CONCATENATION and DataTypes
  III 9586877,, The fix for bug 7526851 / bug 8494071 can get false ORA-904 errors or Wrong Results
+ IIII 9577583,, False ORA-942 or other errors when multiple schemas have identical object names
  II 9573368, Wrong result from predicate move around and GROUP BY .. with predicates or HAVING over MAX/MIN
  II 9573347, Wrong results from PARTITION BY in UNION ALL
  I 9564145, Corrupt MV content from Fast refresh
  I 9560350, PLSQL RPC does not respect constraints on IN OUT arguments
  II 9554115, internal errors/wrong results with Flashback Data Archive
  I 9547461, Wrong results on query with DISTINCT, ROWNUM and subquery
  I 9540070, Wrong results from LIKE with ESCAPE when set NLS_SORT=binary_ci and NLS_COMP=linguistic
  9538168, resource manager shows wrong dop in accounting and stats
  9524898, DBMS_CRYPTO errors processing BLOB / CLOB data
  9500046,,, A PL/SQL cursor with CONNECT BY and SELECT FOR UPDATE clauses fails to update rows when using WHERE CURRENT OF – superceded
+ III 9495697, Wrong results with OR predicates on same column
  9482399,,, Wrong data and/or length returned for SECUREFILE CLOBs read with long interface
  II 9478732, Assorted Dumps or Wrong Results from query undergoing PK-FK join elimination
C II 9477688, ORA-979 not signaled for invalid query – wrong results possible
+ III 9469117,,, Corrupt index after PDML executed in serial. Wrong results. OERI[kdsgrp1]/ORA-1499 by analyze
  II 9467518, Wrong results from Predicate Move around when table referenced more than once
  9464535, INSERT..RETURN..INTO PLSQL table returns NULL for constrained NUMBER column
  II 9456979 Wrong result from push of NVL / DECODE into UNION view with NULL select list item – superceded
  II 9447535, Wrong SQL%ROWCOUNT when creating external tables
  I 9444204, Wrong results from DBA_LOB_TEMPLATES / ALL_LOB_TEMPLATES
  II 9443361,,, Wrong results (rowdata) for select in serial from compressed table
  III 9436324,,,, ORA-600 / Wrong row count for ARRAY INSERT with BATCH errors
  9404441, Type inheritance is not detected when using cycle reference.
  9393884, ANYDATA and CAST operator in a VPD function can corrupt the table data
  II 9383188, Wrong Results/Dump:KKOITBP / OERI:KKQCSFIXFRO:1: NO OUTER-JOINED TABLE FOUND! / Execution Plan fails to reproduce
  9373554, Wrong results from Korean language
  IIII 9373370,,, The wrong cursor may be executed by JDBC thin following a query timeout / ORA-3137 [12333]
  I 9363825, Wrong results from CASE with outer joined columns
  II 9356438, Parallel query gives wrong result when using slave mapping.
  II 9339310, V$SESSION may not show correct SQL_ID
  9337832, Wrong results from ANSI outer joins – superseded
  II 9320045, Wrong Results with JPPD in nested GROUP BY view and ORDER BY
  9292866 Schema element is not visible in pre-create handler
  II 9255542,,,, Array insert to partitioned table looses rows with concurrent DDL (ORA-14403)
  II 9253557, Excess private memory use / wrong results from adhoc LogMiner
  9251289,, Select from a large external table returns wrong data.
  II 9243893, GROUP BY with outer join results not sorted even with ORDER BY clause
  I 9242487, Wrong results from PQ with analytic functions
  9240210, Silent truncation reading 4gb BLOB with JDBC Thin 11.2
+ II 9231605,,,, Block corruption with missing row on a compressed table after DELETE
  II 9229891, Bitmap index corruption by update or delete with error logging
  9217629,, Dump / wrong results with fix for bug 6467270 and encryption
  II 9212103, Flashback version query omits deleted rows
  II 9189996, Wrong Results with uncorrelated subquery removal
  9185970, Text markup of a NEAR query does not markup all possible matches for NEAR queries
  III 9175853,, Wrong results/ORA-7445 [kkoitbp] can occur from table join elimination
  II 9171379 Wrong Results for Null Aware Anti Join
  III 9170308, Wrong results from outer join after ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN
  9170254, Comparing TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE column with the same value does not match
  9155467, Wrong results with MIN/MAX functions
  9152027, Non-null terminated string after OCI7 fetch
  II 9145579,, Wrong Results/Dump / ORA-600 on query with join factorization
  9138205, An “ora:contains” Xquery fails to return records after position 4101 in the XML document
  III 9121708, Wrong result using view pushed predicate and OUTER join
  9119630, Wrong results from XMLExists after XMLIndex creation
  9100590, If XMLType.Extract() results in a >64K text node then GetClobVal() prefixes the node with “<>”
  9084566, Amend change_table col: row_id$ to accommodate large databases
  II 9083671, Case insensitive NLS settings affect object name resolution in the dictionary
  9074534, Wrong results from XQuery when pathsubsetting XMLindex is on the column
  9074000, Wrong results using ROWID literals over database link
  9073928, Wrong results using ROW_NUMBER
  9071962, Wrong results from predicate move around
  II 9064352, OERI [kkeupcands: arity != 2] / dump / wrong results from LIKE with NLS_COMP=LINGUISTIC
  II 9063328, Wrong results with GROUP BY placement
  I 9062545, Japanese prolonged sound mark returns wrong results
  I 9049725,, Wrong results from piecewise fetch for SQLT_STR define
  II 9047110,, Global variable is NULL in TRIGGER on replication MVIEW
  I 9045206, 11.2 JDBC driver returns zero rows with REF CURSOR OUT parameter – superseded
  II 9044589, Wrong Results/Dump from join filter elimination
  9041943, UNDER_PATH returns wrong results when argument is a weak link
  I 9040424, DBMS_XMLDOM.getattribute() without namespace accesses attribute that has namespace
  II 9040420, Describe of table shows wrong scale/precision for columns added with ALTER TABLE ADD
  II 9039716, Virtual Column returns with trailing trash
  II 9036013,,, Result of DECODE() may be incorrectly interpretted as NULL
  9035077, V$ARCHIVED_LOG.ARCHIVAL_THREAD# is wrong on logical standby
  II 9032428, Wrong Results/OERI/Query slow for some WINDOW sorts using RANGE BETWEEN with expressions
  II 9024850,, Wrong results of ORA_ROWSCN in a full scan of table with ROWDEPENDENCIES enabled
  9022839, Wrong result using GROUP BY placement
  III 9021724,, Intermittent Wrong Results with Temporary Table Transformations and High concurrency
  II 9020537,, DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR truncates LOBs > 8191 in multibyte – superceded
  II 9011590, Wrong results due to join elimination
+ I 9011088,,,, Data loss can occur in a compressed table that has > 255 columns defined
  8993442, OCILobRead() returns no data for XMLTYPE getclobval() for stream read
  III 8981059,,,, High Version Count (due to USER_BIND_PEEK_MISMATCH) with bind peeking
+ II 8951812, Corrupt index by rebuild online. Possible OERI [kddummy_blkchk] by SMON
  II 8948107, wrong results/Unique index not working on PARTITION BY REFERENCE table
  II 8945586, Wrong results using GROUP BY placement
  II 8930788, Wrong results or ORA-30482 from MEDIAN aggregate
  8921566, Wrong results received from SDO_CS.transform
  II 8918954, Wrong Results / OERI:QKEBCREATECOLINFRO:1 because join predicates get lost
  II 8889837, wrong results with ansi, grouping sets and JPPD rejected
  III 8879707,, Wrong results with DESC index and predicate optimization
  II 8864941,, Wrong results from join elimination with nested subqueries in the WHERE clause
  II 8856349, Fast refresh of OUTER join materialized view does not work
  I 8851519, Truncated SQLT_BDOUBLE in OCI/Pro clients for some locale settings
  I 8835730, Wrong results from BETWEEN with functions and predicate pull up
  I 8829565, Wrong results from STATS_CROSSTAB with 0 frequencies
+ II 8823789,, Wrong results from range predicate on concatenated index with NULLs
  II 8822832,,, V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS has incorrect value for APPLIED_SEQ#
  II 8818668,, Wrong results from CONNECT BY on a UNION [ALL] view
  I 8816675, XMLexists query returns wrong results with a select DISTINCT
+ II 8815639,,,,,, Multiple INSERTS with allocation above HWM in ASSM with wrong results / ORA-1499 by analyze
  8812846, Xquery returns wrong result when XMLIndex is on the column
  III 8803762,,,, ORA-600[kdsgrp1], ORA-600[25027] or wrong results on 11g database upgrade from 9i
  8783738,,, ROWID range queries return wrong results for columnar compression
  II 8781951, Wrong results / error from MIN / MAX on partitioning column
  I 8775569,,, Wrong results from GROUPING SET query using result cache
  II 8769746, Describe returns wrong type for column added by ALTER TABLE
  II 8761101,,, Wrong results from GROUP BY in SHARED SERVER only
  II 8752691,, Dump on kkpapiItOpen / kkpapItGetNext / Wrong results from SQL on composite partitioned table – superceded
  8742820, ORA-1007 from MERGE with DELETE and a DELETE SET NULL constraint
  II 8735142, Wrong result / dump with ANY or EXISTS subquery.
  IIII 8730312,, wrong Null ASH data may cause dumps and kew* messages in alert.log
  8718259,, Wrong results from SDO_RELATE with DETERMINE
  8714580, Wrong results from DISTINCT query with unnest of ANY subquery
C II 8703185, Wrong results from query on UNION views with Scalar Subquery in SELECT list
  8692094, SDO_GEOM.SDO_DIFFERENCE returns invalid geometries
  I 8688394, Wrong results with old first K-rows and null-aware anti-join
  8675087, Wrong result order with an ORDER BY clause – superseded
  8665270, Wrong results on XMLExists query with XMLIndex if there are escaped entities (e.g &amp;, &lt; etc.) in the xml data.
  I 8661278,, SDO_RELATE with INSIDE masks returns geometries with on relationship
E 8629716,, Wrong results / unexpected error using virtual columns / function based indexes
  8619823, Extra “>” in XMLquery output
  8613553, Wrong results from CONNECT BY START query and WITH subquery
  I 8611756,, Wrong result using single quotation in SQL query
  I 8604729, Clumping of hash joins in same DFO gives wrong results
  8592559, JDBC Thin cannot fetch PlsqlIndexByTable with more than 32k items
  8587581, :OLD set to :NEW with multiple triggers and TIMESTAMP column
  I 8573601, Not all wait time accounted on V$MUTEX_SLEEP.wait_time
  8554687,, Issues with DETERMINE and ANYINTERACT in sdo_geom.relate()
+ II 8546356,,,, ORA-8102/ORA-1499/OERI[kdsgrp1] Composite Partitioned Index corruption after rebuild ONLINE in RAC
  8535855, Logminer LOB writes not mined correctly
  8527257, DBMS_AQ.LISTEN returns wrong OUT deliver mode
  II 8509848, Wrong Results after ALTER TABLE ADD column and Index-only Joins
  II 8437548, Wrong Results (less rows) on connect by queries w/outer join and filter predicates
C I 8432019, Wrong Results With Full Outer Join, Database Link and Merged Inline View
  II 8428523, Alter Table Rename causes wrong results/ora-8103/hangs on ADG Standby.
  II 8349119,, Wrong Results (multiple records) using Flashback Data Archive
  I 8297948, PLSQL LOOP control not working correctly
  8288358, Wrong results from GV$SGA_DYNAMIC_FREE_MEMORY in RAC with AMM
  8287870,, Wrong results (no rows) from merge join with parallel plan
  II 8246022,, Wrong results from join involving constant columns in parallel
  8212742,, Wrong results from WITHIN NEAR / Wrong markup from nested NEAR (CTX_DOC.MARKUP) with fix 7393798
  II 7710827, Index rebuild or Merge partition causes wrong results in concurrent reads instead of ORA-8103
  7708899, Wrong results using timestamp with fractional seconds in XQuery
  II 7705591,,,, Corruption with self-referenced row in MSSM tablespace. Wrong Results / OERI[6749] / ORA-8102
  I 7685296,, Wrong results with parallel query
  II 7655007, Wrong results from SQL involving TIMESTAMP with TIME ZONE values
  7578292, DBA_HIST_TBSPC_SPACE_USAGE returns size twice as large for undo tablespace
  II 7335665, Wrong results using NLS_COMP=LINGUISTIC for LIKE predicate against NCHAR/NVARCHAR2 data
  7292552, Wrong results on aggregate with “INDEX FULL SCAN (MIN/MAX)”
  II 7263827, RMAN restore database preview shows wrong output
  II 7251049,, Corruption in bitmap index introduced when using transportable tablespaces
  7232591, Logminer SQL_REDO for DROP TABLE DDL .. AS should be marked not executable
  II 7208615, NUMBER column shows as precision 22 in JDBC
  II 7018237, Wrong results / errors from SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH / CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF etc..
