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cocos2d-x-3.13 Aug 22 2016
  [HIGHLIGHT] add VR plugin
  [HIGHLIGHT] support ETC1 alpha channel
  [HIGHLIGHT] fix AudioEngine performance for Android 4.2+
  [HIGHLIGHT] improve canvas renderer performance with dirty region
  [HIGHLIGHT] add Andorid arm-64 support
  [HIGHLIGHT] use luajit for Android arm-64
  [HIGHLIGHT] switch to use gcc 4.9
  [HIGHLIGHT] upgrade CURL to 7.50.0
  [HIGHLIGHT] upgrade Spine to 3.4
  [HIGHLIGHT] upgrade glfw to 3.2
  [HIGHLIGHT] upgrade luajit to 2.1.0-beta2
  [NEW] add `Configuration::supportsMapBuffer()`
  [NEW] support hexagonal tile maps
  [NEW] add `ListView::setScrollDuration()`
  [NEW] implement `SimpleAudioEngine::willPlayBackgroundMusic()` on Android
  [NEW] implement `AudioEngine::preload()` on Android
  [NEW] add `cc.Node['.classname']` to get class name for tolua C++ class in lua
  [NEW] support direct load in web engine to show scene without loading all resources, resources will be loaded asynchronously
  [NEW] add `cc.view.setOrientation` API to force orientation in web browser
  [REFINE] move back to use gcc 4.9 on Android to fix some crash bugs
  [REFINE] optimize Node sorting speed for 64-bit
  [REFINE] using `chrono::steady_clock()` instread of gettimeofday for FPS calculation
  [REFINE] use `fstat` instead of `fseek` and `ftell` for performance to read file content
  [REFINE] use std::string reference instead of char* for `utils::findChild()`
  [REFINE] make `MotionStreak` _maxPoints framerate independent
  [REFINE] support utf-8 bom lua script
  [REFINE] can show utf-8 characters in MessageBox and lua log on win32
  [REFINE] improve stability of new WebGL renderer provided in v3.12
  [REFINE] update js auto binding settings with new ndk version
  [REFINE] improve evalString implementation which was rely on deprecated API
  [REFINE] improve js bindings code quality by merging part of cocos2d-x-lite repo
  [REFINE] sources path in sourcemap of web engine are now relative
  [FIX] `GLProgram::link()` only check result in debug mode or WinRT
  [FIX] PageView::clone() misses cloing some member variables
  [FIX] potential crash of `AudioEngine::uncache()`
  [FIX] websocket receives package size > 1023 error
  [FIX] the color of underline is different from the text color
  [FIX] memory leak in `MenuItemToggle::create()`
  [FIX] crash after removing a physics body right after adding it
  [FIX] SpriteBatchNode crash if CC_SPRITE_DEBUG_DRAW is enabled
  [FIX] memory leak in `Data::move()`
  [FIX] crash in `EaseExpoentialOut::clone()`
  [FIX] buffer over-read in `GLProgram::updateUniformLocation()`
  [FIX] `dirty` variable incorrectly reset with a multiple camera setup causing drawing issues on Sprite
  [FIX] fix label text formatter right alignment
  [FIX] `bsd_signal` link error on Android
  [FIX] crash while decoding small MP3 file on Android
  [FIX] `AppDelegate::applicationWillEnterForeground()` is invoked at launch on Android
  [FIX] fix `relocation overflow in R_ARM_THM_CALL` on Android
  [FIX] navigation bar doesn't hide if show and dismiss keyboard on Android
  [FIX] `utils::getTimeInMilliseconds()` may return wrong value on Android
  [FiX] link error that `bsd_sinal` is not defined if building with API level 21+ and uses libwebsockets on Android
  [FIX] compiling error with Android 6.0(API 23)
  [FIX] music is not resumed when app is reactived on iOS
  [FIX] random crash in `alGenBuffers` at startup on iOS
  [FIX] can not play audio if uncache and play audio many times on iOS
  [FIX] `Text::create()` crash if it contains invalid string on iOS
  [FIX] `FileUtils::removeDirectory()` can not work on all platforms except iOS and Mac
  [FIX] can not compile cocos2d-x on Mac OS X 10.10 and lower
  [FIX] new js project link error on linux
  [FIX] AudioEngine can not play large ogg file on Windows
  [FIX] design resolution broken after minimize on desk platforms
  [FIX] can not get the `backClicked` in lua
  [FIX] `cc.convertColor` issue in lua
  [FIX] browser version detection
  [FIX] compiling error with `cocos gen-libs`
  [FIX] spine track entry can circle reference each other
  [FIX] global object can leak during restart in JSB
  [FIX] progress timer nested sprite can't change color in Canvas
  [FIX] layout refresh issue in web engine
  [FIX] dom element position synchronization issue in web engine
  [FIX] armature position shake when parent node move in web engine
  [FIX] rendering issue for Armature using sprite as display in bone in web engine
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite GRAY state isn't correct in WebGL
  [FIX] touch startPoint can be overwrote in web engine
  [FIX] syncStatus transform dirty flag isn't resetting in web engine
  cocos2d-x-3.12 Jul 06 2016
  [HIGHLIGHT] add VR support
  [HIGHLIGHT] add Tizen support
  [HIGHLIGHT] fix Android performance issue
  [HIGHLIGHT] Web engine performance improved in WebGL mode
  [HIGHLIGHT] support obb extension on Android
  [NEW] Core: add `utils::findChild()`
  [NEW] Core: add CSV format support to tile maps
  [NEW] Core: add `FileUtils::getContents()`
  [NEW] Core: cocos2d::Value supports unsigned
  [NEW] Particle: add feature to pause/resume particle emitter
  [NEW] Platform: support Windows 10 UWP x64
  [NEW] UI: add clamp and shrunk feature for system fonts, currently only support iOS, Android and Mac
  [NEW] UI: make ListView select item programmatically
  [NEW] UI: add `EditBox::InputFlag::LOWERCASE_ALL_CHARACTERS` to lowercase characters
  [NEW] UI: add `setBounce()` to WebView
  [NEW] Web: refactor TMXLayer renderers
  [NEW] Web: can force orientation in mobile browser
  [NEW] Web: support high resolution TTF Label on retina display
  [REFINE] Android: use clang instead of gcc to compile codes
  [REFINE] Android: hide virtual button by default
  [REFINE] Android: set music volume control as default
  [REFINE] Android: usage clang insteand of gcc to compile codes
  [REFINE] Audio: catch `IllegalStateException` exception to avoid crash when playing background music with SimpleAudioEngine on Android
  [REFINE] Core: fix many warnings
  [REFINE] Core: move StringUtils functions from deprecated header file to ccUTF8.h
  [REFINE] Core: FontFNT will ignore chars that exceeds 65535 and print a warning information
  [REFINE] Core: `Node::ignoreAnchorPointForPosition()` is deprecated and add `Node::setIgnoreAnchorPointForPosition()`
  [REFINE] Core: allow inherit from platform FileUitils
  [REFINE] Core: add optional alpha parameter to Color4B and Color4F
  [REFINE] Core: Follow action can accept horizontal and vertical offset
  [REFINE] Core: TMXXMLParse parse `id` element
  [REFINE] Lua: rename all member functions named `end()` to `endLua()`
  [REFINE] JSB: make selectedSprite opitional in MenuItemSprite
  [REFINE] JSB: return null if read failed in `js_cocos2dx_CCFileUtils_getDataFromFile()`
  [REFINE] Template: iOS tempalte is refined to make cocos2d-x game scene work better with other UIView
  [REFINE] Template: remove ``
  [REFINE] Template: ARC support on iOS and Mac OS
  [REFINE] UI: TTF and BMFont label wrap mode will automanytically changed to char wrap mode when label's width is less than word's boundary
