We go for our interest in drawing manga characters.

Today, we have some interest in learning drawing of manga characters. And a new bunch of words to learn today. In China, there are not so many manga tutorials, and almost all websites found about such toturial has not so much real skill. So we go for websites in English.

Today, we learn some basis of how to draw characters, one aspect is face and hair drawing, the other is pose drawing of different directions.

This tutorial can be found on the website animeoutline.com, let's now focus on our concerning tutorial, pose drawing.

In this part, the body is separated into many smaller body parts. And for now, we do not focus on details of face or hair.

We will be focusing on drawing about 9 kind of poses. Everybody artist should realize the importance of proper pose. A pose is impressive, and at a glance, the audience can see what the character is doing.

To define a body, we have head which is like an egg, the torso, the neck, the collarbone, the joints, the arms, the legs, the hands, the feet, the detail of chest.

Drawing is interesting, and at the same time, drawing the outline can be easy, and quick, as long as we treat every detailed part specifically, we can get a really vivid character done.

1. Let's first focus on drawing a running pose.

Let us first think of the shape of the torso when a person is running, the front is an arc of circle with very long radius, as to the back, because of the wrist and the body, the circle radius can be shorter, then we draw the collarbone to lead the torso, the back should have the hip circle whose radius is even smaller. So, we have somehow described the shape of the torso, the collarbone, the hip, next we can focus on drawing the head, legs, and arms of our character.

下面用中文添加一下说明吧. 最近我们一直有两个方向在并行走,一个方向是学习一下绘画这些,上色,还有设计一些图样, 另外一个方向就是后面代码方面的使用.代码方面已经有十年经验了,所以上手什么都会快一些吧.绘画需要练习一下,对我们来讲,要将两个方面融合也不是一件轻松的事情.