  6855031, Wrong result from Oblique Mercator
  III 6818207, Intermittent Wrong Results/Dump (qeshIHInsertPRowInBkt) using hash GROUP BY of large dataset
  I 6658367, Wrong results from parallel TABLE function
  II 6369493 Wrong values in V$BUFFER_POOL_STATISTICS CONSISTENT_GETS column
  6242862, Wrong results from V$FLASHBACK_TRANSACTION_QUERY – superceded
  I 5982893, Wrong remote SQL generated with colocated join – repeating columns
  II 4577426, V$SGASTAT may show misleading BYTES values larger than really allocated
  3850841 Method getNativeXA() returns false for JDBC thin even though it uses native XA by default from 10g
  14741124 DBMS_HM: sql dictionary health check: invalid pctfree found 10 on object tab$ failed
  III 13984324 wrong result with UNION ALL of similar queries / in DBA_TAB_MODIFICATIONS
  I 13716749,, wrong results with or/nvl expansion
  13546906, Wrong Results with STALE_TOLERATED Query Rewrite
  II 21067387, Object name in some V$ views is truncated to 20 chars after DB PSU applied
  II 20067212, Wrong values in error logging table with fix 17397545 present
  III 18723434, DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS.tablespace_size can be incorrect for ASM tablespaces after applying
+ I 19296555 Query with simple select predicates returns wrong results in mixed Exadata
  I 14561651,, Wrong result for query with NULL augmented ANSI join
  II 12714023, wrong results on parallel query with dynamic sampling of partition table
  I 11887066 wrong results for pipeline functions returning object types
  II 11062296 ADDM incorrectly Reports virtual memory paging in 11.2
+ II 17003197 Wrong Results / Assorted Dumps and Errors querying HCC tables
  II 13068790 the value of v$session.sql_id of active session is null
  II 10411726 Fix for bug 9732434 makes parallel query execution go serial after CONCATENATION / wrong results possible – superseded
  I 10406470 Version 15 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – December 2010
  I 10213274 wrong result on connect by with outer join
  III 9563951, Intermittent Wrong Results / Internal error with nested loops and expressions
  II 9461046 Dump on qeaeSum/qeaeMinmax from ORDER BY elimination
  II 9225449, Global AWR “top timed foreground events” reports events that were not waited for
  III 9210925,,, PLSQL may dump or execute wrong stored procedure
  II 9198871, Wrong Results / Dump on evaopn3 by query using ORDER BY and Function Based Index / Order by DESC sort not eliminated
  9197935 Version 13 (tzdata 2009s) TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM)
  II 9146268 Version 13 TIMEZONE files – December 2009
  II 9038070, Wrong results with correlated subqueries using [NOT] LIKE predicates and fix for bug 7032684
  I 8603182 Version 11 (tzdata 2009g) TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM)
  8520169 wrong results with join predicate pushed on views and using order by
  II 5751866 Wrong Results with CASE and CURSOR_SHARING
P II 17951124   Windows: Certain PL/SQL functions produce wrong results when compiled DEBUG or with PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL 0 or 1
P 14333567   Windows: Wrong result in with Windows patch 3 to 22
  13414211, SDO_NN wrong results due to “unit=foot” in parallel plan
  13411413, sdo_gcd.geocode_addr with intersectstreet not returning intersection correctly
  13402612, sdo_geom.sdo_distance returns 0 for disjoint geometries, derived from Linear Referencing Types
  IIII 13004894,, Wrong results with SQL_TRACE or 10046 or STATISTICS_LEVEL=ALL / Slow Parse
  II 12737014, V$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO.client_version does not show the correct value
  12565410, Version 16 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM) – June 2011
  III 11895713, Unicode data XML parsing misses part of text data in DOM Tree
  I 11877455, JDBC Thin gets negative query ID for getRegisteredQueryId of OraclePreparedStatement
  II 11797217, wrong results with function index
  I 9360157,, Wrong results using ORA_ROWSCN pseudocolumn with ANSI join
  9297855, Wrong Results when using “ANY” clause
  9270951, Intermittent Wrong Result with Merge Join in Parallel
  I 8902818,, ORA-600 [kkqstarBuildDimQbc: !dColP] / ORA-1722 / Wrong Resuults with star transformation and views
  13980151 Wrong result when using index on virtual column
P II 12347332 V$OSSTAT / ADDM incorrectly shows very large swapping/paging stats
  I 11777342 Stale data at ADG with zero apply lag: affinity lock -> DLM lock issue on cancel
  9767715 TIMESTAMPTZ stringvalue truncates leading zeros in decimal part
  I 9751299 Version 14 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM)
  II 9742718 Version 14 TIMEZONE files – June 2010
  II 9698413 Wrong Results for query with multiple filter predicates on one column (missing predicate)
  9538524, V$RSRCMGRMETRIC shows bad values for cpu_consumed_time, avg_running_sessions
  II 9504322, Wrong Results with UNION ALL and Views
  I 9488004, Intermittent Wrong Results with Bloom Filter in RAC
  II 9480478, Pushdown of bloom filter gives wrong results
  9463235, Intermittent Wrong Results with Bloom Filter in RAC
  II 9365665 Wrong result with pipelined function if DETERMINISTIC set
  II 9149540 Wrong results for LIKE operator with NLS_SORT=binary_ci and NLS_COMP=linguistic
  II 9090852 Too Low Time in row source statistics under sql_trace=true
  II 9090341 ORA-3113 after upgrade to 11gr2 when a package is called after a dependant package has been updated
  9085081 Wrong results (predicate lost) with MView and query rewrite
  I 9060098 UTL_MATCH.JARO_WINKLER returns wrong result if first argument is longer
  II 9035438, Wrong Results with UNION ALL and DISTINCT in the branches
  III 8772028, Wrong Results / OERI:qctcte1 with ORDER BY in a view – superceded
  II 8764508 Wrong Results (no rows) with CONNECT BY, subquery and Function Based Index
  I 8655331 V$SESSION.COMMAND has wrong code for commands >= 128
  III 8581792, Dump EVAOPN2/Dump EVAOPN3/Wrong Results with function based index
  II 8419856 OERI / wrong results from query rewrite
  II 8404159 Intermittent Wrong Results (Only first execution) with Expressions
  I 8349482 Wrong results form LIKE with _M nls_sort
  I 7676076 LAST_DAY function returns wrong results with Hijrah calendar
  7522759 Wrong results from LIKE .. ESCAPRE with NLS_SORT=binary_ci and NLS_COMP=linguistic
  7165653 hanganalyze does not identifies blocker of “gc cr request” / “gc cr multi block request”
E III 8318020, Slow DBMS_STATS / Inaccurate or Missing Statistics
  II 7687980 Wrong Results / ORA-600 with SEMI/ANTI join and Join Elimination
  7585574 Missing Rows on [g]v$mutex_sleep
  II 7561620, Wrong Results / ORA-600 [qernsRowP] with predicates having subqueries inside expressions
  II 7534257, Wrong Results with parallel DML, ORDER BY, into CHAR from VARCHAR2
  II 7526851 Wrong Results or ORA-1427 on REMOTE collocated join (missing predicate)
  7265342 Wrong Results / Dump on EVAOPN2 or EVAOPN3 with ORDER BY aggregate
  13244702   Wrong Results with Group By and SELECT LIST scalar subqueries
  II 6672979   Version 7 TIMEZONE files
  II 5880630   Version 5 TIMEZONE files
  16838201 Null DBID value in AUD$ table for logoff records
  II 9766218 Unrealistically large values in AWR report for workarea statistic “W/A mb processed”
  III 9671977 ORA-600 [kkocxj : pjpCtx] optimizing query with outer joins if JPPD is attempted
  9263817, Wrongs Results with range predicate of null values (Column oper NULL)
  III 8971835, Assorted Dumps / ORA-932 / Wrong results when accessing over 1000 columns – superceded
  II 8606490 Wrong results/ Dump:evaopn3 from join elimination and fix 7633439
  I 8588540, Corruption / ORA-8102 in RAC with loopback DB links between instances
  II 8537075 Logminer does nit show nul (ASCII code 0x00) correctly
  II 8534648, Wrong Results with CONNECT_BY_ROOT/SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH and window functions
  I 8531281 DBMS_XMLDOM.getAttribute fails to get an attribute without a namespace
  I 8524113 Version 11 TIMEZONE files – June 2009
  8503195 Too Low Time in row source statistics under sql_trace=true
  I 8502191 AQ propagation has unpredictable behaviour at destination
  8498222, Wrong results with a NOT EXISTS subquery if patch 7576476 installed
  II 8494071 Wrong results from remote colocated join (missing predicate)
  II 8463344 Compound trigger does not fire as expected – superseded
  III 8447623 Wrong Results with OUTER joins and tables with Check Constraints
  8423950, Wrong Results (less rows) on GROUP BY/UNIQUE NOSORT with prefetching
  II 8413258, Wrong results/dump from analytic functions with function based index present
  I 8412599 Wrong Results from Hash Null Aware AntiJoin that spills to disk
  8412009 Wrong result returned using result_cache and user defined types
  II 8366255, Intermittent wrong results with prefetch and projection pushdown
  I 8347155 wrong results (less rows) on connect by queries w/ union and with filtering
  8338582 SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY may see wrong data for index access
  III 8327137 Wrong results/ORA-7445 [qeaesum] with aggregation function/distinct in nested views
  I 8316612 ORA-600 [12406] / wrong results from CONNECT BY on fixed tables
  8306904, Wrong results from query using WINDOW functions
  I 8303388, Wrong results when subquery having group by view is merged
  I 8278320, Wrong results from CONNECT BY with ORDER BY
  8276354 PLSQL cursors with user binds may execute in the wrong schema (rare)
  8255306,, Wrong results from parallel query and ORs
  III 8250560 Wrong Results/ORA-979 reported incorrectly using GROUP BY
  II 8217976, Dump under EVAOPN3 or Wrong results (lob column missing) w/star transformation
  II 7834056 A query that works on Causes ORA-07445 [expepr]
C 7828510 double accounting in v$sql/v$sql_monitor statistics for parallel execution
* II 7710260,, UPGRADE with User Defined Type can loose data / DBMS_UTILITY.COMPILE_SCHEMA enables DEBUG
  7704811, Wrong results from complex view merging
  II 7690331, Wrong Results (duplicate rows) with unique subquery & star/Temp transformation
  I 7684804, Wrong Timestamp on *_TAB_STATS_HISTORY.STATS_UPDATE_TIME / missing entries on *_OPT_STAT_OPERATIONS
  II 7670135,, Long parse time compiling ANSI join
  7666256, Wrong results (table eliminated) with star trans & Bitmap Join Index
  7665893, Inside mask returns wrong results for compound polygons
  7662952, wrong results when using min/max and global partitioned index
  II 7661361 wrong results with native and non-native full outer join
  I 7639704, Wrong Results (no rows) for query with CONNECT BY ORDER BY SIBLINGS
  II 7639255 Wrong Results / Dumps / Internal Errors using WITH Clause
  II 7633439 Wrong results from join elimination – superceded
  II 7628358 Wrong results possible from join elimination with join in an OR clause
  III 7614692, Bulk feature with SAVE EXCEPTIONS does not work for array insert-select
  I 7607686, Wrong results using multiple PRIOR predicates
  II 7597354,,, Wrong results from WITH clause which is put INLINE
  II 7595630 wrong result with outer join and inlist
  II 7593114 Wrong Results with Outer and Anti joins
  7585619, Wrong results from transitive predicates from CHECK constraint
  I 7585472, Wrong results with semi join and correlated subquery
  II 7583501, Spin (under kkqsevopt) or wrong results possible
  II 7580744 Version 10 TIMEZONE files – Dec 2008
  II 7573151,, Wrong results after online redefinition of table in RAC (with DBMS_REDEFINITION)
  II 7561762 v$sql.elapsed_time is underreported (0 in many cases)
  II 7539815, Wrong Results with Hash joins and parallel execution
  I 7527650,,, Data divergence during rollback inline LOB DML
  7523409, Wrong results from outer join with transitive inequality predicate
  II 7519531, Wrong results from SDO_ANYINTERACT (results close to zero)
  I 7516867,, Intermittent Wrong results from literal replacement with fix for bug 6163785
  III 7512227, Wrong results from query with outer join and binds
  II 7497640,, Wrong results with ‘UNION ALL PUSHED PREDICATE’ and partition pruning
  7477691, Wrong Java method executed if PACKAGE / TYPE spec has Java callspec last
  II 7462684, Wrong results with Nested Loop and access by Global Index Rowid.
  7456566, Wrong results from query with function based index and OUTER join
  7449057 Version 9 TIMEZONE data for Java VM (OJVM)
P II 7447648, HPUX: OS_CPU_WAIT_TIME value from V$OSSTAT is incorrect on HPUX
  7433792, SDO_RELATE / SDO_COVEREDBY give results different from SDO_GEOM.RELATE
  II 7430596, Wrong Results with Analytics (WINDOW) functions.
  II 7420504, Wrong Results with ANSI queries and fix for bug 7345484
  I 7413928, When using sdo_aggr_union holes get created with inner polygons
  7408045, Wrong results from a parallel query and star_transformation_enabled=true
  7393292,, Conditional dequeue from exception queue does not work (hang or gets no data)
  I 7389104 Wrong Results with group by in a SubQuery
  III 7383579 Wrong results in PLSQL if concurrent session recompiles the in-use package
  III 7378625, Assorted Dumps and Wrong Results from first_rows_k optimization
  II 7375615, Wrong Results (0 Rows) using a Multicolumn function in a View
  II 7374278, Wrong Result (no rows) with CHAR/NCHAR Predicates
  I 7342082, XMLDOM may return null data with fix for bug 5401776
  I 7335745, Wrong Results with multi-column Correlated Subquery using INLIST
+ III 7329252,,, ORA-8102/ORA-1499/OERI[kdsgrp1] Index corruption after rebuild index ONLINE
  7327515, Wrong results from SDO_INTERSECTION
  III 7327166 Wrong Results / Dump (under evacssr) from CASE expression / Dump qmsqxStreamEvalXMLO
  II 7324323, Wrong results (no rows) with ROWNUM=1
  III 7319436 Wrong results from JPPD push predicate into outer joined GROUP BY view
  7315628, Wrong Results with UNION, DBLink and WITH Clause
  III 7298601, Wrong results / dump from INDEX RANGE SCAN with inequality predicates
  7277741 Incorrectly escaped characters from XMLTransform
  7276032, Wrong (NULL) result from SDO_INTERSECTION
  I 7271258 Wrong results from views containing GROUP BY and functional index access
  I 7256555 Wrong results / dump with DML and join to virtual column
  II 7253302, Wrong number of bytes read returned from OCILobRead in multibyte
  I 7249587 Wrong Results / Dump on kkpogmcrp_generate_multi_column_range_predicates with subpartitions
  II 7249290, Wrong results from virtual column in select list of ANSI join
  II 7248644, Unexpected ora-979 / Wrong Results with query joining the same table with itself
  7234765,, Wrong results from PLSQL function over an ORDER BY view
  7233710, REGEXP_REPLACE returns a new line if replace_string argument is null
C I 7210630, Wrong Results / Execution Plan Change of CONNECT BY queries.