  [REFINE] UI: UIWidget adds missing properties for clone
  [REFINE] UI: UIScrollBar caches the texture created with base64 encoded images
  [REFINE] UI: EditBox now prints lowercase letters by default
  [REFINE] UI: enable WebView's local storage on Android
  [REFINE] UI: improve EditBox implementation on WinRT
  [REFINE] UI: make PageView indicator more tunable
  [REFINE] UI: make PageView page turning event time tweak configurable
  [REFINE] UI: RichText is improved: add effect of outline, shadow and glow; catch the event of open url; ability to extend tags; add anchor of image tag
  [REFINE] 3D: skeleton animation is more efficient when two animations switch frequently
  [REFINE] 3rd party: update webp to 0.5.0
  [REFINE] Web: improve basic types to reduce memory usage
  [REFINE] Web: Show line number in console statements
  [REFINE] Web: Cache base64 image of PageViewIndicator and ScrollViewBar
  [REFINE] Web: Pass error in cc.AsyncPool in onEnd callback
  [REFINE] Web: Separate ccui.ListView event callback from ccui.ScrollView for its own events
  [FIX] Android: fix compiling error if using NDK r11+
  [FIX] Android: package name is `libcocos2dx` instead of application name if building with Android Studio
  [FIX] Audio: AudioEngine can not work if the file path contains not ascii code on iOS
  [FIX] Audio: SimpleAudioEngine::playEffect() doesn't work correctly on Linux
  [FIX] AssetsManager: can not work
  [FIX] AssetsManagerEx: use manifestUrl from remote version
  [FIX] Core: `FileUtils::writeValueMap()` will crash on iOS if it contains `Value::Type::None` type element
  [FIX] Core: `ClippgNode::setStencil()` may cause assert error if it is invoked before
  [FIX] Core: `TextureCache::addImageAsync()` doesn't set pixel format corretly
  [FIX] Core: `GL::SetBlending()` doesn't set dst correctly
  [FIX] Core: vertex z can not work correctly if window size changed on desktop platforms
  [FIX] Core: use `std::isnan()` instead of `isnan()` to fix compiling errors on some Linux platforms
  [FIX] Core: crash on windows when using PolygonInfo
  [FIX] Core: fix `libpng error: CgBI: unhandled critical chunk` error with Xcode 7.3
  [FIX] Core: EXC_BAD_ACCESS random crash caused by reallocation of shared indices memory
  [FIX] Core: memory leak of `utils::captureScreen()` on iOS and Mac OS
  [FIX] Core: assert error if remove an event listener twice at the same time
  [FIX] Core: FileUtils::getValueMapFromFile() returns wrong value if it is a number with scientific notation on Android
  [FIX] Core: UIGrayScale shader is not reloaded when reloading shaders
  [FIX] Core: `SpriteFrame::clone()` doesn't clone polygonInfo
  [FIX] Core: `FileUtils::createDirectory()` fails on Mac OS with sandbox
  [FIX] Core: `cocos2d::Value` operator overloading of comparison `==` returns wrong value in case Type::VECTOR
  [FIX] Core: wrong content size if minisize
  [FIX] Core: can not have a class named `Game` on Windows
  [FIX] Core: crash if load bad image on Windows
  [FIX] Core: custom shader uniforms and attributes do not have effect in DrawNode
  [FIX] Core: blend mode doesn't work with animated sprite
  [FIX] Core: `FileUtils::removeDirectory()` can not work correctly when the path is not end of `/` on iOS and Mac
  [FIX] JSB: fix some bugs related with JSB debegger
  [FIX] JSB: scheduler callback target lost
  [FIX] JSB: missing scroll widgets constants
  [FIX] JSB: if obj is undefined or null then attempt to access obj.__nativeObj leads to incorrect behavior
  [FIX] JSB: use `require()` to require the same script twice may crash
  [FIX] Lua: lua function is not invoked when error happens in websocket
  [FIX] Network: HttpClient Content-type limitation on iOS
  [FIX] Network: downloader crash when storage path contains spaces
  [FIX] Network: SocketIO crash on reconnect
  [FIX] Physics: PhysicsBody damping doesn't wrok
  [FIX] UI: EditBox may cause `java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException` exception on Android
  [FIX] UI: TextFieldTTF doesn't show password correctly
  [FIX] UI: RichText crash on Windows
  [FIX] UI: EditBox can not use custom font on Android
  [FIX] UI: can not use TTF font on Android
  [FIX] RenderTexture: `setOpacity()` has not effect
  [FIX] 3D: `Sprite3D::createNode()` may not work correctly with particular model data
  [FIX] Web: `getParentToNodeTransform` doesn't return result
  [FIX] Web: remote image without extension in url can't be loaded as image
  [FIX] Web: nested clipping nodes rendering issue in WebGL render mode
  [FIX] Web: IMEDispatcher can't work in mobile Chrome
  cocos2d-x-3.11.1 May 27 2016
  [HIGHLIGHT] Supports IPv6-only network
  [FIX] Fix `cocos gen-libs` compiling issue
  cocos2d-x-3.11 May 11 2016
  [HIGHLIGHT] Physics: upgrade chipmunk to v7.0.1
  [HIGHLIGHT] JS: new memory model, don't have to use retain/release in JS
  [HIGHLIGHT] Curl: upgrade to v7.48
  [HIGHLIGHT] OpenSSL: upgrade to 1.0.2g
  [HIGHLIGHT] JS: can use Firefox 30+ and VSCode to debug cocos2d-x JSB programs
  [NEW] JS: web console is enabled debugging JSB projects via firefox
  [NEW] UI: add a setter for touch total time threshold in ScrollView
  [NEW] UI: add ability to get font family
  [NEW] UI: add xml support in RichText
  [NEW] UI: add ability to stop auto scrolling in ScrollView
  [NEW] UI: EditBox supports multiline on Mac
  [NEW] UI: Scale9Sprite allows to set custom shaders
  [NEW] UI: ImageView allows to set custom shaders
  [NEW] UI: TextFiled supports cursor
  [NEW] FileUtils: add missing getFileSize() for winrt
  [NEW] Network: close websocket connection by dispatching a resetDirector event
  [NEW] Tool: cmake supports on Android
  [REFINE] Network: upgrated to latest libwebsockets, add more callbacks and bugs fixed
  [REFINE] Network: replace char* with std::string in HttpRequest
  [REFINE] Renderer: TriangleCommand and QuadCommand are merged
  [REFINE] 2D: SpriteFrameCache takes pixelFormat into account if specified
  [REFINE] UI: let ScrollView swallow touch events by default
  [REFINE] JSB: make selectedSprite optional
  [FIX] JS: firefox v30+ can not debug cocos2d-x JSB projects
  [FIX] UI: can not get event when PageView was turning
  [FIX] UI: bitmap font sizes are not loaded from binary .fnt files
  [FIX] UI: some fonts were rendered incorreclty
  [FIX] Action: TargetedAction::isDone() always return false
  [FIX] Action: Repeat: will run actions more than speicific times, instant action will run one frame later
  [FIX] 2D: drawing in incorrect app state on iOS
  [FIX] Platform: FileUtils::getValueVectorFromFile() returns wrong value on iOS and Mac
  [FIX] Network: downloader crashed when storage path contains spaces on iOS
  [FIX] Network: downloader may crash on Android
  [FIX] HTTPAsyncConnection: crash when custom SSL certification is set on iOS
  [FIX] AssetsManagerEX: will stuck at UPDATING forever if last task fails
  [FIX] AssetsManagerEX: may repeatly update some assets and cause file write conflict
  [FIX] Lua: fix display.wrapScene()
  cocos2d-x-3.10 Jan 11 2016
  [HIGHLIGHT] UI: Rewrite Scale9Sprite and improve the scale9sprite performance and reduce memory consumption.