  7202166, No rows returned from V$MUTEX_SLEEP
  7191744 PLSQL cursors may execute in the wrong schema (rare)
  II 7185460, Wrong results from materialized WITH and OR expansion
  7181943 Version 9 TIMEZONE files
  I 7176005 Wrong results based on the order of lag/lead functions
  II 7168259 Millisecond elapsed_time shows as 0
  7162354, Wrong results from join predicate push with a ROWID predicate
  II 7150862 wrong query results from join elimination
  I 7148905,, Wrong result from subquery unnesting
  I 7142215, Wrong results for query using EXISTS and GROUP BY
  II 7132362, Wrong results from WINDOW function in subquery
  II 7131291,, V$FAST_START_TRANSACTIONS can show stale data
+ III 7123643,,, Wrong results (NULL) from select on compressed table
  II 7118397 Wrong Results (Null Values) / Dump (under qeaeMinmax) with complex view merge and aggregate on top of a ROWID column
  II 7045446 V$FILESTAT.READTIM is wrong under some circumstances
  7039337, Wrong results on query using GROUP BY placement
  II 7033904, Wrong results when executing an analytic query
  7029239, Procob RETURNING clause only gets one row
  II 7028779, Adding a DATE column to a table with a DEFAULT SYSDATE can return junk values
  I 7023781, SDO_GEOM.SDO_BUFFER gives 2D output for 3D input
  I 7022982, Wrong results from pushed join predicate
  II 7007924, Wrong results using bitmap index
  III 7000281, Difference in FORALL statement behaviour in 11g
  6996094 Wrong Data on AWR Report in “Top SQL BY Sharable Memory” and “Top SQL By Version Count”
  II 6994490, Multibyte characters garbled in V$SESSION client information
  6977990,, JDBC timestamp value incorrect during DST overlap
  II 6972343,, Wrong results with push predicate and cost based transformation
  6969498,, Wrong results from index join
  II 6965540, Wrong Results/ora-904 ora-2063 with Hash or Merge Join of remote tables
  II 6962762, DG4MSQL nonsense data casting NCHAR / NVARCHAR to CHAR/VARCHAR
  II 6957795 PLSQL identifier wrongly resolves to PUBLIC synonym rather than local object
  III 6957408 Wrong results (NULL binds) in Pro* clients if cursor originally used for DML RETURNING
  6956194, Wrong results from SDO_GEOM.RELATE when comparing geodetic point and polygon
  II 6944036, OCI program retrieves wrong error code after failover
  6936964, SDO_GEOM.VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT() returns wrong result
  I 6922763,, wrong results with soundex
  6913090, Wrong results from user defined aggregates
  6905846, SDO_GEOM.INTERSECTION generates wrong result when one geometry is an MBR
  II 6901061,, Wrong result from merged outer join view
  II 6894671,, Join Elimination causes Wrong results, prevents JPPD
  6889743, Scrollable ResultSet returns truncated data
  II 6874522,, V$DATAGUARD_STATS . VALUE may be NULL in logical standby
  6868399,, JDBC TIMEZONETAB.getOffset() returns wrong GMT offset
  6857342, Wrong result (no rows) from GROUPING SET query
  II 6849089 Incorrect time statistics values (very high) may be seen
  I 6845838, Wrong data returned for ANYDATA
  6844866,, Intermittent wrong value of RESTART_TIME in V$LOGSTDBY_PROGRESS
  I 6841549, Index-only NLJ with ORDER BY can return unorder rows
  I 6840911, Wrongs results from WINDOW NOSORT in execution plan
  6833602,, Wrong results with BITMAP OR
  6830451,, Wrong results unnesting correlated count subquery and multicolumn expression
  I 6829321, “table of date not null” in with “bulk collect” allows NULLs in the collection
  I 6825866,,, Wrong result with TABLE() expression
  I 6809176, Wrong results from Index FFS with INTERVAL partitioning
  III 6805573 Wrong Results / Assorted dumps with FBI/virtual columns
  II 6793044 Wrong Results in hierarchical query with a subquery in PRIOR clause
  I 6785547, Wrong results/dump:lnxmin from CONNECT BY with inline view involving ROWNUM
  6780413, Wrong results from predicate push with model SQL
  I 6778556, Wrong results or suboptimal plan with FUNCTION BASED index on TRUNC(DATE_COLUMN)
  I 6768114, Problems with INTEGER / INT / SMALLINT scale / precision
  6758976 JDBC Thin query on a view/synonym re-orders data columns
  II 6756089,, Floating point numbers in OBJECTs can loose precision > 5
  6749302,, JDBC timestamp values incorrect around DST changeover
  6739591,, Wrong results from OUTER JOIN, VIEW, GROUP BY and predicate move around
  I 6737794,, DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR.SELECTNODES truncates list when selecting > 64k nodes
  III 6725855, Dump / wrong results from piecewise fetch over a database link
  I 6720194,, Wrong results from SQL with semijoin and complex view merging
  6718755, Wrong results from OUTER JOIN or ANTI JOIN with DECODE()
  II 6714608,,, Wrong results with star transformation and parallel query
  I 6712797, Wrong Results with Sort-Merge Join on remote objects.
  6712066,, Wrong result from internal copy of certain NLS characters
  6708377 OJVM Version 7 Timezone changes
  6707916,, Wrong results from join elimination
  6703563,, Wrong MV data after fast refresh of ROWID based materialized view
  6701627 SDO_GEOM.RELATE returns unexpected results for SRID 8265
  I 6697902, Wrong results from TRANSLATE with duplicate characters in second argument
  6695139, XQuery does not handle queries based on xsd:any and xsd:anyattribute correctly
  6694515,, MIXED_CASE may return wrong results
  I 6679575,, Wrong results from CONNECT BY and WITH clause
  II 6678845,, Wrong results from “OR” query using CONCATENATE
  6677870, Missing bind value for duplicate bind in PLSQL procedure call
  6663393,, ORA-13351 on valid geometries and wrong results from SDO_ANYINTERACT
  II 6655441,, Wrong results from INLIST and NOT EXISTS
  6653652,, Wrong results from simple view merging
* II 6646613,, IOT corruption after upgrade from <= 9.2 to >= 10g
  6646504,, Wrong results from Text query with MIXED_CASE
  I 6643093,, Wrong results from CONNECT BY and WITH clause
  II 6642692,, Wrong results from LIKE operator with NLS_SORT=BINARY_CI and NLS_COMP=linguistic
  I 6617866, Wrong results from parallel query with OUTER join
  II 6598432,, ORA-1466 from read-only transaction when client / server in different timezones
  6597500,, Wrong results from CHAR column comparison to constants longer than the column
  II 6594459,, Wrong results from V$SYSMETRIC for PGA statistics
  6531916, Wrong Results with DISTINCT, ORDER BY inside WITH clauses
  II 6513376, wrong results using like operator on clob
  6513060,, Wrong results from UNION view with filter against CHAR columns
  6510788, Wrong results from LIKE with certain NLS_SORT settings
  6506617,,, Wrong results from STAR transformation with extended pruning
  6501817, No rows from DBA_SOURCE_TABLES with CDC
  II 6494745,, Wrong results with object types in PLSQL
  I 6493468, V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS . RECOVERY_MODE shows wrong value
  6472131, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL returns wrong DDL for CREATE of dictionary managed TEMPORARY tablespace
  III 6458801,, REPLACE on a CLOB can corrupt multibyte data
  II 6445329,, Wrong results from DBMS_XMLGEN.getXml() with NULLs in input
  6440088, DBMS_SESSION.IS_SESSION_ALIVE does not work properly in RAC – superseded
  6439315, Two byte null terminator missing for SQLT_AVC SQLCS_NCHAR define
  6430718,, Wrong information in DBA_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS
  6429113, Wrong Results/Suboptimal plan for CONNECT BY and START WITH subquery
  II 6405967,, Wrong (duplicate) results from view with incorrelated subquery (any, in)
  III 6404058,, OERI:12700 OERI:kdsgrp1 OERI:qertbFetchByRowID wrong results from CR rollback of split index leaf
  II 6400979, Wrong results/suboptimal execution plan for distributed DML with binds when charactersets are different between DBs
  II 6400373,, Wrong result from DBMS_XMLGEN.CONVERT with multibyte input
  6398252,, CHAR columns from HS source not correctly blank padded if NLS translated
  6351293,, SQL may execute in wrong schema when using database links
  6346115, Wrong results from Text query with double underscore wildcard query
  II 6344497, CASE expression may produce unexpected error / wrong results
  6336914,, DBMS_SCHEDULER.GET_SYS_TIME_ZONE_NAME returns NULL for GMT time zone
  6333108,, Wrong results (duplicates) from CONNECT BY query
  II 6316993,, Wrong results / dump (qernsRowP) from join back elimination of 1 row table
  II 6268409,,, ORA-29275 error when querying the sql_redo/undo columns of V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS
  6266023,, V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS reports false “destination has a gap” for disabled redo thread
  6234632 GET_GEOMETRY function does not return correct geometry
  6214869,, Dynamically invoked PLSQL calls from AQ looses package globals
  6213952, fn:deep-equal() XQuery returns wrong result
  I 6207959,, DBA_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS shows view as not updatable when TDE enabled
  6195148, TO_MULTI_BYTE(‘-‘) maps to wrong display width in UTF8 / AL32UTF8
  II 6183577,, OERI[15851] / wrong results / error from UPDATE involving views and subqueries
  I 6168297,, ORA-12899 from OCIDirPathColArrayToStream with UTF8
  III 6157713, Wrong result from ORA_ROWSCN
  6156762,, OCCI fractional seconds portion can be wrong
  III 6151936 SYS.XMLTYPE constructor function corrupts data
  6142534,, OCCI getObject() fails to fetch null using isNull() from object with VARRAY
  6140175,, Wrong results from REGEXP_LIKE
  6139946,, Wrong results from TIMESTAMP with TIMEZONE arithmetic in PLSQL
  II 6131467,, Wrong result when function based index created with SUBSTR
C IIII 6085625,, Wrong child cursor may be executed which has mismatching bind information
  6075708, Wrong result from SDO_GEOM.RELATE
  6070548,, Dump (qertbGetPartitionNumber) / wrong results from bitmap access to IOT
  6067804,, ORA-910 not signaled when pipelined function tries to return > 4000 byte varchar2
  6057069,, Wrong results possible when the columns are encrypted
  6053186, No error from XMLType.schemaValidate() when date format is wrong
  6044340, Wrong results from outer join with multi-column inlist
  6038461,, Wrong results from SQL with UNION and a fast DUAL subquery
  6038442,, Wrong results from the SDO_GEOM.sdo_intersection() function
  6035934,, Wrong results from CAST which truncates its operand
  6023549, Wrong results from GROUP BY of inline views
  II 6017760,, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL does not show changed datafile attributes
  III 6016633, Timezone problems in AQ (ENQ_TIME wrong)
  II 6005996,, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL generates incorrect DDL with UNUSED columns
  6000704, Wrong result returned by sdo_sam.simplify_geometry()
  5988345, Update policy applied to more tables than is should for SELECT for UPDATE
  5981212, Wrong results (SORT ORDER BY STOPKEY pushed below a FILTER) in PQ
  5964258, Wrong result from Extract / extractValue / existsNode for non schema based instances in schema based tables
  5951099,, Wrong data in materialized view with concurrent insert to master table
  5947231,, Wrong results from parallel STAR query (with temp_disable)
  II 5936366,, Wrong results / dump from query on view with Scalar Subquery in SELECT list – superseded
  5923491, ALL_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS shows view is not updatable when it is
  II 5897486, Wrong results / OERI from CONNECT BY with function based index
  5889927, Wrong results from view with un-correlated subqueries
  5867227,, Wrong results from Text attribute search with auto_section_group in unicode DB
  5852363,, V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS.SSN may be wrong for some INSERT operations
  I 5844000, Corrupt output from XMLElement with inner select
  I 5843316, Wrong results with index join and function-based index
  II 5767661,, Wrong results with function based index
  5764402, JDBC TIMESTAMPTZ problems with milliseconds
  I 5763576,, Wrong results from XMLForest()
  5739162,, Wrong result when SUBSTR is used in functional index
  5667658, Wrong results / errors from flashback to SCN before segment shrink (affects MViews)
  5663600,, TRUNC() / ROUND() can return non zero eighth byte for ISO year formats
  5649579 CAST ‘as date’ of TIMESTAMP rounds in SQL, truncates in PLSQL
  5638367, Incorrect sorting of symbols “TEL” in GENERIC_M
  5558578,, V$LOGSTDBY_PROGRESS.LATEST_TIME varies across RAC instances
  I 5552232,, Wrong results usign ROWNUM with parallel queryexecution
  5522793,, Wrong results when function based index which returns NCHAR is used
  5475051 Wrong Results with Nested tables
  5437593, Millisecond value not present using TIMESTAMPTZ.dateValue()
  5352573, Wrong results from XQuery fn:empty() and fn:exists() including fn:doc()
  5245140,, REGEXP_LIKE fails to match pattern string with braced options
  5181831 wrong results from Anti/Semi Join with DECODE operator
  5092655 Wrong Results from Queries using SQL functions that may return NULL in predicates
  I 5031632,, Wrong results from NATURAL JOIN
  4991474, Codepoints 0x80 – 0x9f missing from some ISO 8859 character sets
  II 2883037, DBA_CONSTRAINST shows “?” (question mark)
  II 6772911, OERI[12700] OERI[qertbFetchByRowID] OERI[kdsgrp1] due to bad CR rollback of INDEX block
  III 8479537,, Wrong child cursor with mismatching binds executed
  7296258, Intermittent Wrong results from literal replacement and remote objects
  7238867 Wrong Results with null aware join and subquery unnesting
  7211086 NULL value on LOCATION column on v$mutex_sleep_history and V$MUTEX_SLEEP_HISTORY
  I 7001990, Wrong result (null column) on ansi outer join query and index access
  II 6917874,, Wrong results from multi level push of join predicates
  I 6741332, Wrong results from GROUP BY SORT / SORT AGGREGATE operation
  6679567, DBA_INDEXES.GLOBAL_STATS is “NO” when gather auto stats for partitioned index
  6634836, Wrong results with view merge and Anti/Semi Join with an aggregate
  II 6525496, Wrong results (no rows) / OERI from index join operations on functional index
  I 6520370, Wrong results from query rewrite when CBO chooses not to use the rewritten query
  6400795, Wrong results from view merging
  II 6369463, Wrong results when using the ORA_ROWSCN pseudocolumn – superceded
  6354678, Wrong results from FIRST ROW MIN / MAX optimization on secondary IOT index
  6327692,, Wrong results from parallel query
  6321800, OERI[qctcte1] from merge of view
  6208793, Wrong result from isBeforeFirst() in JDBC Thin
  II 6163785, Intermittent Wrong Results with dblink and cursor_sharing
  I 6145570, Wrong results / OERI from LIKE with join predicate pushdown
  II 6122097, Wrong Results/Dump [evaopn2] with function based index present
  6119884, Wrong results with query with OR operator with OR expansion
  6084197, CHAR data truncated to 2k by JDBC client
  I 6060280, Wrong results UNION ALL and database link
  6051782, Wrong results using GROUPING SETS with ORDER BY and DISTINCT
  6029071, Wrong results from distributed SQL with OUTER joins
  6027858, Wrong results from SDO_RELATE
  I 5924739, UTL_HTTP requests do not handle redirects properly
  III 5880921, Time inconsistency between V$SYSMETRIC_HISTORY and SYSDATE
  5708633, Wrong results / dump [ldxite] from materialized WITH clause
  I 5622851, Wrong results from CONNECT BY with GROUPING SETS
  5609480, getUpdateCount returns wrong values with batching
  II 5475037, Feature usage statistics incorrectly show ‘Advanced Security’ to be used.
  5439720, VPD cursors not invalidated when static RLS policy function changed
  II 5131180, Wrong NLS settings after query table with DATE related constraints / function based index
  II 4538727, Applied column is not updated in V$ARCHIVED_LOG
  II 7189447, Wrong results when view merging applied to query
  II 7154415 Wrong results from CAST() operator
* I 6650093 Wrong results for Text queries using DISABLE STORAGE IN ROW for $I table
  6038412 OCI7 clients using “CALL” SQL may execute wrong shared cursor
  5599607 FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE returns wrong line number for exceptions inside loop
  II 6368099, Wrong results with range predicates on list partitioned tables with default partition
  I 6192202, Wrong results from subquery unnesting and functions
C 6155146, Wrong results from query rewrite with pushed predicate
  5400635 Wrong Results with Parallel, Null Aware Right Anti Join and Aggregates
+ I 6696453 Wrong bind values with CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME=true and dynamic SQL
  I 10180402   V$XML_AUDIT_TRAIL returns no records after upgrade to
  8202234   Intermittent Wrong Results with dblink and cursor_sharing
  6113507   Version 6 TIMEZONE files
  I 5075334   Wrong results when Temp Table queries in PLSQL function executed in parallel
  I 10027403 Truncate / drop / Index rebuild can cause wrong results in concurrent SELECT in 10g – superseded
  9927522 RMAN ‘list datafilecopy’ all returns multiple rows for the same datafilecopy
  I 6236198 Empty messages at OJMS client
  I 6193398, Wrong results with parallel query with temporary tables inside views
  II 6145687,, Wrong (invalid) values of ORA_ROWSCN in a query for table with ROWDEPENDENCIES enabled
  6143047, DBTIMEZONE can reset to 00:00
  6122785, Inconsistent results / errors from fuzzy parallel CONTAINS query
  I 6117290, Wrong Results with anti join and SUBSTR
  6114833, Logminer does not signal error if log unavailable in continuous_mine
  6084512, DBA_UNDO_EXTENTS shows dropped undo segments
  6083292, Wrong results from join predicate pushdown
  6075522, Wrong results from query using ORA_ROWSCN on top of a view
  II 6070877, Wrong Results on RAC with Parallel Query with Hash Distribution and Bloom Filter
  6055668, Wrong results from SDO_RELATE
  6052166, V$STREAMS_CAPTURE ‘total_messages_created’ >’total_message_captured’
  6050882, Wrong results from ANSI outer join with fix for bug 4967068 or 5864217
+ III 6044413, Intermittent wrong results when table prefetch occurs
  6041535, Wrong results when predicate pushed into union-all branches
  6027610, Wrong results from CONNECT BY query
  6016075, Wrong Results for query with correlated subquery and predicate pull up
  5985594, Wrong (empty) result set for queries using “OR”
  5985257, Wrong results from UTL_I18N.TRANSLITERATE using ‘hwkatakana_fwkatakana’
  5970288, OCCI isNull() on object column always returns false even when object is null
  II 5967861, Bitmap index corruption from INSERT with DML error logging
  II 5963973 X Query dumps or gets wrong results according to the document order in XMLTable
  I 5961654, ldiinterfromtz returns wrong offset during DST fallback
  5938452, VPD does not work when a CURSOR expression is used against a synonym
  5932203, Wrong result when comparing same column with values of different datatypes
  5921386, Wrong result doing view merging and outer join
  5911891, Wrong results with timestamp binds in PLSQL
  II 5910650,, Dump / Wrong Results joining encrypted columns
  5906937, Wrong result using ROW_NUMBER in SQL using a WITH query block
  II 5903581, Wrong Results with “Connect By with Filtering”
  5903293, Wrong Results for Parallel Query using Group By or Distinct or has correlation
  II 5893779, Intermittent wrong results when table prefetch occurs – superceded fix
  5888733, Wrong results from V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS referencing AUDIT_SESSIONID
  5885079, Incorrect output from INTERVALDS.stringValue() for negative intervals
  5882821, Wrong results with multi-column in-list / OR predicates against LIST partitioned table
  5882372, Wrong results from CONNECT BY
  5879627, Wrong results with ROWNUM restriction
  5872956, Slow or Wrong Results on CONNECT BY queries with constant predicates
  5870781, DBMS_LOB.INSTR() function does not find patterns across the 4gig boundary
  5865842, DBA_REGISTERED_ARCHIVED_LOG.DICTIONARY_END contains extra space for ‘NO’ value
  5862057, Oracle JVM incorrectly returns true for “x instanceof object[]” when “x” is a class
  5847521, Hierarchical (CONNECT BY) query on IOT returns wrong results
  II 5846205, PLSQL collection method exists() can return true instead of false
  5840592, SDO_LRS.OFFSET_GEOM_SEGMENT returns null values
  II 5837795, Wrong results / OERI from cost based CONNECT BY
  II 5766718, Wrong Results with Bloom Filter Created on Partition and Used on Non-Partition tables.
  5763538, Wrong results / dump with object type column in SQL
  5762846, wrong results from filter push down with non-deterministic function
  II 5759075, Wrong results from PQ with HASH on ANSI CHAR join
  5731952, MERGE statement does not insert rows if source is a (inline) view with parallel
  5731567, XQuery with date comparison may core dump or give wrong results
  5725761, Objects with debug privilege are not shown in the ALL_OBJECTS view
  5718815, Wrong result with NLS settings and inline view
  5708897, Wrong results from ROWNUM with semi/anti join
  5700725, Query of measure DIM with constant source returns wrong numbers in OLAP
  5698193, Wrong Results when using TRIM on check constraints or function based indexes.
  5694101, OCI piecewise operation returns wrong piece length for long / long varchar data
  5693291, PLSQL optimizer incorrectly optimizes common subexpressions
  5690241, Dump / wrong results from OR predicate on partition columns
+ II 5686711, Wrong cursor may be executed if schemas have objects with same names
  5682441, Wrong Results (no rows) joining views with predicates using PLSQL functions
  II 5672041, Wrong information returned by DBMS_METADATA
  5650372, Wrong results / OERI[kkpapdrmfkk1] from predicate elimination on partitioned table
  5642214, Wrong results / ORA-1427 from scalar subquery in SELECT list with complex view merging
  5638080, Wrong sort order using window functions
  II 5637147, Wrong Results from TRUNC of a timestamp in PL/SQL
  II 5632264, Version 4 TIMEZONE files
  5632192, Wrong Results with Max/Min in subquery/view
  5631223, Wrong results from progressive relaxation when table is partitioned
  5621677, Logical corruption with PARALLEL update
  5608992, Wrong results from filter push with OUTER join
  5604940, Wrong results from a join and extended partition naming
  5600425, wrong results from select on external table
  II 5596325, Text query gives wrong results or fails with ORA-1410 ORA-29903
  5592012, Wrong results with INLIST and UNION/UNION ALL
  I 5590396, Dump or Wrong Results with ANSI JOINS and CONNECT BY
  I 5590163, Message dequeued more than once from single consumer queue
  5585187, Wrong Results doing MERGE JOIN with a correlated subquery on the right side
  5580871, AQ bytes message <= 2000 bytes incompatible between PLSQL and Java
  I 5576013, Wrong results (no rows) with partition pruning [PARTITION LIST ALL (LAST)]
  II 5574966, Dump (evaopn2) or Wrong Results with views and function-based index
  II 5573425, Wrong results from subquery unnesting with complex view merge
  5571916, wrong (duplicate) values with parallel and STAR (missing “PX block iterator”)
  5569805, XMLelement query using outer join returns wrong results
  5568316, Wrong results from star transformation
  5556025, Wrong Results from partition pruning and ORs
  II 5552515, Incorrect V$SGASTAT information for “ktcmvcb”
+ I 5550824, Select SYSDATE over a database link increments SYSDATE
  I 5549410, Inconsistent characters read returned from OCILobRead
  II 5545735, Wrong values for V$SYSSTAT “open cursors current”
  I 5533982, Updated columns set to null show old not-null values in change table using async CDC
  5531784, V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS CSF may be wrong
  5527727, Show parameter UTL_FILE_DIR may not show the parameter value
  I 5527479 Wrong values binding BigDecimal with JDK 1.5
  5526851, Wrong Results (missing rows) on CONNECT BY when using function-based index
  II 5524408, Wrong result when query has 256+ bind variables on partitioning column
  5512782, SDO_TOPO_MAP.add_point_geometry – edge should split, but does not
  5512415, Wrong result from star transformation with EXISTS subquery
  II 5509707 Intermittent wrong results using prefetch – superceded fix
  5507887, Wrong results for CONNECT BY using CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF
  5507634, SDO_RELATE returns wrong results
  5497168, Wrong results isolation_level=serializable and WITH clause
  5494008, Wrong results from LIKE in multibyte when NLS_COMP=linguistic and NLS_SORT=binary_ci(ai)
  5490816, Wrong result for nested query with PLSQL functions
  5490501, Wrong Results with COALESCE or NVL2 on aggregations inside subqueries
  5488790, Wrong results from Parallel Query
  I 5487686, Wrong results from CONNECT BY query
  5483284, PLSQL 10g/11g interoperability problem with binary_float / binary_double literals / constants
  5481765 Wrong results (missing column data) on Parallel CTAS using sequences
  5481520, Wrong results with ROWNUM and bind peeking with fix for bug 4513695
  5468695, TIMESTAMPTZ wrong near daylight switch
  5464341 Wrong results with NLS settings and GROUP BY ROLLUP, CUBE, or GROUPING SET
  5462687, CHECK constraint can cause wrong results
  5456354, Text query on XML data can return wrong results due to XML attribute size limit
  5455093, Wrong results from PQ with hash distribution with fixed CHAR join keys
  5452234, V$LIBRARYCACHE “gets” accounted wrong
  5437445, Incorrect username displayed from logminer adhoc query when auditing is on
  5417281, oracle.sql.DATE looses a year when constructed from BC Timestamp
  5415881, Wrong sort order returned by query
  I 5403855, Wrong result with sql_trace = true when prefetch is active
  5403791, Wrong results for query with ROWNUM and ORDER BY
  5401876, wrong results when optimizer uses “BITMAP CONVERSION” over “BITMAP OR”
  I 5397482, Wrong results from Star transformation with transitive join predicate
  II 5395270, OERI[qctcte1] / dump / wrong results from view merging
  II 5394728, Errors / wrong results running SQL in PLSQL from old front end (eg Forms)
  5394465, Inconsistent query scoring from local text index
  5390907, Wrong results if function-based index (Including DESC) are present and OFE<10.2
+ I 5383936, Wrong results from Parallel Query with OUTER join and HASH join
  II 5381446, Wrong results / dump from STAR transformation with INDEX join
  5377092, Wrong results from FAST FULL SCAN of an index on a CASE expression
  5376015, Wrong results with hash semijoin when build rows do not fit in memory/Spill to disk
  5375259, Wrong results from SDO_RELATE
  5370626, Wrong results (more rows) on a parallel query over one partition with anti/semi join NL.
  II 5368945, ORA-600 [kdsgrp1] on Index Organized Table with Overflow
  5367514, Wrong number of exceptions returned executing a bulk insert
  5364359, Wrong results from PLSQL VARCHAR2 conversion to NVARCHAR2 if National Characterset is AL16UTF16
  5355191, Wrong Results for UPDATE or DELETE using a subquery with a UNION ALL view
  5350076, Anydata and timestamp can loose precision
  5348010, Wrong results using ROWNUM < # and optimizer uses bitmap conversion count
  II 5346187, Wrong Results/ORA-01719 not signaled with outer and inner joins
  5345571, Wrong results with UNION and a subquery
  III 5345437, Intermittent wrong data / NLS errors (eg ORA-1801)
  5333814, OraSimpleDateFormat::parse on date with “pm” incorrectly becomes “am”
  I 5327132, Wrong results from colocated OUTER join over DBLINK with TO_DATE
  III 5302124, Join Predicates are not push inside window functions — superceeded fix
  5299237, Inconsistent results from v$logmnr_contents with committed_data_only
  5298826, Wrong results from SQL using DETERMINISTIC function/s
  5286826, Wrong results from complex view merge with windowing
  5276400, Wrong results with query rewrite
  I 5262526, Wrong result from INSTR / LIKE with NLS_SORT=GENERIC_M and NLS_COMP=LINGUISTIC
  5259741, DBMS_XMLGEN.CONVERT trims output for multibyte database
  5258521, OERI[kkpapDimToLevel1] from parallel query with partitioned tables
  5256848, Corrupt results changing fetch size in JDBC
  I 5253271, Wrong sort ordering for zeroes
  I 5252496, Wrong result when using a LIKE predicate with NLS_COMP = LINGUISTIC
  5247178, Wrong SDO_INTERSECTION respective SDO_AREA results depending on tolerance
  5245038, Wrong results with query against a list partitioned table with null partition key
  5236881, Wrong Results (More rows) with a CONCATENATE of ANTI joins
  5228983, Wrong results from SQL with correlation on partition key
  I 5208177, NLSSORT may return NULL for large non-null value
  5205394, Corrupt XML element data converting to generalized object
  5199213, Very bad plan for UNION ALL and push constant predicate / Wrong Results
  5197305, NON_SCHEMA_DDL option skip() setting causes type bodys to be skipped
  5191781, CONNECT BY query returns rows in different order
  5190543, Wrong timestamp from oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPLTZ near daylight savings transition
  II 5188321, wrong results (no rows) OR ORA-1445 from ANSI outer join
  5186458, Point-cluster notation gives wrong results for SDO_GEOM.WITHIN_DISTANCE
  5182679, INSERT as remote SELECT using CASE can produce wrong data
  5181547, Index corruption after insert-only merge /*+ append */ or PDML into table
  II 5179313, INSERT /*append parallel*/ can corrupt an index
  I 5172444, Wrong Results/OERI[15160] on complex query with joinback elimination
  5169712, Wrong results with star transformation , rownum and semijoin
  5169684, Wrong results (all rows no filtering) when rewrite enabled on a view
  5162768, Wrong results using more than one OLS policy on a table
  5162069, Wrong results from XMLAgg with GROUP BY
  II 5161523, Wrong results / slow Parallel query due to data skew on multi-key table queues
  I 5161005, oracle.sql.NUMBER(BigDecimal) gives wrong value
  5152407, CHANGEFORMATCOPY returns wrong result when only compression ratio is changed
+ 5146740, Wrong results with bind variables/CURSOR_SHARING
  5140532, wrong results from PQ with hash distribution with fixed CHAR join keys
  5139447 Wrong Results NLS Settings and MIN/MAX index access
  5130670, Wrong results with CURSOR query on complex view with collection objects
  5126270, Version 3 TIMEZONE check script (utltzuv2.sql)
  I 5120476, No blank padding with multibyte charset if no character set conversion
  5119354, OERI from CONNECT BY and correlated START WITH columns
+ 5115882, Wrong returned value from UPDATE .. RETURNING with before ROW trigger
  5110062, Wrong results from INSTR for CLOB for multibyte charactersets
  5109792, Wrong Results using Query Rewrite On a Materialized View over Partition Table
  5109749, Wrong results / ORA-1428 from SQL using functional index with subquery unnesting
  5104579, Flashback query results on RAC inconsistent
  5100463 Browse dequeue returns duplicate messages
  II 5097836, Wrong results / OERI:15818 from parallel query with range TQ
  5096921, Wrong results returned when using Log Miner SCN range
  5094204, Wrong results from SORT-MERGE with UNUSABLE index
+ 5092688, Wrong results if function based index exists
  5089814, Wrong results “col(+) = NULL” with an OUTER JOIN
  5087155, DBA_DATA_FILES and V$DATAFILE views do not show all files
  II 5083393, DBA_FREE_SPACE FILE_ID / REL_FNO may be wrong
  5068565, Wrong results from pipelined table funciton with prefetch enabled (default)
  III 5059447, Wrong Results/False ORA-979 with scalar subquery and complex view merging
  5055892, Wrong results from NVL with analytic function in HAVING clause
  5049938, Wrong result order from query with ORDER BY of COUNT(col)
  5045849, TIMESTAMP value incorrect when retrieved using getTimestamp with Calendar object
  5040555, DBMS_SPACE.OBJECT_GROWTH_TREND output is not correct
  5035058, V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS.MineValue may not show an UNDO value
  5021304, V$PARAMETER view of AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL looses all characters after a “.”