  [HIGHLIGHT] UI: Change PageView to derive from ListView.
  [NEW] Core: Added Application::getVersion() to get the app version.
  [NEW] UI: Add PageView indicator.
  [NEW] UI: Label add three Overflow type to new label, see release note for more information.
  [NEW] UI: UIText::clone supports clone the text effect.
  [NEW] Label: Add methods to query label effect state.
  [NEW] UI: UIRichText support the new line element.
  [REFINE] 3rd party: WebP loading improvements WebP loaded as premultiplied alpha if it has.
  [REFINE] UI: Slider `setCapInsetProgressBarRebderer` change to `setCapInsetProgressBarRenderer`.
  [REFINE] UI: RichText support new line element.
  [REFINE] UI: Set focus to Widget when touched.
  [REFINE] 3D: Change char* to string in Terrain.
  [REFINE] Studio: Merge Studio ActionTimeLine change back into engine.
  [REFINE] Studio: Merge Studio changes for compatible withe 32bit Mac System.
  [REFINE] Studio: Merge Studio changes for lua-binding, js-binding and simulator.
  [REFINE] Mac: Make engine compatible for 32bit Mac.
  [REFINE] 3rd party: WebP loading improvements WebP loaded as premultiplied alpha if it has.
  [REFINE] Audio: AudioEngine on Linux replace the original SimpleAudioEngine with a new version of FMOD, now AudioEngine support all platforms!
  [REFINE] IOS: Add virtual keyword for some render related function.
  [REFINE] UI: Fixes boring deprecated warning in HttpRequest.
  [REFINE] Network: Fix Downloader bug on iOS & Android platform.
  [REFINE] Studio: Fix deprecation warning in SkeletonRenderer.
  [REFINE] JS: Add js test case for fix, improve template.
  [REFINE] Network: Permit http access to in test projects on iOS.
  [REFINE] Network: Crash when removing a remotely downloaded image from texture cache in js-binding.
  [REFINE] Win10: WinRT project update version to v3.10.
  [REFINE] Console: Add quiet option for Cocos Toolkit.
  [REFINE] JS: New GC model for js-binding.
  [REFINE] Doc: Fix typos in documentation and comments.
  [REFINE] UI: update controlButton size calculate with new Scale9Sprite logic.
  [REFINE] Win10: Added missing _USRJSSTATIC preprocessor define for ARM builds.
  [REFINE] JS: Added ccvector_to / ccmap_to converted to new js-binding API.
  [REFINE] UI: Slider misprint fix.
  [FIX] Network: fix possible websocket crash in its destructor.
  [FIX] Core: Fix premultiplyAlpha for mipmaps and compressed textures.
  [FIX] UI: Fix Scale9sprite rendering error when content size smaller than the sum of leftInset and rightInset.
  [FIX] Win32: Fix EditBox crash when removing an EditBox in a scheduler.
  [FIX] Android: Fix cannot add view to mFrameLayout when extends Cocos2dxActivity.
  [FIX] 2D: Fixed actionNode set at wrong position bug.
  [FIX] 3D: Fix the movement of PUParticle lags one frame.
  [FIX] UI: Fix the wront argument of setPlaceholderFontName in EditBox.
  [FIX] UI: Fix EditBox editBoxEditingDidEnd may use the original text after change the text of EditBox in user script.
  [FIX] Audio: Fix `FinishCallback` never be called in Windows.
  [FIX] UI: Fix Layout stencil clipping nested with Clipping Node rendering issue.
  [FIX] UI: Keyboard doesn't hide when click the screen outside of EditBox on iOS platform.
  [FIX] UI: Fix a fatal bug in EditBox implement on Windows platform.
  [FIX] UI: Fix edit box setPlaceholderFontName and scale font size issue.
  [FIX] Core: Fix memory leak when initWithImage() failed.
  [FIX] Network: CCDownloader on iOS is broken in v3.9 js-binding.
  [FIX] JS: Bindings fixes for Menu, Sprite and Label.
  [FIX] Studio: Remove weak reference in ActionNode.
  [FIX] UI: shouldStartLoading method should return value to js in js-binding.
  [FIX] UI: Fix scrollview render error.
  [FIX] JS: Fix win32 js project crash issue.
  [FIX] UI: Button touch doesn't work with scale9 enabled.
  [FIX] JS: Fix evalString doesn't return result issue.
  [FIX] JS: Fix ComponentJS proxy management issue in JSB.
  [FIX] Android: Fix include in cocos network module.
  [FIX] Network: Fix web socket crash.
  [FIX] UI: Fix TextField missing default password style text setting.
  [TEST] S9SpriteTest: Scale9Sprite fade actions with cascade opacity.
  [TEST] Web: Remove default focus block from UIFocusTestVertical.
  [TEST] Lua: Fix pageViewTest Horizontal scroll won't work in Lua-test.
  cocos2d-x-3.9 November.09 2015
  [NEW] Label: Added line spacing/leading feature to Label.
  [NEW] ListView: Added APIs to scroll to specific item in list.
  [NEW] ListView: Added APIs to get an item in specific position like center, leftmost, rightmost, topmost and bottommost.
  [NEW] ListView: Added a feature for magnetic scrolling.
  [NEW] Animate: Added ActionTimeline::setAnimationEndCallBack and ActionTimeline::addFrameEndCallFunc.
  [NEW] Animate: Added CSLoader::createNodeWithVisibleSize, CSLoader::createNodeWithVisibleSize and moved "ui::Helper::DoLayout" into them.
  [NEW] Studio: Added Light3D support for Cocos Studio.
  [NEW] Platform: Added the missing CURL support to the Windows 10 UWP version.
  [NEW] Platform: Added UIEditBox support on linux platform.
  [REFINE] 3D: Added non-null checks in PUScriptCompiler::visit before dereferencing.
  [REFINE] 3D: Refined SkyboxBrush by making the shader parameter take effect at once.
  [REFINE] Label: Changed label font size type to float to support high precision when font size is small.
  [REFINE] ListView: Fixed an issue that list view's Magnetic::CENTER is not working well when non-bounceable.
  [REFINE] ListView: Added feature of jumping to a specific item in list view.