  III 5017909, V$SQL / V$SQLAREA.SQL_FULLTEXT corrupt for multibyte
  I 5015439 UTL_MAIL removes dots in mail body
  I 5010879, V$SESSION slow and does not show any BLOCKING_SESSION column data
  II 5010130 LPAD/RPAD behavior not consistent for ambiguous display width characters
  5009280, Scrolling cursors do not work when on XA connection in Pro
  5008804, Wrong values on “parse count (total)” if system has “parse count (failures)”
  I 4996080, Wrong results from remote outer join and ORs
  4962578, SELECT returns wrong results when not all columns are defined
  4960265, Wrong results using BLOOM filter in internode PQ
C I 4954651, Wrong Results / Dumps from view with select list subquery
  4950942,, Wrong describe information for VIEW over a NUMBER datatype with FLOAT
  I 4949257, Unnested subquery returns wrong result
  I 4932843, Wrong results from full outer join with TABLE() function
  4928321, Pickle of opaque type results in bad image size
  4925189, CTXCAT query may return wrong result when using multi-colum index
+ 4925103,, Wrong results using MAX() on column containing NULLs
  4918154, Client memory corruption / wrong results from SQLT_AVC / Pro “unsafe_null = yes”
  4916783, Wrong results/Missing predicates from query using INLIST w/FUNCTION BASED index
  4915735, getProcedures() returns duplicate rows
  4914281,, TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE values before 1800 corrupted
  4914205, Query/update using bind variable with existsnode returns the same row
  4905638, Wrong results / errors in session that opens the database for certain NCHAR characterset
  I 4904743, ALTER SESSION SET NLS% does not work if OCI_PARSE_ONLY used
  4904454, Wrong results from queries using remote colocated joins
  4902697, Memory leak / wrong data using LOBs in PLSQL
  4901291, Wrong results with left outer joins on view with a function
  4898580, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DEPENDENT_DDL does not show comments on materialized view columns correctly
  4892567, DBMS_XMLPARSER does not validate XML document against a DTD correctly
  4891464, NCHAR literal binds parsed incorrectly in JDBC
  4889301, Regular expressions on CLOBS fails if destination CLOB = input CLOB
  4888264,, Wrong results from select on partitioned table with NULL in multicolumn inlist
  II 4883635, MERGE (with DELETE) can produce wrong results or Logical corruption in chained rows
D I 4874013, INTEGER may show SCALE as -127
  4872783, No space-pad in comparing with concatinated variables
  4871892, Wrong results from “left outer join” with TABLE() expressions
  4865959, Wrong results / exception from Java Stored Procedure accessing data over DBLINK
  4776636,, Wrong value for TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE when NLS_CALENDAR set
  I 4771672, DBA_SEGMENTS.BLOCKS wrong after parallel create index
  4770292,, Wrong results from CONNECT BY query on IOT with secondary index/es
  4769762, Wrong results from base-uri() and docuemnt-uri() handling doc() and collection()
  4745776, Incomplete results for spatial query
  I 4743582, Intermittent wrong results from TABLE SCAN with COL1 relop COL2 predicate
  4742014, Wrong result from SDO_INTERSECTION
  II 4741394, OERI [12406]/Wrong Results from CONNECT BY query
  4727401, LogMiner zeroes out fractional seconds on timestamp columns
  4725022,, Wrong results from a function call using a CONCAT of a NULL
  4722589, Wrong results joining two active catalog OLAP table function views
  4717546, Wrong results / poor plan when function based index exists
  I 4715572, Wrong results / errors from select from external table with FIXED recordsize
  4715104, ORA-22835 / truncated data from USER/ALL/DBA_EXTERNAL_TABLES
  4707623, SDO_INTERSECTION returns wrong results for different tolerances
  4704779, Incorrect histogram type shown (frequency/height-balanced)
  I 4704594, CAST NULL / TO_DATE(NULL) in a SELECT can return incorrect column size
  4703253,, Wrong results from remote colocated join
  4699961 Write XML to a CLOB can produce wrong content or ORA-600
  4694156, TIMESTAMP column in DBA_TAB_MODIFICATIONS not updated
  4692059, Wrong results from SQL with subquery with multi-column correlation predicate
  I 4689959, Version 3 TIMEZONE files
  4685811, V$FILESPACE_USAGE.USED_SPACE wrong when rollback segments have been shrunk
  4679879, ls/dir does show file information correctly on XDB FTP if NLS_LANGUAGE=JAPANESE
  4671605 Wrong results from DBMS_XMLDOM.geElementsByTagName()
  4668012, Wrong results from IS_ALTER_COLUMN / IS_DROP_COLUMN for partition operations
  4653063, Wrong results from OUTER join over HS
  4644351,, OERI[15819] / wrong results from parallel select
  4638698, JDBC getDate returns wrong value for a specific dates
  4638391, Wrong output from concat of XSL variable or attributes with normal strings
  4629856,, Wrong results selecting a LONG and a NULL over HS
  II 4629844, Dump / wrong results from query with CHECK constraint
  II 4626732, Wrong Results/OERI [evapls1] / dumps from predicate pullup
  4625102, Wrong results using ANSI join when NL join is performed
  4622729, Wrong results from NOT IN subquery
  I 4621590, Wrong result (NULL) from function based index with OUTER join
  I 4619731, PLSQL may see wrong (old) value for a package variable
  4616093, Wrong results from dattime expressions with a timezone
  4615091, Wrong result using bitmap index on partition table with INLIST
  4610323,, Wrong node order accessing SCHEMA BASED XML via HTTP
  4607533, Wrong results from SDO_INTERSECTION
+ III 4604970, Wrong results with ‘hash group by’ aggregation enabled
  4596532, Wrong results from V$XML_AUDIT_TRAIL
  4582764, Wrong results from ANSI OUTER join with inline view
  I 4580690, JDBC returns wrong date from a TIMESTAMPTZ column
  4580399, ORA-942 from “&apos;” in text node with DBMS_XMLSTORE.INSERTXML()
  4571772 Wrong error or no error from validate of invalid geometry
  4568043, XMLDOM.SUBSTRINGDATA dump / wrong result for offset >= 4000
  4552696, DBMS_Scheduler is suppressing no_data_found exceptions in jobs
  4544420 Wrong results from WINDOW clause on date/time range
  4517470,, Table corruption with RAC when ASSM managed and truncate used
  I 4507743, ORA-6502 is not raised for number precision overflow in PLSQL
  I 4502270, OERI [pxtmpalo_pkey] / wrong results can occur executing parallel queries
  4496211,, Wrong results after fast refresh of a partitioned materialized view
  4493256,,, Wrong result possible from complex view merging of ALL/ANY/[NOT]IN subquery
  4486132,, Query using function based index gives wrong results
  4483414,, WITHIN-DISTANCE may miss rows following an uncommitted INSERT
  4475125, Wrong results with join of FULL INDEX SCAN (MIN/MAX) with bitmap index
  4472437, Used percent metrics for SYSTEM tablespace not updated when locally managed
  4466869,,, ORA-14403 from bulk PLSQL operations after truncate operation/Duplicate Rows Inserted
  4459574, FLASHBACK_TRANSACTION_QUERY shows multi row INSERT as SELECT as only one row
  4459467,, Formatting “0” returns incorrect value if format mask does not have any decimal
  4456928, OCIStmtExecute behaves wrong when using OCI_BATCH_ERRORS and then OCI_DEFAULT
  4455919,, Wrong results on query with event 19027 set
  4451506, Wrong results from SQL using TABLE() constructs
  I 4440589, Wrong Results with check constraints and binds
  4437864, getcellcoordinate returns wrong result if the input coordinate is in cell space
  4428043 ScrollableResultSet.getObject() returns Timestamp for Date column
  4424952, extractValue returns wrong result
  I 4407269, Wrong result with nested loop parallel query with ROWNUM pushdown
  4405471,, SDO_GEOM.SDO_INTERSECTION returns NULL on geometries that intersect
  4402808, Parallel refresh of MVIEW with GROUPING SETS can give bad MVIEW data
  4390125,,, JDBC update count is wrong with batching
  I 4384027, V$DATABASE DATABASE_ROLE may show “logical standby” for a physical standby
  4383610,, application info attributes are not translated correctly in utf16 environment
  4382240 V$ASM_FILE REDUNDANCY_LOWERED column does not get updated correctly
  4376021, Wrong results from INLIST involving function based index
  4375458,, OCCI isNull() returns false for null object returned from procedure
  4375405,, PLSQL may assign wrong variable value
  4372359, Wrong results from temp table star transformation
  4369526, Wrong Results on query with no WHERE clause
  4360941,,, Column contents not displayed if HS query contains explict NULL
  4346448, NLS_COMP = ANSI gives wrong results comparing CHAR with VARCHAR2
+ 4333548, Wrong results from SELECT which use 10g row shipping
  4319031, Wrong header_status in V$ASM_DISK when disk is offline
  4318081, extract query does not extract all nodes if the number of nodes exceeds 64k
  4308710,,, Wrong results from temp table star transformation
  4299008,, Extra white space in extracted XHTML attribute area
  4272872, TIMESTAMPTZ is not affected by setSessionTimeZone
  4251268,, Foldering of row from non schema based XMLType table does not show proper file size in DAV
  II 4237613, Wrong V$SGASTAT values for “ASM extent pointer array”
  4147186,,, CTX_DOC.MARKUP may produce wrong tag positions
  4044836,, ALTER SESSION to set an NLS parameter may fail silently
  4013107 Wrong results from some timezone conversions
  I 4008752 ORA-7445 or corrupt data from REVERSE() with non-character input
  3942889,, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL can output garbage characters in multibyte
  9147587 Wrong Results with Function-Based Indexes and OR-Expansion
  8830147 Wrong Results with Collections (TABLE Clause)
D II 8544722 Wrong Results with parallel and multiple Hash Joins
  II 8210889, PLSQL cursors with user binds may execute in the wrong schema (rare)
  7634610 Wrong results using character values with trailing spaces
  7415038 Wrong results with collation sensitive LIKE (NLS_COMP=LINGUISTIC)
  7237687 SDO_ANYINTERACT returns wrong results with fix for bug 7003151
  7161900 Wrong results with CAST
+ II 7155655, Intermittent Wrong Results/Plan Instability from Join Predicate Push Down (JPPD)
  6635852 Wrong results from DBA_SOURCE for type=’JAVA SOURCE’
  III 6629893 Inconsistencies in DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS / not getting tablespace alerts
  II 5895190, Wrong results from outer hash join with hash semijoin
  I 6450021 Wrong results from X$ / V$ / DBA_* views for file numbers > 32k
  6314151 ‘1/1/1988 0:0:0’ in COMMIT_TIMESTAMP$ column when CDC apply error is re-executed
  6272191 Wrong results from SDO_INSIDE on touch and disjoint
  6070096 Wrong results from SDO_RELATE
  5924763 Rows missing from V$XML_AUDIT_TRAIL
  II 5840483 ORA-937 / ORA-979 not occurring with subquery GROUP BY
  5838153 CAST operator does consider NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS
  5715742 XMLTransform() truncates output without error message
  5710143 ctx_doc.markup() highlights wrong characters
  5666374 FIFO does not occur when multiple listens are followed by dequeues
  5550614 Wrong results selecting BIGINT data from MySQL using MySQL ODBC driver
  5481650 GV$SESSION.blocking_session has incorrect value
  5175364 Data truncation / null data selecting NVARCHAR2 over TG4MSQL
P II 5010657 HPUX-Itanium: No rows from V$OSSTAT / incorrect CPU_COUNT
* II 5458753 SQL may execute in wrong schema
  5365503 Wrong results from parallel query on partitioned table with concurrent DDL
  4713210 extract() can return erroneous namespace
  II 4483951,, Wrong results from MERGE JOIN with subquery predicate on right table with ROWID
  4165079 Wrong results from attribute search with XML tag names over 64 characters long
  I 10202758   OCIDescribeAny() for non qualified object column types
  8282992   Wrong results from LIKE using _M sorts with NLS_COMP=LINGUISTIC
  5618295   CTXDOC.FILTER shows part of the text duplicated in the results
  I 6164409, V$OSSTAT shows wrong values for load data
  II 8936537 Wrong results with Function-Based Indexes,Complex View Merging and UNIQUE access
  7648741 Wrong result with update view using INSTEAD-OF trigger when ORA_ROWSCN used
  I 6953790 Wrong Results joining GV$ views
  IIII 8575528   Missing entries in V$MUTEX_SLEEP.location
  6088227, Wrong Results with with count() and IS NULL
  5893396, Wrong results possible due to invalid stored outline
  6158287 Wrong results from PQO with EXISTS subquery
  6084485 Wrong result when aggregate column selected twice with ORDER BY
C I 4871035 Disable “row shipping” by default in onwards
  4752555, Intermittent Wrong results from CONNECT BY query
  4182351,, Wrong length returns from UNION ALL in a PLSQL block
  3831798 Wrong Results with anti join and PAD or TRIM
  5527732   Wrong result from CONNECT BY over DB link
  5183129 LOB corruption after UPDATE from OCI/Pro/JDBC
+ I 4458415 Wrong results with OUTER join and NOT EXISTS / ALL subquery
  4343848,, INSTRB can return wrong result on multibyte data
  4336881, Wrong results from subquery elimination with WINDOW operations
  4331352,, Wrong results with nested tables and outer queries
  4329431,, DBMS_XMLPARSER ignores errors while parsing invalid XML document
  4306147,, Wrong number of rows returned from table in hash cluster
  4299620,, Wrong results from PQ with HASH join
  4259955,, Wrong results from subquery unnesting with COUNT() functions
  4258719,, SDO_RELATE can return wrong result with a point inside a polygone
  4247457,, No error from select which calls PLSQL function should throw ORA-1422
  4243687 Bitmap indexes not maintained for MERGE SQL
  4239969 Wrong results from GROUP BY ROLLUP()
  4234928,, Wrong results from query rewrite with anti join
  4230880,, Wrong result with parallel query and NL OUTER join
  4230236,, Wrong result with first_rows(k) for bitmap access path
  4217930, Wrong result returns HASH semi join
  4216065,, SQL query using ANSI outer join may get poor execution plan / wrong results
  4209183, Text MDATA optimize can corrupt the $I table
  4203993, SDO_MIGRATE.TO_CURRENT may produce an incorrect rotation on polygon that spans 180
  4202009, Invalid non-sequence XML data can be inserted, but not queried
  4197602, PLSQL TIMESTAMP(x) variables ignore precision (x)
  4175830 Wrong results if unnesting, anti-join and merge cartesian
  4165070,, Wrong result possible with INDEX FULL SCAN of nullable column
  4157584, Wrong results with temp table star transformation and semi join
  II 4156916,, Dump / wrong results from TO_DATE without a full date format mask
  I 4156131,, SQLSTATE errorcode wrong when RELEASE_CURSOR=YES
  4155824, Wrong result with JDBC OCI call to PLSQL procedure with IN OUT table
  4151388, V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS does not reflect correct value for APPLIED_SEQ#
  4149779, 10g Logminer does not show correct ROW_ID if log created by COMPATIBLE<10
  4149579,, Wrong result with star transformation with predicate simplification
  4148420,, Wrong results / dump with table prefetch enabled
  4143213,, Intermittent wrong results from VPD policy not based on application context
  4134227,, Selects from V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS do not work if query cancelled
  4133884, wrong results with temporary table, parallel execution and function
  4130230,, Wrong results with OR-expansion and multi-column inlist
  4121712,, SDO_INTERSECTION gives null result if linestring with circ. arcs involved
  4117122, Wrong results from MERGE JOIN CARTESIAN with subquery predicate on right
  4113354 odescr() produces truncated output on 256th column name
  4102499,, Corrupted data selecting CHAR(255) over gateway to multibyte database
  4091504,, Position of argument is reversed after revoke any procedure privileges
  4082974, SQL with view push predicate plan produces wrong results
  4073695, NLS_SORT unicode setting causes string comparison discrepancy
  4072481, Date values are incorrect using 10g JDBC
  I 4057523,, Wrong results with CASE expressions in GROUP BY / HAVING clause
  4057458,, SDO_GEOM.SDO_CONVEXHULL gives wrong results
  4047618, UTL_MAIL may encode the addr-spec in the TO/FROM/CC/BCC header fields
  4040934,, Wrong results with query rewrite when an RLS policy is involved
  4036121 Wrong results with nested subquery and ROWNUM and DISTINCT in a query
  4034746, Wrong results when using hash join with parallel execution
  4031093,, Wrong results from DISTINCT view joined to single row table
  I 4030950, Wrong results / dump (ttcfour) if rowshipping can occur
  4028186 Wrong results if function based index exists
  I 4020449,, Wrong results or OERI[15160] from star transformation
  4007071,, Wrong results selecting from TABLE() collection
  4006711, GROUPING SET SQL may return fewer rows than expected
  I 4006624,, OERI [20084] from a CATSEARCH query that uses wildcards
  4006203, PLSQL local variables may show a stale value
  3994909,, Wrong numeric data from TO_CHAR() over a gateway
  3994270, Flashback query wrong results / dumps for upgraded 9i database
  3984506, XML extract() truncates large XML CDATA
  3976165,, Wrong results from star transformation with semijoin
  3972453, NEXT / PRIOR give wrong value for PLSQL collection used as IN OUT parameter
  3965060,, DBA_LMT_USED_EXTENTS still shows extents for DROPPED segment in READ ONLY tablespace
  3960118,, Wrong results from uncorrelated scalar subquery and NL OUTER join
  3956826,, Wrong result order from ORDER BY with inlist and partition iterator
  3945188, SDO validate does not report when an interior ring is not inside anything
  3941526, Wrong results from cost based predicate push into UNION/UNION ALL views
  3929215,, Query with inlist can produce duplicate rows
  3926058,, V$SYSSTAT “opened cursors current” can be incorrect
  3925069,, Wrong COLUMN_TYPE returned by getProcedureColumns for a Date parameter
  3924711,, Wrong results for CHAR-CHAR join with transitive predicates over database link
  3924156,, SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE returns false positive comparing polygons
  3922154,, wrong results with star transformation and DECODE in a predicate
  3919931,, Wrong results from query rewrite
  3911544,, Wrong results from select with “OR” expansion on composite partitioned table
  3897407,, Wrong results from OUTER JOIN with FUNCTIONAL INDEX when the OUTER is negated
  3896236, Wrong results with semijoin elimination with NVL-based OR expansion
  II 3896119,, CURRENT_UTILIZATION of V$RESOURCE_LIMIT may be too high
  3892220,, Wrong results from OUTER join to VIEW on literal in view select list
  3889283 Function based index can give wrong results / errors if object with SCHEMA name exists
  3888015, PLSQL table of records table.count is not incremented
  3884962, Dump [kxspoac] / wrong results possible with SQL from PLSQL
  3861541, UTL_LMS.GET_MESSAGE can return wrong character set string if LANGUAGE specified
  I 3859606, Wrong results when a join predicate is pushed into a UNION view
  3859482, SDO_UTIL.SIMPLIFY – geodetic geometry simplified more than threshold
  3858017,, Array insert with “EXEC SQL FOR” gets wrong value for SQLERRD[2]
  3857117, Wrong results due to CBO choosing wrong index
  3852274, Dump / wrong result from invalid AL32UTF8 character
  3849938,, DBMS_SPACE.UNUSED_SPACE returns wrong block_id for last extent used
  3837903,, wrong results from complex view merging with correlated subquery in select list
  3831897,, No rows from query against nested table view column when multiply referenced
  3828598,, Wrong results with unnested remote subqueries
  3828269, Wrong results possible when a space character is scanned with a unique index
  3827798 IS NULL predicate pushed through rollup to WHERE of a view
  3823887,, Dump / wrong results from NVL expansion
  3816946, Dump (kafger) / wrong results from table scan of compressed table
  3815921,, Wrong results possible from predicate move around
  I 3804818 Wrong results when using a CASE expression
  3801102,, Column values missing in SELECT with correlated scalar subquery in outer join
  3800215, Variable assignments not working in PLSQL loops
  3794006 DBMS_METADATA returns incorrect size after tablespace resize
  3792845,, MODE=ANSI client may get error 100 instead of correct error
  3782820, Wrong results for access by ROWID for ASSM segments
  3768069,, Wrong results in subquery unnesting with semi/anti joins
  3763395,, Incorrect ROWCOUNT from BULK FORALL INSERT SAVE EXCEPTIONS with partitioned tables
  3762653,, Null indicator not set when setting iters = 1 in OCIStmtExexute
  3760954,, OCCI::ResultSet::next(N) method can return the END_OF_FETCH when data exists
  3760380,, NULL value for ROWNUM when using an OVER WINDOWING clause
  3759560, Wrong result using Oracle Object Type with nested subtypes – may appear as NULL
  3757265,, OCCI getNumArrayRows next() method returns cumulative row count
  II 3755693, Wrong results form index skip scan for LIKE with a wildcard
  3754628,, Wrong results from illegal query with OUTER joined column in BETWEEN clauses
  3754340,, FLOAT values loose precision when selecting against a view with a UNION
  3753308,, NLS_SORT not applied implicitly to window functions
  3748199, OCCI Object cache does not support global transactions
  3742674,, Wrong results possible from ROWID access of single partition
  3713138,, OrdHttpUploadFile.simpleFileName returns wrong filename if name contains a ‘]’ character
  3699264,, Wrong results from XDK if XPATH contains start-with()
  3696879,, Wrong results from ANSI query with subquery in the ON condition
  3691588,, OLAP EVERY function does not loop correctly
  3688320,, Wrong result with parallel query having SMJ and inequality join
  3685171,, sqlerrd(5) does not return correct value on SQL errors
  3683056,, Wrong results possible from nested loop join with index scan
  3682147, Missing bytes fetching RAW OUT PLSQL parameters with JDBC Thin
  3678133, Wrong result from DECODE with arguments which evaluate to NULL
  3672097,, Wrong results HASH join of CHAR / NCHAR over database link
  I 3669074,, Some V$SHARED_POOL_RESERVED contain incorrect data
  3668084,, Wrong results from nested FULL OUTER JOIN
  3663103,, getTimestamp may return truncated time value using Calendar parameter
  3654015,, SQLLDR direct path may incorrectly reject rows (ORA-2290) with CHECK_CONSTRAINTS
  3652356,, Wrong GMT offset using TO_CHAR with TZD or TZH:TZM
  3650346,, Public synonym resolution fails under certain circumstances
  3648071, NAN float data can be inserted despite event 10890
  3637624,, wrong results with DISTINCT and aggregates
  3637267,, Varchar2 is blank padded when local DB charset is different from remote site
  3632504,, Wrong results from EXEC SQL LOB READ from NCLOB
  3632450,, TO_MULTI_BYTE/TO_SINGLE_BYTE do not work on a UTF8 database
  3629771,, Wrong results possible from COMPRESS KEY INDEX SCAN
  3625392,, wrong results / dump (evaopn2) with star transformation
  3605121,, Wrong results from UNISTR() in multibyte
  3600190,, UNISTR does not error for invalid escape sequences in its input
  3599966,, Wrong results when multi-column SMJ used after semi-join elimination
  3588324, Wrong distance due to tolerance setting ( sdo_geom.sdo_distance )
  3585330, getDate on Ultrasearch searchlet Resultset returns null
  I 3584515,, Wrong results when ANSI syntax does not trap ambiguous column with ORA-918
  I 3582296,, UNION [all] statement in PLSQL may give wrong results
  I 3579719,, Wrong data length returned selecting CHAR column over HS
  3569268, nvarchar LIKE string does not work in PLSQL
  3563038, Statement.getUpdateCount() returns 1 instead of -1
  II 3559340, V$OSSTAT may contain no data on some platforms with large number of CPUs
  3559212,, Wrong results possible from CBO with multi-table OR list
  3557094, “NID” leaves stale v$recovery_file_dest information
  3546774, STATS_CROSSTAB gives wrong results if there are cells with 0 frequency
  3545642,, Wrong result when using LEFT OUTER joins and TABLE() operator
  I 3523279,, Wrong results from UNION in a PLSQL block with CHAR data
  3512385,, Wrong ROWID returned from SELECT over DBLINK when PREFETCH is on
  3510094,, Use of an analytic function skews the result from CONTEXT indextype SCORE operator
  3509844, Wrong result if single-byte japanese character used in a CONTAINS clause
  3500762, V$SYSMETRIC_HISTORY “current logons” count is wrong
  3499258, SQL MAX/MIN functions against CHAR data return as VARCHAR2 in PLSQL
  3497949,, Wrong results or ORA-1410 using stored outlines for CONNECT BY query
  3497317,, Wrong results with a subquery in a GROUP BY HAVING clause
  3495537,, HTML Sectioner may improperly strip spaces from documents
  3491603,, Wrong ORDER BY from parallel execution
  I 3487660,, Wrong results from SMJ with GROUP BY with multiple keys
  3483988, DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL misses REVERSE keyword for PK index
  3477460,, Query rewrite can return wrong results
  3472676, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException or corrupt data changing fetch size between fetches
  3472564,, “CPU used by this session” wrong when using job queue processes
  3466980,, ORA-942 / wrong results compiling views with ansi-joins as user other than the view owner
  3463540, V$SGASTAT has 0 for buffer cache size if DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS specified
  3454814,, Wrong results possible from STAR TRANSFORMATION
  3454019,, Wrong results from wildcard in CATSEARCH / CONTEXT predicate with PREFIX INDEXING
  3450530 CONNECT BY with ROWNUM returns wrong number of rows
  3449245,, getXML may produce incorrect hex character output
  3447383,, Wrong results with parallel query and partition table join
  3446722,, Wrong results from CBO with constant predicates and CHAR = VARCHAR2 column
  3437636,, “servers highwater” in V$PX_PROCESS_SYSSTAT can be wrong briefly
  3433964,, Wrong result with deferred check constraint when table analyzed
  3430105, Parallel full scan of an external table may “SKIP” more rows than defined
  3424515,, SQLLDR may output incorrect values for some messages on 64bit systems
  II 3417593, Cross platform piecewise fetch of varchar2 data can result in corrupt data
  3407570, SCORE of an MDATA text operator is sometimes wrong
  3406611,, Wrong results accessing data via a function based index
  3406229, XMLTransform gives wrong results
  3406157,, OCISessionGet on an OCI session pool can return a session for a different user
  3396223,, wrong results with function based index and DECODE function
  III 3396162,, Wrong results possible after cursor rebuilt with different describe information
  3393866, Wrong results possible from OUTER JOIN to a VIEW
  3385243,, Wrong results from PQ against partitioned tables
  3380428,, SQLLDR may report the incorrect number of rows loaded on 64bit platforms
* 3376786, Concurrent LOB updates lost – can cause inconsistent Text Query results
  I 3375163,, Wrong results from INLIST ITERATOR with multi-column inlists
  3374251, copyEvolve() does not reset modification date
C 3369744, ALL_SYNONYMS view does not show synonym for a synonym
  3363424,, Wrong results from query if base table as LPAD/RPAD/LTRIM/RTRIM check constraints
  3357740,, Wrong results from external table in subquery
  3355751 Wrong results for small INTERVAL with negative (-ve) fractional seconds
  3355043,, The MIN analytic returns bad data when selecting from nested collection type
  3352279,, ORA-14093 / wrong results from subquery pruning with composite partitioned table
  3352051, Using plus (+) terms in an Ultrasearch query may not return all matching documents
  3351150, V$SQL_BIND_CAPTURE shows NULL bind names for duplicate binds
  3347567, Wrong results from V$SGASTAT for STREAMS_POOL
  3333863,, DBA_JOBS.LAST_DATE is set even if the job runs with failures
  3329128,, Wrong results from SQL with GROUPING SETS and IS [NOT] NULL
  3324698,, Wrong tokens produced using numjoin and numgroup
  3324609, SDO_RELATE with MASK set to ‘ON’ does not return some rows
  3324069,, Wrong results with subqueries using DECODE around aggregates
  3318204,, Parallel query gives wrong results with view
  3298019,, Unreliable results with new_german_spelling enabled
  3281310,, All policies are applied in global context
  3273109,, Wrong results possible for NULL in SELECT list for PQO or remote query
  3270428,, Difference between bytes in DBA_SEGMENTs and DBA_EXTENTs
  3258390,, V$SESSION.SCHEMANAME may return wrong value in PLSQL of another user
  3255906, DBA|ALL|USER_TABLES / DBA|ALL|USER_INDEXES views show dropped objects in the RECYCLE bin
  3250883,, Inline view using functional index can give wrong results
  I 3221709 Implicit describe of UNION looses precision
  3202584, Wrong results possible from SDO_BUFFER
  3200136,, Wrong results possible from MERGE JOIN CARTESIAN with DOMAIN INDEX
  3191604,, DBA_JAVA_ARGUMENTS does not show all arguments for LAST method in a CLASS
  3188637,, Wrong result with star transformation and OUTER join
  3177769,, Wrong results OR predicates inside AND chains of OR predicates
  3175661,, Query rewrite can give wrong results for “NOT IN”
  3168530,, AQ order of messages may not be preserved
  I 3158284,, Wrong results possible joining a VARCHAR2 to a CHAR column
  3149380,, Wrong results using stemming , fuzzy or soundex with % in a CONTAINS query
  3141614,, TIMESTAMPs can get wrong data if fraction of seconds is >9 digits long
  3111464,, Fast refresh gives wrong data after update of filter column from null to value
  3094453,, Wrong values possible in single table aggregate materialized view