  [REFINE] Sprite: Added "a unsupport image format!" log when creating a sprite in CCImage.cpp.
  [REFINE] ScrollView: Merge logics of Scroll View for scroll by inertia and auto scroll into one.
  [REFINE] Animate: Moved initialization of image to an appropriate location, because it always called twice in SpriteFrameCache::addSpriteFramesWithFile().
  [REFINE] Simulator: Changed the size of startFlag to 13.
  [REFINE] Simulator: Show Node and Skeleton in the middle of the simulator.
  [REFINE] Simulator: Removed screen direction check in simulator to avoid render error.
  [REFINE] Pysics: Refined components to improve physics performance.
  [REFINE] UI: Refined ComponentContainer to improve performance.
  [REFINE] UI: EventListenerMouse will dispatch EventMouse events.
  [REFINE] OpenGL: Added check for glfwCreateWindow.
  [REFINE] Platform: Fixed a crash on xiaomi2 if Cocos2d-x is built as a dynamic library.
  [REFINE] Platform: Updated libcococs2d name to v3.9 on WinRT platforms.
  [REFINE] Platform: Added some support for mouse on WinRT. Include: Show/Hide mouse cursor; Mouse event implemented similar Desktop version; Left button send mouse event and touch; Support other mouse button and scroll wheel.
  [REFINE] Platform: Correct the convertion between unicode and utf8 on WinRT.
  [REFINE] Platform: Improved EditBox implement on Win32 platform.
  [REFINE] JS: Add jsb.fileUtils.writeDataToFile().
  [REFINE] JS: Set js templates Mac target platform from null to 10.7.
  [REFINE] JS: Removed the static define of variable in headfile of ScriptingCore.
  [REFINE] Lua: Added AssetsManagerEx constants UPDATE_FAILED and ERROR_DECOMPRESS in Lua.
  [REFINE] Lua / JS: Refined lua/js binding tool.
  [REFINE] I/O: Refined AssetsManagerEx unzipping by using async.
  [REFINE] Web: Improved logic of jsb_boot.js to sync with the web engine behavior.
  [REFINE] Web: Sync with CCBoot for web.
  [REFINE] Build: Fixed various compiler warnings on Xcode 7.
  [REFINE] Build: Fixed Wformat-security warning on Xcode.
  [REFINE] Build: Fixed a compile error in __LayerRGBA.
  [REFINE] Tool: Added tools for generating documents automatically.
  [REFINE] Doc: Clean up the code of setRect() function.
  [REFINE] Doc: Fixed a minor typo and renamed INTIAL_CAPS_ALL_CHARACTERS to INITIAL_CAPS_ALL_CHARACTERS in UIEditBox.
  [FIX] 3D: Fixed a bug that obb did not rotate with Sprite3d.
  [FIX] 3D: Corrected spot light init value.
  [FIX] 3D: Added the missing CCMotionStreak3D files.
  [FIX] 3D: Fixed a bug in CCPhysics3DComponent.cpp that oldBool is set with a wrong value.
  [FIX] 3D: Fixed shader light parameter bug that caused for that all the mesh share light parameter.
  [FIX] Sprite: Fixed a bug that CC_SPRITE_DEBUG_DRAW did nothing in Cocos2d-x.
  [FIX] Button: Fixed an issue that when image size of variable button status texture are different, Helper::restrictCapInsetRect result may stop the pressed & disabled status picture from loading.
  [FIX] Font: Fixed a crash bug in destructor of FontFreeType.
  [FIX] Label: Removed scale factor for label shadow.
  [FIX] Label: Added missing override keyword.
  [FIX] LoadingBar: Fixed a crash bug in LoadingBar.
  [FIX] ScrollView: Removed ScrollView::_innerContainer pointer copy.
  [FIX] Particle: Fixed a bug of nomalize_point which caused particle rendering error.
  [FIX] Tilemap: Fixed a TMXLayer bug: When using float values (for example the actual position of the character) to get the current tile, the wrong tile is sometimes/usually returned.
  [FIX] Animate: Fixed a crash bug when csb file is broken.
  [FIX] Animate: Fixed a bug that a same frame index is inserted after animation speed is scaled.
  [FIX] Animate: Fixed bug in v1.6 that bone animation crashed when performing getBoneAtPoint(0,0).
  [FIX] Animate: Fixed crash when recall a cached timeline after scene exited.
  [FIX] Animate: Fixed debug-config crash if a FrameBuffer has no RenderTargetDepthStencil.
  [FIX] UI: Fixed an image bug caused by the _hasPremultipliedAlpha field.
  [FIX] UI: Added missing getChildByTag<>() API.
  [FIX] UI: Fixed a bug in Widget::isClippingParentContainsPoint: _hittedByCamera may be null.
  [FIX] UI: Fixed a bug that cocos2d::Map may cause Dangling Pointers when inserting Ref Object which already exist in the Map.
  [FIX] UI: Fixed a bug in Scheduler which may case Force Close.
  [FIX] OpenGL: Fixed a bug of ui::WebView callback operate in OpenGL.
  [FIX] Performance: Fixed a bug that NotificationNode was not entered and exited.
  [FIX] Renderer: Fixed a bug that Material::clone failed to set the parent correctly.
  [FIX] Simulator: Fixed a bug that when scene was set to a very large size(eg. 2048x1536), the simulator window was out of screen.
  [FIX] Simulator: Fixed a compilation issue about simulator on Android x86.
  [FIX] Skeleton: Removed redundant interface in CCSkeletonNode.
  [FIX] Studio: Fixed a bug about Cocos Studio GUItest that MoveBy vertical direction under lua test project cannot scroll back to page 1 from page 2.
  [FIX] Studio: Hide menu "cocostudio 2.1" for JSON exported from Cocos Studio 2.x is not supported in CocoStudio 1.6.
  [FIX] Studio: Fixed bug that when create project from template, the app name of android-studio project is not changed.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed a bug that Android activity destroyed after reopening the app.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed a crash bug of AudioPlayer in Win32.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed an error about Chinese input in textfield with specific IME on Android.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed missing image asset in Win10 UWP manifest.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed Windows 10 UWP app manifest by correcting image asset paths.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed a bug that FileUtils::GetFileSize can't treat multi-char path.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed a bug of loading pluginx lib when compile Android with --compile-script flag.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed a crash bug caused by integer overflow in Device::getTextureDataForText on iOS.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed the broken v3 Win10 UWP build by removing CCComponentPhysics2d files from the libcocos2d project.
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed travis-scripts/
  [FIX] Platform: Fixed a bug in FileUtilsWin32::removeDirectory when the file begins with ".".
  [FIX] Platform: Corrected the keyboard codes for Desktop and WinRT.
  [FIX] JS: Fixed a freeze bug of playing animation in JS projects.
  [FIX] JS: Fixed build_native for JS default template.
  [FIX] JS: Fixed wrong number of param in Place and RotateTo.
  [FIX] Lua: Fixed a bug of luabinding enumerateChildren.
  [FIX] Web: Fixed wrong callback setting for webview:setOnDidFailLoading in Lua.
  [FIX] Web: Fixed life control for XMLHttpRequest.
  [FIX] Web: Fixed WebView lua-bind method name.