  3081127,, View for remote table with CHECK OPTION never reports ORA-1402
  3038154 Invalid “Interval” data possible in PLSQL
  3033572,, Wrong results possible from hash join
  2970364, Wrong results on text queries using stop words
  II 2874433, Inline ANSI outer join view may give wrong results
  II 2846640,, Ambiguous columns not signalled with ANSI join syntax (wrong results instead of error)
  2762561, Incorrect daylight savings time when DBTIMEZONE set
  2738493,, Wrong “session connect time” / “process last non-idle time” in V$SYSSTAT
  2365168,, Wrong results with PQO and partitioning
  2055862,, OracleCachedRowSet.getRow() returns wrong value after last()
  4335177 ROW_SCN does not always show the correct value
  4154591, Wrong results from single table joinback elimination
  3855809, Parallel query with OUTER JOIN and ORDER BY returns results unsorted
  3812263 Wrong results from semijoin elimination with OR expansion
  II 3128363, OCIAttrGet returns wrong size when CURSOR_SHARING=SIMILAR or FORCE
  3618039 Wrong results as join predicate is pushed through multiple levels of views
  5008054 Query rewrite gives wrong results for query using MV
+ 4080972, Wrong results from RBO range predicate on concatenated index with NULLs
  II 4142932, DBA_SEGMENTS.EXTENTS wrong for locally managed segment after TRUNCATE operation
  4039237, No rows returned from HASH join of CHAR columns containing only blanks
  2539837, Wrong results using FIRST_ROWS_N with > 5 tables in FROM clause
  4663712 EVENT 10499 does not work for SELECT .. UNION statements
  6894610   Wrong results from fast refreshed PCT materialized view
  6120177   Wrong ORDER when using DISTINCT with ORDER BY
  6084277   Wrong results from star transformation
  5917099   V$SQLAREA.USERS_OPENING keeps increasing
  5849054   Wrong shared cursor may be used
  4541524   Wrong results from temp table transformation
  3802861, JDBC setobject(1,”1″,java.sql.types.bit) sets value to 0
  3507740, Wrong results possible with inlist iterator on DATE columns
  3463976, hasChildNodes returns TRUE when value is not a node
  3384741, Wrong results from parallel query with redundant join criteria
  3312256, OERI[kftts2bz_many_files] / wrong results after ALTER TABLE MOVE of partitioned table
  3293996, Wrong output from DBMS_XMLGEN.CONVERT to entity decode XML
  II 3281270, Wrong results with star transformation
  3269264, Wrong results possible from Query rewrite
  3258506, DBA|ALL|USER_TYPE_ATTRS does not show REF attribute after ALTER TYPE
  3248006, Wrong results with parallel sort merge join
  3242483, Decimal places shifted for PACKED DECIMAL with HS
  3232548, Wrong results with SDO_RELATE using CONTAINS or INSIDE MASK
  3212268, XMLType with embedded CLOB may be truncated in UTF8 DB / LPX-225
  3210947, Wrong results possible from V$SQLTEXT in multibyte
  I 3210488, Wrong results / plans from temp table star transformance
  3208393, Wrong results possible from BETWEEN :bind1 AND :bind2
  3204222, Wrong results from join of a remote table with EXISTS/IN query
  3203188, Triggers incorrectly evaluate to NULL for :new and :old on XMLType columns
  3196059, Wrong results / dump (evaopn2) querying list partitioned tables
  3185622, Expired messages delivered twice by source queue and exception queue
  3175727, Outer join between range list partitioned tables gives wrong number of rows in PQO
  3174682, JDBC NLS conversions may be incorrect / slow
  3173221, Wrong results possible from Star transformation
  3173183, Wrong return value from getupdatecount() in JDBC
  3173141, Wrong results from query on partitioned table with IN list and prefetch
  3171926, SDO_AREA wrong when last coordinate not exactly the same as first coordinate
  3171143, Wrong results from ANSI outer join with IS NULL predicate
  3171059 Version 2 TIMEZONE files
  3168840 Materialized View refresh with ATOMIC_REFRESH=true is not atomic
  3168439, V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS shows wrong destination protection mode
  3162143, OCI7 odescr may not describe all columns
  3161122, Wrong results (no rows) when list partitioned table inner in nested loops join
  3157697, SYS_CONTEXT is not evaluated at primary site when used over a database link
  3153104, Parallel index queries can produce wrong results
  3151353, Wrong results from SELECT of a user function FROM a VIEW with a UNION and NULL expressions
  3151144, RPAD / LPAD give unexpected result with Cyrillic characters in UTF8
  3148999, ANSI dynamic SQL returns length in CHARACTERS instead of BYTES in UTF16
  3148847, PLSQL “ASCIISTR” returns NULL for HANKAKU KATAKANA single byte characters
  3138341, Wrong datatypes returned from PLSQL REF Cursor using CAST
  3136807, Wrong results querying against snapshots with ANSI outer join
  3135311, Wrong results from SYS_CONTEXT(‘userenv’, ‘terminal’)
  3134655, Wrong results from semijoin elimination inside a view
  I 3132071, Wrong results possible with CURSOR_SHARING=FORCE|SIMILAR
  3129300, (Sub)partition level attributes can be incorrect after a fast split
  3128453, Null struct possible from JDBC call to PLSQL if BatchSize is 1000
  3128343, Wrong results possible from BITMAP access execution plans
  3126312, SDO_RELATE may return wrong results for ANYINTERACT
  3125715, SQLLDR log file shows incorrect rows loaded when ERRORS clause is used
  3123633, Wrong results on SELECT from VIEW with UNION ALL with multi column inlist
  3121812, DROP / EXCHANGE partition do not show up in USER_TAB_MODIFICATIONS
  3119368, PLSQL “REPLACE” function assigned to CHAR does not return NULL when expected
  3119276, ORA-942 using ANSI full join with another users view
  3113998, Wrong row count possible (OCI_ATTR_ROW_COUNT) on array INSERT to partitioned table
  3111186, DBMS_LOGMNR_SESSION SAFE_PURGE_SCN may be wrong
  I 3110547, ORA-904 / wrong results from query over database link
  3107254, Data truncation after redefine when fetching a LOB in Pro/OCI
  3100760, XML_SECTION_GROUP and WITHIN queries can give wrong results
  3100625, A view involving a collection (CAST/MULTISET) may return wrong results
  3098884, wrong results from STAR transformation with joinback elimination
  3098761, Wrong results possible on XML HASPATH search using japanese_vgram_lexer
  3096575, Wrong results for queries using RANK() with ORDER BY ascending
  3092670, Wrong results from VIEW using DISTINCT and CONNECT BY
  3085399, Wrong results possible from CBO with DISTINCT aggregate and subquery
  3084922, Wrong results possible from SYS_OP_MAP_NON_NULL with a semi-join
  3077754, CURRENT_DATE may show the incorrect date in a PLSQL block
  3077339, OCCI: iterated setNumber() causes ORA-1438 or wrong results / corrupt data
  3076818, OERI[2000] during CR undo of array delete in IOT secondary index block
  3073109, Dump / wrong results from complex view merging with inline views
  3073088, Wrong results possible from Text MINUS or ABOUT
  I 3068657, Incorrect error possible on FETCH (ORA-1405/ORA-6502 instead of ORA-1403)
  3066701, Date.isNull() returns true if date set using fromText() method
  3063088, Dump / wrong results using SEQUENCE in select list of a WITH query
  3060261, <Queue_table>.ENQ_TIME and V$ view TIME columns may be ahead of SYSDATE
  3054485, Wrong results possible with aggregates of constants
  3047105, Wrong results possible from query involving CONNECT BY and join
  3042674, Wrong results on ANSI object queries / XDB “extract” operations may dump (evaopn2)
  3041932, JDBC string to number conversion incorrect when precision specified
  3041166, Wrong results from SEMI JOIN with NL to remote table
  3039491, Some JA16EUCTILDE characters are not handled correctly
  3039078, Column precision lost from CTAS of PACKED DECIMAL over HS
  3036462, SHOW SGA shows wrong buffer cache size when it is > 4Gb
  3036042,, XDK9208 Incorrect semantics for translate XPATH function
  3031118, Wrong result joining a local table with a remote table
  3023121, Wrong results possible from CASE expression
  3017881, SYS_CONTEXT function does not reflect the correct BG_JOB_ID
  3011800, Definition of ALL_SDO_INDEX_INFO is incorrect – can give wrong results
  3010314, Wrong results possible from NESTED LOOPS over a single partition table
  3005317, CTX_DOC.MARKUP does not work for multibyte character sets
  3004610, Wrong query / dump possible when Synonym policies used via another synonym
  2999388, SYS_EXTRACT_UTC can return wrong results
  2996631, Implicit conversion from nvarchar2 to varchar2 problems in PLSQL
  2994212, A query with correlated subqueries can return wrong results
  2991842, Wrong result using several “or” predicates on an NCHAR column
  2988417, Wrong results from CONNECT BY ORDER SIBLINGS by a key which uses LEVEL
  2977823, Wrong results with PQ and HASH outer joins and GROUP BY
  I 2977027, DBMS_METADATA generates incorrect DDL for local indexes
  2977019, Wrong results due to incorrect date conversion
  2974848, GetElementsByTagName in DBMS_XMLDOM returns nodes in wrong order
  2967731, DBMS_METADATA returns wrong definition for triggers > 4K long
  2964692, Wrong results with parallel index fast full scan on a global temporary table
  2963556, Wrong results from SQL using table lookup prefetch with >64k rows in child row source
  I 2960012, Incorrect (large) ‘logons current’ in GV$SYSSTAT in RAC
  2959490, Select from view with ORDER BY always returns the rowid of last row in the view
  2954868, OERI:kcoapl_blkchk / bad block from CR rollback of IOT or compressed index
  2950852, ORDER BY may be ignored for queries using a WINDOW funtion
  I 2944007, OERI:kcoapl_blkchk / bad block possible during CR rollback of index block
  2935718, V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY.CURRENT_XXX columns not populated
  2929029, Wrong results comparing a REF type with != or <> in the WHERE clause
  2925619, JDBC Thin always default timezone to +00:00
  2924041, No rows may be returned when VIEW column is defined on CAST / MULTISET
  2921612, Query with anti/semi join against a partitioned table can give wrong results
  2920925, Wrong results from queries with single OR predicate which is not null safe
  2909084, RENAME of a VIEW with CHAR column can cause wrong results for subsequent SQL
  2907128, DELETE using an INDEX ONLY path may delete the wrong number of rows
  2903059, DBMS_XMLDOM.WRITETOCLOB/WRITETOBUFFER returns incorrect data
  2900863, V$UNDOSTAT is not updated after an ORA-30036 occurs
  2896849, Dump possible using NLS_SORT=french_m, canadian_m or danish_m
  2894146, Wrong results from TEMP TABLE transformation with an OUTER JOIN
  2888719, Wrong results from colocated remote tables with OUTER join
  2883715, Wrong results possible from LIKE against a CHAR column with no wildcard
  2864055, Wrong results using DISTINCT in inline view using analytic functions
  2861999, Wrong query results after ALTER TABLE SPLIT PARTITION
  2861866, Wrong results from STAR transformation with WINDOW functions
  2860835, Text query on LONG datatype can return wrong results
  2860212, PLSQL RPC with functional default parameter values may get NULL default / PLS-801
  2859498, Incorrect sort order when ORDER BY DESC against a view with PQ
  2859263, DBA_TEMP_FILES / X$KTFTHC can return wrong results
  2858689, Wrong results possible from CHECK CONSTRAINTS which are not NULL SAFE
* 2856059, OERI[KCBGTCR_1] selecting from COMPRESSED IOT after UPGRADE from 8.1.7 to 9.2
  2854146, Query with Sort-Merge-Join can produce wrong results
  2853688, Wrong results from Multi-column SORT/MERGE JOIN if Semi-join eliminated
  2850227, JDBC treats some illegal UTF-8 data as valid
  2846865, Wrong results possible from query rewrite of exact match
  2830623 Text may miss rows when searching for query template tags (eg; <QUERY>)
  2829723, Wrong results from ANSI OUTER JOIN when join condition does not reference both sides
  2823907, Wrong results from STAR query with inlist predicate
  2823021, V$PROCESS.PGA_MAX_MEM may contain wrong values
  2821879, wrong results for queries on pipeline functions involving NULLs
  2820295, Implicit describe of a SELECT looses NUMBER precision for VIEW containing UNION
  2818459, Text “FUZZY” query gets wrong results when using PREFIX INDEXING
  2817818, BLOB.length() returns a negative value when data exceeds 2gb with thin driver
  2816978, Wrong results using secondary index on IOT to fetch OVERFLOW columns
  2816521, DBA_UNDO_EXTENTS may return too many rows
  2816062, Wrong result when using ‘+’ as outer join on indexed REF column
  2810394, Incorrect scale converting Oracle NUMBER to PACKED DECIMAL
  2808431, Wrong results from PQ with OUTER JOIN
  2807291, Wrong results with predicate move around
  2803772, V$SESSION_WAIT.SECONDS_IN_WAIT resets each time SEQ# is incremented
  2793768, getString() on ROWID column gets wrong data on EBCDIC platforms
  2789620, Wrong results when DISTINCT list contains a functional index expression
  2787377, Wrong results possible in RAC when MAX_COMMIT_PROPOGATION_DELAY=0
  2786409, Wrong results from push predicate with inline view
  2782260, Duplicate rows in USER_TYPE_METHODS after ALTER TYPE ADD/DROP ATTRIBUTE
  2780020, Wrong order results from query with FUNCTIONAL INDEX and ORDER BY and CONSTANT PREDICATE
  2778506, Wrong results from optimizer mode FIRST_ROWS_XX
  2773831, Wrong results possible from GROUPING SETS with OUTER JOIN
  2767303, Wrong results from TEMP TABLE STAR TRANSFORMATION
  2764655, V$SYSSTAT “logons cumulative” may be wrong if parallel query used
  2763009, Wrong results possible from QUERY REWRITE
  2758545, NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS is not supported in JDBC
  2757568, V$TRANSACTION may not show all active transactions
  2753856, Wrong results possible from PQ partition query with GROUP BY
  2747643, Wrong results from MAX/MIN on IOT with GROUP BY
  2747052, Wrong results from queries with bitmap index access with large OR-chains
  2740805, V$SESSION.OS_USER set incorrectly if client uses RADIUS
  2739068, Wrong results comparing CONSTANTS with SUBQUERIES using COUNT()
  2729655, Direct load of PARTITION may not update bitmap index
  2727446, Wrong results or ORA-904 from ANSI join between remote tables
  2727212, Wrong results from HASH join between CHAR column and VIEW column based on a BIND variable
  I 2726517, Unusual values in V$SGASTAT “miscellaneous” row
P 2726305, AIX: Incorrect DATE conversion with PLSQL when DCE is installed
  2726276, Wrong SCORE() for plans with Text index below a HASH JOIN
+ 2723141, Wrong results from NOT EXIST with subquery which has constant FALSE predicate
  2719742, Too many rows inserted by MERGE if a row is updated before the merge operation
  2715691, Wrong results possible from INTERSECT / MINUS
C 2714430, Wrong results from ROWID comparison to rowid with slot#>32767
  2712141, Wrong results from HASH join of view on remote query block
  2711993, ANSI join with a set query block may produce wrong results
  2711788, Wrong results possible from STAR transformation with OR predicates
  2711453, CONNECT BY on a collection type may return wrong results or no rows
  2702370 JDBC setFloat loses precision for some locale
  2700474, Wrong results from complex view merging of correlated subquery with GROUP BY
  2696988, CR index block corruption from undo of array delete
  2695425, CONVERT() CLOB to a multibyte characterset gives corrupt result
  2695081, ON-COMMIT refresh on nested Materialized JOIN view may product wrong results
  2692500, GROUP BY with ROLLUP / CUBE may return no rollup rows
  2690677, OERI / wrong results from STAR TRANSFORMATION with VIEW as FACT table
  2688053, Wrong results using GROUPING SETS
  2687687, Wrong results from TEMP TABLE transformation if same DIMENSION tables joined to multiple FACT columns
  2685869, Wrong results using PQO with OLS/VPD which uses application context
  2684307, Mixed tokens not uppercased with BASE_LETTER in multibyte database
  2683540, Wrong results from INDEX RANGE SCAN (MAX/MIN) with a join
  2681037, FOR UPDATE with non-mergeable view in IN-subquery can return duplicate rows
  2679062, Wrong results possible from multi-column INLIST
D 2675627, SELECT CAST(…) returns 0 SCALE and 0 PRECISION
  2675123, Client gets no data in some cases when NLS_LANG is UTF8
  2663986, Missing rows querying CTXRULE index in sections (eg: ‘CAT WITHIN MAMMAL’)
  2663465, Wrong results from CHECK CONSTRAINTS on OUTER JOINED table
  2660665, Wrong result possible from multi-column correlated inlist
P 2660188, Tru64: Information in V$ views may show future time
  2658851 9015PSE,, Wrong results from SEMIJOIN on CLUSTERED column
  2656627, Wrong results from ANSI OUTER JOIN with CONSTANT predicates in ON clause
  2651178, V$SHARED_POOL_RESERVED can return incorrect data
  2650443, JDBC Thin ResultSet.getTimestamp() can cause wrong date manipulation in other threads
  2649659, Invalid data in OCI7 client in non-blocking mode with NLS conversion
  2639311, Wrong result with multi join key prefetsh
  2635664, VPD policy groups may not respond to the driving application context
  2633193, Wrong results possible from DECODE in a NOT IN subquery
  2630914, TIMESTAMP may be converted incorrectly for date format ‘dd-mon-rrrr’
  2630331, Wrong results with BASELETTER and ALTERNATE SPELLING used together
  2630054, ORA-7445 [EVAOPN2] / wrong results from CASE expression
  2628799, Blank data from Domain Index only scan fetching PK only for IOT
  2628526, Wrong results from outer join to inline view in SELECT list
P I 2628258, Win: Trailing “\0” added to MACHINE column of V$SESSION
  2628067, Wrong results possible from anti-join
  2627474, Wrong results from CURSOR expression in JSP if first column is an ADT
  2624452, Redefinition of buffer length with OCIDefineByPos gets wrong no bytes for LONGS
  2624328, Query over database link can return wrong results
  2621434 Dictionary views DBA|ALL|USER_COLL_TYPES have too many rows for an ALTERED TYPE
  2620423, Wrong results possible from OR expansion with CHAR equality predicate
  2619861, Wrong results from hash join on char=nchar columns
  2617729, Wrong rowcount for insert with subquery involving remote HS function
  2616459, CHR() returns CHR(0) when NLS_SORT is set
  2610331, OCCI getString() can return invalid values for NUMBER columns
  2601507, sqlgls() / SQLStmtGetText() can give wrong SQL code
  2601175 9015PSE,, Wrong results for German sharp-s with BASE_LETTER and ALTERNATE_SPELLING
* II 2598387, Export / OCI clients using prefetch may see corrupt data
  2589186, Empty Timestamp is returned for NULL column value
  2587583, TEMP TABLE TRANSFORMATION may give wrong results
  2586586, Values after decimal place are shifted converting String to PACKED DECIMAL over HS
  2569154, Wrong results from PQ with NL of BITMAP INDEX with ROWID predicate
  2562253, Wrong results due to lost join predicate with predicate move around
  2559375, Wrong results from STAR_TRANSFORMATION_ENABLED due to transitively generated predicates
  2556195, OERI:[SORPUT_1] / Wrong results using PIPELINED function in SQL
  2551568, OERI:[rworupo.1] / wrong results from queries involving OBJECTS
  2549186, OCI client in UTF16 mode may see corrupt data from UTF8 database
  2545840, Distributed query may see remote changes from AFTER the snapshot SCN
  2539213, UNION ALL rewrite fails with ORA-1790 or wrong results
  2533766, Wrong results from HASH JOIN over DBLINK between multibyte databases
  2529036, LIKE against multi-byte CLOB can give wrong results
  2524044, Wrong result possible from CONNECT BY with CBO
  2522549, Wrong results possible with STAR_TRANSFORMATION_ENABLED=TRUE
  2521729, CATSEARCH with INDEX_STEM=YES and GRAMMAR=CONTEXT with stemming misses hits
  I 2518109, Wrong results possible when INDEX JOIN used in execution plan
  2516097, Wrong results from multiple aggregations on constant outer join view columns
  2515091, OCIStmtFetch can return no data when used with long data with OCIStmtSetPieceInfo
  2510971, PERCENTILE_CONT() can produce wrong results with an ORDER BY
  2507701, Wrong results from outer join with a constant predicate
  2504168, Wrong results from query with ANSI outer join syntax and constant predicate
  2502129, Wrong results possible depending on order of predicates
  2501229, Redefines using SQLT_TIMESTAMP_TZ get wrong results / dump
  2498937 SCORE() always returns 1 for some MULTI-BYTE character sets
  2482089, GROUPING SET QUERY gives wrong results on Query REWRITE
  2481002, V$FILESTAT.AVGIOTIM is incorrect
  2477249, Wrong results / Dump from INSERT AS SELECT with GROUP BY using FUNCTIONAL INDEX
  2470864, UPDATE may not update all rows if CHECK CONSTRAINT compares columns
  2455551, Blank padded comparison fails with NLS_COMP=ANSI & NLS_SORT<>BINARY
  2452631, Wrong results with CHECK CONSTRAINTS on OUTER JOIN columns
  2448615, Wrong results from HASH JOIN over DBLINK with multibyte data
  2446423, Wrong results from buffered PREFETCH with AND-EQUAL
  2442125, Wrong results from PQ which compares a CHAR column to a BIND variable
  2434397, Wrong results with PQ with an OUTER JOIN
  2432123, INPATH against XML with attribute search (@) misses documents
* 2429929, V$SESSION_EVENT.SID has the wrong SID (out by 1)
  2425679, Wrong results possible from select over DBLINK
  2422838, Fetching a “TIMESTAMP with LOCAL TIMEZONE” column into SQLT_TIMESTAMP_LTZ gives wrong results
  2417894, ORA-7445 [EVAMINMAX] / wrong results from complex view if aggregate correlated to SUBQUERY
  I 2417506, Wrong results from outer joined column comparison with operator
  2414581, V$SQL_PLAN may return an incomplete plan
  2411876, BULK BIND deletes cause incorrect delete counts in USER_TAB_MODIFICATIONS
  2408817, V$RECOVERY_PROCESS.SOFAR may decrease during media recovery
  2404927, ORA-1858 / wrong results from predicate move around
  2400243, Lengths retrieved for VARCHAR array fetch not always ZERO for NULLs
  2397402, Dump / Wrong res with many INLIST predicates on non-indexed column
  2388400,, OCI_ATTR_ROW_COUNT returns incorrect row count for piecewise fetches
  2384272,, JDBC getTime() of a TIMESTAMP does not return the correct Time value
  2383138,, Wrong results from ANTI-JOIN to single table subquery with constant “FALSE” predicate
  2379769, Wrong results possible with composite BTREE BITMAP plan if there are trailing NULLS
  2377173, Wrong results in sort-merge joins with GV$ views
  2375782, NEAR operator may not return rows with several terms
  2363209, Wrong results possible from IS NULL on list partitioned table with DEFAULT partition
  2360043, LEFT OUTER JOIN may produce incorrect results instead of ORA-1799
  2352928, Wrong results / dump from FULL OUTER JOIN to SUBQUERY with GROUP BY
  2352429,, (FLOAT)getObject(n) returns 0.0 for NULL data
  2343219, NCHAR LIKE comparisons may not match on EBCDIC platforms
  2339943, Query using OR between two subtypes returns a wrong number of rows
  2333947, Wrong results possible from PQ on PARTITIONED table
  2327249,, V$SYSSTAT may show huge incorrect values when using Parallel Query
  2324468, Wrong results from SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE with BUFFER and R-TREE INDEX
  2320751,, Wrong results possible from Text phrase search on XML document
  2314238, VARCHAR2 Bind variables loose any TRAILING SPACES when used over a DATABASE LINK or bound dynamically
  2309282, OCCI getRowid/setRowid do not work properly
  2296247,, Incorrect results / memory corruption / dump from UPDATE using HASH JOIN with correlated SUBQUERY
  2289081,, Wrong results from STAR_TRANSFORMATION with TEMP table generation with OR predicates
  2286442, Nested WITHIN may miss hits
  2268261 Column precision lost on CREATE .. AS SELECT .. FROM ( .. UNION ..)
  2263263,, Wrong results possible from HASH or SMJ of view with columns based on join key
  2262196, Intermitent wrong results from PARALLEL partition wise join
  2258035,, Wrong results possible from Max/Min/Count(DISTINCT) on top of window function
  2257439, NULL value in partition returned if partition bound value is in WHERE predicate
  2257375, Turkish language characters are not converted correctly with SPECIFIC or GENERIC base letter
  2252055,, Wrong res from OR-expanded plan with inequality SMJ
  2243979, Pipelined table functions may dump / give wrong results in SHARED SERVERs
  2228041, Describe of a view containing a FLOAT column looses number precision
  2221401,, Queries with complex view may return wrong results if predicates have implicit type conversion
  2210617, SELECT from corrupt IOT returns wrong results
  2206022, Wrong results / OERIs from DML on UPDATE JOIN VIEW with STORED OUTLINE
  2202561, Wrong results possible from CHECK CONSTRAINT with empty string ”
  2193858, Division of some specific numbers may return an incorrect result
  2193751, Materialized views can remain “STALE” after refresh
  2186092, No data from TABLE (PLSQL function) if function returns large collection
  2183412, Wrong results possible with DESC index
  I 2171066, Negative values can occur in v$librarycache
  2161906,, Wrong results possible using ROWNUM / LEVEL in predicates / GROUP BY with multiple views
  2147213,, Wrong results / dump possible using DESC functional index
  2144995 DBA_DEPENDENCIES.TYPE shows “UNDEFINED” for “LIBRARY” objects
  2130923, Wrong value for ‘global cache current block receive time’ in V$SYSSTAT
  2113842 Incorrect wildcard searches if STARTJOINS / ENDJOINS contains a wildcard
  2068210, “ROWNUM = constant” predicate can return wrong results with RBO
  1951553,, Wrong results from PQ with ORDER BY NLSSORT
  1951123, No error when PLSQL copies multibyte CHAR into BIND which is too small
  1934372, SOUNDEX / FUZZY text queries give wrong results on EBCDIC platforms
  1561713, Subquery IN | NOT IN subquery may give wrong results under CBO
  1387345, DBMS_SQL.DEFINE_ARRAY returns wrong number of rows if CNT parameter > 64k
  1231199,, Wrong results possible from parallel queries where NLS_SORT is not BINARY
  4927605 Wrong results from PQ execution of “NULLIF”
  4895590 JAVA API createXML() can corrupt multibyte charset input data
  4524089 Wrong results / no data from temp table transformation with partitioned table
  4483831 Bad date data in external table can give wrong results
  4417371 TIMESTAMP columns loose fractional seconds in PQ
  4237890 %TYPE of a timestamp in a union all view has the wrong precision
  4207886 Corruption occurs on object data when copying between variables in PLSQL
  4207520 DBMS_SPACE.SPACE_USAGE gives wrong results for ASSM LOB segment
  4188078 Native mode RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR does not replace all previous errors
  4121868 Wrong results from SQL using CASE with IN clauses
  4109971 Wrong results using IOT and bitmap index
  4097762 Explain PLAN show wrong plan for DML with a subquery
  4093187 Wrong results from complex view merge with unnesting
  4025594 updatexml adds extra whitespace with each update
C 3999212 Wrong results with NLS_SORT / NLS_COMP=ANSI and binds in CHAR predicate
  3897065 Wrong results with CASE predicates with constants
  3847585 Wrong results with view not merged and function based index
  3756943 Corrupt date when SYSDATE is defined as TIMESTAMP
  3624708 Select with SAMPLE clause returns all rows with FGA policy
  3749394 SCORE() for fuzzy text operator different for functional versus index access
  3504323 DBMS_XMLDOM.cloneNode clones the wholes sub-tree in the XOB tree
  3499678 Extra padding appended to multibyte data using JDBC with ScrollableResultSet
  3487338 Wrong results possible from hash join
  3387932 OLS may return a HIDDEN column in place of a newly added column
  3306619 Semijoin elimination with parallel query returns wrong result
  3273357 Wrong results for Text queries with Japanese lexer with single byte spaces
  3138618 Date format errors / wrong results on first SQL on table with check constraint on date column
  3033955 Wrong results from UNION ALL with correlated subquery
  3314963 OERI[rworupo.1] / wrong results when selecting ROWID from view based on an IOT
  3294896 Wrong results from query rewrite if dependent partition is COALESCED or MOVEd
+ 2768576 SDO_RELATE (point – line) for CONTAINS on RTREE returns WRONG RESULT
  2688717 Pro client mey get NULL rows with PREFETCH enabled
  2685914 SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE may return wrong answer for geodetic data
  2610068 ‘_’ character treated as a WILDCARD for CTXCAT indextype
  2468606 Cobol: COMP-3 packed decimal can return incorrect number data
  2423226 Extra characters appended with REPLACE / RTRIM on multibyte shifted data
  2404234 Wrong results from predicate push into view with CONNECT BY and join
  2388008, Wrong results from ANSI outer join with ‘const <relop> col’
  I 2338661 Wrong results possible from ANSI outer join
  2296307 Wrong results possible from DISTINCT on VIEW with AGGREGATES and SUBQUERIES
  2214266 Multibyte EXTERNAL TABLE with >1 file may return wrong results
+ 1813837,, pred1 OR pred2 can give wrong results if pred2 is a subset of pred1
  1752043, ResultSetMetaData getScale() method can return incorrect SCALE for ADT NUMBER attributes
* 2231515, DATA_LENGTH in ALL/USER_ARGUMENTS not shown for VARCHAR2 data in %TYPE parameters
  5887577   Wrong results from full outer join
  5726094   Wrong results from PLSQL dynamic SQL to fetch into a COLLECTION
  5742895   Wrong results with ORr expansion and remote colocated join
  5629365   Wrong values in PLSQL for nested tables in
  6322819 Wrong results with parallel query and correlated subquery
  3963167 Wrong results / dump (KKOGTP) from JOIN between CHAR and VARCHAR2