  [FIX] Build: Fixed msbuild by removing incorrect AppxBundle properties from project.
  [FIX] Build: Fixed the Enable_Bitcode compile error on Xcode 7.
  [FIX] Build: Fixed compile error for new project created by template.
  [FIX] Changed some delete operations to be deletions of arrays where applicable.
  [FIX] Changed some "free" operations to "delete" where memory was allocated with "new"."
  [FIX] Revert "remove CCClippingRectangleNode transform error support.".
  [TEST] 3D: Fixed a bug that lua Scene3DTest "back" button did not work.
  [TEST] Button: Added a testcase of Button opacity settings.
  [TEST] PageView: Fixed a bug that UIPageViewVerticalTest in cpp-test failed to scroll back to page 1.
  [TEST] Particle: Fixed a bug that particle test under lua has different display effects in different platforms.
  [TEST] Scale9Sprite: Added a test case of opacity/color cascade for Scale9Sprite.
  [TEST] Scale9Sprite: Added testcase for s9sprite action.
  [TEST] ScrollView: Added testcase for multiple items in ScrollView.
  [TEST] SliderBar: Fixed bug of slider bar that it doesn't refresh percentage value under project cpp-test.
  [TEST] SliderBar: Fixed a crash bug in "Scheduler->Scheduler ttimeScale Test" when drag slider to left then click the middle of slider bar.
  [TEST] Animate: Added custom spine skeletonAnimation testcase.
  [TEST] UI: Added DrawLabel Mode testcase.
  [TEST] UI: Fixed a bug that Node:Text Input test in cpp-tests touch detection is wrong.
  [TEST] UI: Improved UItestcase modification to make it user friendly.
  [TEST] Physics: Fixed a bug that quickly click mouse in "41:Node:Physics -> 6:joints" in cpp-test may cause program crash.
  [TEST] Studio: Fixed a crash bug of Cocos Studio 3d test under lua test project.
  [TEST] Platform: Solved the crash of performance-tests on Windows.
  [TEST] Debug: Fixed a bug that RefPtr test wasn't executed even in debug build.
  [TEST] JS: Fixed crash bug when click "remove ui" in "native test-JSBExtendTest" under project js-test.
  [TEST] JS: Updated testcase in js-test to show notificationNode to runAction.
  cocos2d-x-3.8.1 September.17 2015
  [HIGHLIGHT] platform: Supported Xcode 7 for iOS 9 deployment
  cocos2d-x-3.8 final September.6 2015
  cocos2d-x-3.8 rc0 August.26 2015
  cocos2d-x-3.8 beta0 August.14 2015
  [HIGHLIGHT] 3D: Added 3d physics collider
  [HIGHLIGHT] 3D: Supported setting camera background brushes with color/depth/skybox
  [HIGHLIGHT] 3D: Added key frame event Callback in Animate3D
  [HIGHLIGHT] FileUtils: Added a set of file writing APIs: writeStringToFile, writeDataToFile, writeValueMapToFile, writeValueVectorToFile
  [HIGHLIGHT] UI: Refined UI system
  [HIGHLIGHT] UI: Added RadioButton widget (JSB/Lua ready)
  [HIGHLIGHT] UI: Reimplemented and enhanced EditBox on Android: display cursor; support copy, cut, paste and select actions; support multi-line input; pretty adjustment when virtual keyboard shown
  [HIGHLIGHT] JS: Bound new AudioEngine in JSB
  [HIGHLIGHT] JS: Merged JSB test project into cocos2d test project
  [HIGHLIGHT] network: Upgrade SocketIO support to v1.x
  [HIGHLIGHT] tools: Optimize Bindings Generator
  [HIGHLIGHT] Label: Added HANYI FullType font support
  [NEW] 3D: Added light map support in Terrain
  [NEW] UI: Added ScrollViewBar for displaying a scroll bar at the side of ScrollView (JSB/Lua ready)
  [NEW] UI: Enhanced ScrollView with easing out scrolling
  [NEW] UI: Added PageView vertical scroll support
  [NEW] UI: Added PageView::JumpToPage API
  [NEW] UI: Added a setter for line width in DrawNode
  [NEW] Action: Permitted setting bitwise flags to action
  [NEW] Animate: Added Animate's getCurrentFrameIndex function
  [NEW] FileUtils: Added FileUtils::getFileExtension for getting file's extension name
  [NEW] Device: Added vibrate support to enable vibration for a duration
  [NEW] audio: AudioEngine supported audio preloading
  [NEW] UserDefault: Supported removing key pairs from UserDefault
  [NEW] spine: Supported Spine runtime 2.3 (Both native and web engine)
  [NEW] JS: Added auto binding for BlendFuncFrame
  [NEW] console: Supported new portrait projects from templates
  [NEW] console: Moved the framework-compile tools into cocos2d-console
  [NEW] framework: Support generate prebuilt libs of engine with debug mode
  [NEW] Supported Xcode 7
  [REFINE] 3D: Supported composite 2D/3D scene by moving UI and camera far away
  [REFINE] 3D: Improved Particle3D performance
  [REFINE] 3D: Made SkyBox not transparent
  [REFINE] 3D: Enable depth write for SkyBox
  [REFINE] 3D: Enable depth write for transparent object
  [REFINE] 3D: Set depth test function of Skybox brush to always
  [REFINE] renderer: Enabled blending all the time for 2D render queue
  [REFINE] Director: Made types to handle time consistent by modifing setAnimationInterval argument from double to float
  [REFINE] Sprite: Made Sprite::setTexture accept nullptr as parameter
  [REFINE] TextureCache: Made addImageAsync function thread safe
  [REFINE] Label: Improved code readability
  [REFINE] Label: Supported adding child nodes in Label
  [REFINE] Label: Refine the implementation about text layout and support debug draw
  [REFINE] Label: Supported auto batch with bitmap font or char map
  [REFINE] UI: Improved Slider's precision
  [REFINE] UI: Made Label and Text share the same fontSize type
  [REFINE] UI: Reduced memory usage in Text
  [REFINE] UI: Refined scroll event dispatching for ScrollView
  [REFINE] UI: Made EditBox::setFontSize not rely on font name property
  [REFINE] UI: Made viewport constructor more compile friendly
  [REFINE] UI: Improved event handling in TextField
  [REFINE] studio: Avoid CSLoader from openning csb file multiple times with fopen
  [REFINE] studio: Added BlendFrame support to Skeleton Animation
  [REFINE] studio: Enabled blendfunc cascade to the skin of BoneNode
  [REFINE] studio: Update reader with parse logic for valid attribute of SkyBox
  [REFINE] FileUtils: Remove old path while adding existing search path
  [REFINE] Device: Implemented Device::getDPI for Mac
  [REFINE] network: Refine NSLog in HttpAsynConnection in release mode
  [REFINE] network: Fixed a problem where WebSocket messages may pile up
  [REFINE] utils: Made utils::captureScreen saving file in another thread to improve the performance
  [REFINE] 3rd party: Update Nibiru SDK to 2.6
  [REFINE] platform: Correct all usage of unicode version winapi in FileUtils for win32
  [REFINE] JS: Supported new construction for 3d classes in JS
  [REFINE] JS: Automatically add extend to need to extend classes in bindings generator
  [REFINE] JS: Made UI classes safely extendable in JSB
  [REFINE] JS: Improved NodeGrid binding
  [REFINE] JS: Refine performance for Cocos Studio JSON parser for 2.x
  [REFINE] JS: Made binding functions accept null in JS and convert to nullptr
  [REFINE] web: Avoid re-bake the content when the parent node's position get changed
  [REFINE] web: Solved repeat loading same resource issue when parsing cocos studio project
  [REFINE] web: Added GameNodeObjectData and GameLayerObjectData in JSON parser
  [REFINE] web: Updated skeleton animation to the latest version
  [REFINE] web: Optimized resources automatic loading in JSON parser
  [REFINE] web: Avoid cc.loader resource loading being terminated while encounter errors
  [REFINE] web: Throw new Error object instead of error message string
  [REFINE] web: Move setDepthTest to renderer
  [REFINE] web: Added BlendFuncFrame parser
  [REFINE] web: Permitted webp image loading on Chrome
  [REFINE] web: Suspended the video player when the browser is minimized
  [REFINE] framework: Optimized the lua & js templates
  [REFINE] simulator: Made Node, Skeleton needs shown in the middle of the simulator window
  [REFINE] Removed EMSCRIPTEN support
  [REFINE] Added template project daily build in Jenkins-ci
  [REFINE] Removed unused tool gen-prebuilt
  [REFINE] Removed deprecated API in templates
  [FIX] 3D: Fixed Effect3DOutline issue when the Sprite3D is mirrored
  [FIX] 3D: Fixed issue that Sprite3D::getAABBRecursively does not get AABB of Nodes with Sprite3d children
  [FIX] 3D: Fixed Menu unusable in 3D scene
  [FIX] renderer: UI component can't click correctly by moving UI and camera far away of origin
  [FIX] renderer: ListView in Camera with custom mask isn't visible
  [FIX] renderer: Temporary fix for Sprite/Label/FastTMX auto-culling failure
  [FIX] renderer: Fixed shader issue by reloading shader when light number changed
  [FIX] Scheduler: Fixed timer's delta time is error when interval equals to zero
  [FIX] Scheduler: Fixed Pause/Resume act incorrectly
  [FIX] Scheduler: Fixed the callback will be executed multiple times if the value of delay parameter equal zero
  [FIX] Node: Fixed issue that euler angle is NaN when update Euler angle from quaternion and asin value is not between -1 and 1 by accident
  [FIX] Scene: Fixed bug that can't add custom member to Scene subclass
  [FIX] Sprite: Fixed some warnings and a related bug in CCSprite
  [FIX] AutoPolygon: Fixed copy construct & assignment operator memory leakage
  [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: Touch screen might cause rendering order disorder when the screen have numerous sprites
  [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: Fixed SpriteBatchNode doesn't support setFlipped
  [FIX] event: Fixed EventDispatcher wrong dispatch order bug
  [FIX] event: Fixed EventListenerKeyboard.onKeyPressed not firing for back button on Android
  [FIX] FileUtils: Fixed bug that FileUtils::isDirectoryExist result is not correct on Android while using relative path in 'assets'
  [FIX] Action: Fixed bug that CCTargetedAction executes callback twice
  [FIX] audio: Fixed playing new audio after stopping an incessant(loop) audio may fail on MAC/iOS
  [FIX] audio: Fixed bug that playing audio may fail(error code:-1) on iOS
  [FIX] audio: Fixed AudioEngine possible crash on iOS/Mac while playing multiply audio
  [FIX] Label: Fixed rendering LabelTTF characters as black boxes on Android by ensuring atlases are purged before resetting
  [FIX] Label: Fixed bug that characters are displayed incorrectly with "dark roast.ttf" font
  [FIX] Label: Fixed opacity setting is invalid with bitmap font
  [FIX] Label: Fixed the color of letter will be overridden by fade action
  [FIX] Label: Fixed Label with some specific font is cropped
  [FIX] Label: Fixed the content size of Label is incorrect with GLOW effect
  [FIX] Label: Fixed spaces is lost if label created with Fingerpop.ttf
  [FIX] Label: Fixed Label::getLetter(index)->setVisible(true) cause rendering duplicate letters
  [FIX] Label: Fixed Label::setGlobalZOrder invalid issue if label create with system font
  [FIX] UI: Fixed issue that Slider::addEventListener doesn't respect the button pressed and button release event
  [FIX] UI: Fixed bug that UI component can't be clicked correctly by moving UI and camera far away of origin
  [FIX] UI: Fixed inertial scrolling for CCScrollView
  [FIX] UI: Fixed bug that ListView::getCurSelectedIndex may cause out of range issue
  [FIX] UI: Fixed PageView scrollToPage bug and the curPageIndex bug
  [FIX] UI: Fixed game scene displays wrongly while clicking EditBox
  [FIX] UI: Fixed RichText layout cause infinite loop issue
  [FIX] UI: Fixed formarRenderers in RichText doesn’t update container size
  [FIX] UI: Fixed TextField hitTest not working as expected issue
  [FIX] UI: Fixed Widget::setHighlighted does not work after setBright
  [FIX] UI: Fixed Button touch doesn't work with setScale9Enabled
  [FIX] UI: Fixed calculation error of Layout viewing area's clipping position in SCISSOR mode
  [FIX] UI: Fixed logic error in isMaxLengthEnabled handling invoked by TextField::setString
  [FIX] UI: Fixed improper touch intercept event propagation in UI system
  [FIX] UI: Fixed EditBox input maxLength for Chinese character issue on iOS
  [FIX] UI: Fixed EditBox turning black when soft keyboard hiding
  [FIX] UI: Fixed scrollview innerContainer initial position error
  [FIX] UI: Fixed issue that Slider create function is not taking account of res type (TextureResType)
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite: Fixed Scale9Sprite default capInset bug
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite: Fixed issue that Scale9Sprite draw extra 1 pixel when creating from spritesheet
  [FIX] studio: Removed "using namespace cocos2d" from CCFrame.h
  [FIX] studio: Fixed the SkyBox display error while parsed from editor files
  [FIX] studio: Fixed userCamera flag error while parsing old version exported files
  [FIX] studio: Fixed GameNode3DReader parse failed error
  [FIX] studio: Fixed crash when loading cocostudio json files with null or empty fontName
  [FIX] studio: Fixed bug that setColor works on a whole armature, but not on an individual bone
  [FIX] studio: Fixed object size error while data is error
  [FIX] studio: Fixed issue that bone's color and opacity cannot cascade to bone
  [FIX] studio: Fixed issue that bone can be see by other cameras
  [FIX] ClippingNode: Removed CCClippingRectangleNode transform error support
  [FIX] spine: Fixed the position of debug draw of bones is incorrect
  [FIX] spine: Fixed memory leak caused by SkeletonRenderer::initialize
  [FIX] network: Fixed Downloader::getHeader failure on win32
  [FIX] AssetsManagerEx: Fix AssetsManager crash by protecting Downloader with shared_ptr
  [FIX] RenderTexture: Fixed RenderTexture switch foreground to background issue
  [FIX] Physics: Fixed circle shape debug draw incorrect issue
  [FIX] Physics: Fix transform issue of PhysicsSprite itself and its children
  [FIX] tilemap: Fixed small errors in the function TMXXMLParser::getRectForGID
  [FIX] tilemap: Fixed crash caused by creating TMX object when related image file is missing or broken
  [FIX] effect: Fixed PageTurn3D effect abnormal
  [FIX] ProgressTimer: Fixed SpriteProgressToRadialMidpointChanged bug
  [FIX] log: Fixed crash on Windows if passing string more than 16kb to cocos2d::log
  [FIX] utils: Fixed utils::captureScreen bug while using multiple camera
  [FIX] JS: Fixed issue of iOS/JS reflection `callStaticMethod` with bool arg
  [FIX] JS: Fixed Objective-C JS reflection bug while using callStaticMethod() with bool argument
  [FIX] JS: Fixed issue that subclass of ccui.Widget which overwrote onEnter will cause infinite recursion
  [FIX] JS: Fixed Node color property can not be used issue
  [FIX] JS: Fixed issue that SocketIO events don’t get fired when compile mode set to release
  [FIX] JS: Added the conversion for tmxTileFlags to fix TMXLayer::tileFlagsAt binding issue
  [FIX] JS: Fixed jsval_to_int and jsval_to_uint issue on 64 bit system
  [FIX] Lua: Fixed onTouch begin don't return value
  [FIX] Lua: Fixed memory leak in LuaMinXmlHttpRequest
  [FIX] Lua: Fixed checkbox Lua bindings issue
  [FIX] Lua: Fixed logic issue in cc.pIsSegmentIntersect
  [FIX] platform: Fixed issue that getStringUTFChars can not passing emotion from java to c++ on Android
  [FIX] platform: Fixed bug that paused game will be awaked by the Clock on Android
  [FIX] platform: Fixed bug that Cocos2dxHelper won't be initialized after activity recreate
  [FIX] platform: Fixed clipping node doesn't work on Android 5.0
  [FIX] platform: Fixed blur shader compliant on win8 universal
  [FIX] platform: Fixed the error when compiling android project with release mode on Windows
  [FIX] platform: Fixed issue that depth/stencil buffers attributes are ignored on iOS
  [FIX] platform: Fixed engine crash because of wrong initialisation on some android device
  [FIX] platform: Removed unneeded protocol for AppController on iOS
  [FIX] platform: Fixed link errors in release mode on win32
  [FIX] platform: Fixed Windows 10 UWP and WP8.1 app certification issue
  [FIX] platform: Fixed Android app occasionally freeze issue caused by Cocos2dxRenderer.nativeOnResume() is not called when the activity is resumed
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug that VideoPlayer remove event throw error
  [FIX] web: Fixed Armature position error in studio JSON parser
  [FIX] web: Fixed default clearColor error in director
  [FIX] web: Fixed rotation value parsing error in the timeline parser
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug that nested animation may be affected by outer animation
  [FIX] web: Made LabelAtlas ignoring invalid characters and updating correctly the content size
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug that VideoPlayer remove event throw error
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug that cc.director.setNotificationNode(null) doesn't take effect
  [FIX] web: Fixed texture rect update issue while changing sprite frame
  [FIX] web: Fixed effect issue in ActionGrid and NodeGrid
  [FIX] web: Fixed logic issue in Menu's _onTouchCancelled function
  [FIX] web: Fixed MenuItem crash when normal image is null
  [FIX] web: Fixed CCTouch's startPoint unset issue
  [FIX] web: Fixed incomplete fadeout effects
  [FIX] web: Fixed issue that return value of cc.screen.fullScreen is not boolean
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug that SkeletonNode is not drawing children
  [TEST] 3D: Avoid to trigger touch event multiple times in Physics3D Test and Physics3D Constraint Test
  [TEST] 3D: Fixed Sprite3D test background to foreground bug
  [TEST] renderer: Added auto culling test case
  [TEST] renderer: Fixed material parsing test on wp8.1
  [TEST] OpenGL: Fixed shader-basic and OpenGL testcase 'center' uniform error
  [TEST] OpenGL: Fixed ShaderRetroEffect random crash issue
  [TEST] OpenGL: Fixed offset on retina screen in shaderTest
  [TEST] OpenGL: Fixed shader test crash on android device
  [TEST] OpenGL: Fixed retro effect pos bug in ShaderTest
  [TEST] UI: Improved UIScene testcase
  [TEST] studio: Fixed cocostudio 3d test crash on mobile platform
  [TEST] studio: Added blendfunc Frame test case for skeleton animation
  [TEST] spine: Fixed bug that spine animition can't be rendered in Scene3DTest
  [TEST] tilemap: Fixed the problem that white frame didn't move as map did in JSB TMXOrthoObjectsTest
  [TEST] JS: Fixed Button position error in UIPageViewTest
  [TEST] web: Rewrote testcase for stencil depth mask in RenderTextureTest
  [TEST] web: Improved renderTexture stencilDepth test
  [TEST] web: Fixed abnormal effects in effectsTest
  [TEST] web: Fixed invisiable testcase of effects
  cocos2d-x-3.7.1 August.12 2015
  [HIGHLIGHT] studio: Added new skeleton animation support and csb parser for cocos v2.3.2 beta
  [HIGHLIGHT] studio: Added new skeleton animation support and JSON parser in the web engine
  [HIGHLIGHT] studio: Added Skybox csb/JSON parser for cocos v2.3.2 beta
  [NEW] Node: Added getNodeToParentTransform with selected ancestor
  [NEW] studio: Parsed Touch/Click/Event callback in JSON parser
  [NEW] web: Added cc.director.setClearColor and support transparent background
  [REFINE] Widget: Synchronize enable state and bright state for Widget
  [REFINE] studio: Optimized JSON parser's performance by removing audio play
  [REFINE] studio: Optimized editor related extension data to a component instead of hosting in _userObject
  [REFINE] studio: Updated Game3DNodeReader & UserCameraReader
  [REFINE] Label: Remove file error notice label from TextBMFontReader
  [REFINE] JSB: Add firefox remote debugger support in JS templates
  [REFINE] web: Improved color/opacity manipulations in MenuItems
  [FIX] Scene: Fixed Scene can't be inherited with std::vector members
  [FIX] Sprite: Fixed a compile error when CC_SPRITE_DEBUG_DRAW is on
  [FIX] Label: Fixed creation fail if the font(TTF) contains a non-unicode charmap
  [FIX] Label: Fixed LabelAtlas rendering error for invalid characters and characters out of boundaries
  [FIX] Label: Fixed Mac system font crash issue
  [FIX] platform: Fixed building with system prebuilt libs on Linux
  [FIX] studio: Fixed ccs.Skin construction issue in JSON parser
  [FIX] studio: Fixed Particle3d crash while reading file with error
  [FIX] studio: Fixed parser crash when sprite 3d resource isn't correct
  [FIX] UI: Fixed CheckBox issue that _isSelected state is updated after event processing callbacks
  [FIX] JSB: Fixed JSON parser issue that 3d particle can not be displayed
  [FIX] web: Fixed an issue that loading process won't trigger callback problem
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug where not resetting cc.Audio._ignoreEnded when replaying a sound caused it to stay in a "playing" state
  [FIX] web: cc.ScrollView and cc.TableView: added check for parent visibility in onTouchBegan method
  [FIX] web: Fixed TurnPageDown effect
  [FIX] web: Fixed Cocos Studio parser issue that all elements are missing while the timeline action contains rotation
  cocos2d-x-3.7final July.21 2015
  [REFINE] JS: Improve manual binding code for `retain`, `release`, `onEnter`, `onExit`, `onEnterTransitionDidFinish` and `onExitTransitionDidStart`
  [REFINE] web: Add compatible Uint16Array defintion
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite: Fixed Scale9Sprite gray state issue while `setCapInsets` called
  [FIX] studio: Fixed parser issue by checking texture existance
  [FIX] studio: Fixed Armature parser issue
  [FIX] JS: Fixed cleanup overriding issue in JS that it will cause `too much recursion` error
  [FIX] web: Fixed url check regular expression not supporting localhost issue
  [FIX] web: Fixed issue that sprite doesn't update texture rect correctly in some condition
  cocos2d-x-3.7rc1 July.14 2015
  [REFINE] framework: Used msbuild to generating engine prebuilt libs on win32.
  [REFINE] 3d: Used shader with normal while creating mesh with normals
  [REFINE] 3d: Set default 3d animation quality to low
  [REFINE] web: Improved localStorage warning when disabled
  [FIX] studio: Fixed percentage setting won't take effect when UISlider's background resource set to null
  [FIX] studio: Fixed a bug that SingleNode's color isn't set
  [FIX] studio: Fixed child nodes can't be rendered when particle and TiledMap as parent and their resource have been removed from disk
  [FIX] studio: Fixed a bug of JSON parser that texture address is wrong
  [FIX] studio: Fixed a bug that drawLine & drawPoints don't apply blend function in parser
  [FIX] studio: Fixed a bug that check box front cross texture will expand to normal size when change status between normal and disable frequently
  [FIX] studio: Fixed a bug that normal texture won't show when slider set to disable mode then clean slider ball disable texture
  [FIX] 3d: Fixed obj loading failed on windows
  [FIX] 3d: Fixed clipping node does not work for Sprite3D
  [FIX] platform: Fixed js template run error on linux
  [FIX] Tilemap: Fixed CCTMXXMLParser code negligence
  [FIX] JS: Fixed constant value error for ccui.Layout.BACKGROUND_IMAGE_ZORDER
  [FIX] JS: Fixed XMLHttpRequest can't be retain in JSB
  [FIX] JS: Added cc.path.mainFileName
  [FIX] JS: Fixed issue that override cleanup function in JS can't get invoked during node detaching
  [FIX] JS: Fixed cc.loader notification issue with image asynchonous loading
  [FIX] web: Fixed MenuItems' color/opacity setter issue with child nodes
  [FIX] web: Fixed page view's layout issue for JSON parser
  [FIX] web: Add ttc loader and prevent the pure digital fonts is invalid
  [FIX] web: Fixed Float32Array initialization
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug that layout background is missing
  [FIX] web: Fixed a bug that ObjectExtensionData miss setCustomProperty and getCustomProperty function
  cocos2d-x-3.7rc0 July.1 2015
  [HIGHLIGHT] core: Added Material system (JS/Lua ready)
  [HIGHLIGHT] 3d: Added Physics3d support (JS/Lua ready)
  [HIGHLIGHT] 3d: Added NavMesh support (JS/Lua ready)
  [HIGHLIGHT] Scale9Sprite: Added Android 9-patch image support (JS/Lua ready)
  [HIGHLIGHT] sprite: Supported polygon sprite with AutoPolygon generator (JS/Lua ready)
  [HIGHLIGHT] platform: Added Windows 10.0 Universal App(UWP) support
  [HIGHLIGHT] platform: Add Samsung Enhanced API on Android for cocos, please refer to the release note for more details
  [HIGHLIGHT] C++: Added Android Studio support
  [HIGHLIGHT] JS: Merged JSB and web engine into Cocos2d-x for a All-in-one engine
  [HIGHLIGHT] JS: Added `ccui.VideoPlayer` and `ccui.WebView` for iOS/Android/Web
  [HIGHLIGHT] console: Supported build & run Android Studio project with cocos console
  [NEW] C++: Added ActionFloat
  [NEW] C++: Supported physical keyboard on WinRT
  [NEW] FileUtils: checked filename case characters on windows
  [NEW] FileUitls: added supporting loading files that which file path include utf-8 characters
  [NEW] PhysicsShape: added sensor property
  [NEW] Sprite: used triangle command
  [NEW] 3d: Added `getFarPlane` and `getNearPlane` in `Camera` class
  [NEW] 3d: Added opengl version project/unproject function in camera
  [NEW] ui: button add BMFont title support
  [NEW] ui: TextField add `getTextColor`, `getTextHorizontalAlignment` and `getTextVerticalAlignment` API
  [NEW] ui: Reduce memory consumption of a few UI widgets.
  [NEW] audio: added support on WP8.1, now it supports wav format
  [NEW] audio: Added MP3 support to winrt audio
  [NEW] audio: Added OGG support to winrt audio
  [NEW] 3rd: updated rapidjson to v1.0.2
  [NEW] web: SIMD.js optimization for kazmath functions (from Intel)
  [NEW] web: The json loader of Cocos Studio will automatically load dependencies resources
  [NEW] Framework: Added Cocos Framework compilation script tool (used by Cocos)
  [NEW] Simulator: Added Cocos Simulator project (used by Cocos)
  [REFINE] core: Use quaternion instead of euler angle in `Camera::lookAt`
  [REFINE] platform: Differentiated Windows Phone Application and Windows Store Application with `Application::getTargetPlatform`
  [REFINE] platform: Improved UserDefault's robustness on Android, now the converting behavior is the same as iOS platform
  [REFINE] platform: Added debug flag -Wextra to linux CMakeFile
  [REFINE] audio: Permitted to play large ogg files on windows
  [REFINE] ui: Use inch for childFocusCancelOffset in UIScrollView
  [REFINE] 3d: Improved `Terrain::getIntersectionPoint` by calculating the intersection with triangles
  [REFINE] Label: Improve rendering of letter's inner shapes when outline is used
  [REFINE] console: Built engine with `LOCAL_ARM_MODE=arm` when building JS projects for android
  [REFINE] web: Deleted the redundant variables defined and log informations in ccui.RichText
  [REFINE] web: Allowed timeline animations with only one frame
  [REFINE] web: Improved property declaration of cc.Texture2D
  [FIX] core: Fixed `Director::setClearColor` has no effect bug
  [FIX] platform: Fixed VideoPlayer on Android ignore search paths
  [FIX] platform: Fixed crash while using s3tc on Nexus 9 (Android 5.0.1)
  [FIX] platform: Fixed Application may be created more than once on Android
  [FIX] platform: Fixed the Windows 8.1 Universal Apps crash when there is no audio device
  [FIX] platform: Fixed android background and foreground switching bug with VertexAttributeBinding
  [FIX] platform: Fixed warning "Service Intent must be explicit" on Android
  [FIX] studio: Fixed ActionNode memory leaks
  [FIX] studio: Fixed CocoLoader destructor memory release bug
  [FIX] studio: Fixed cocos studio json reader's bug in percentage mode
  [FIX] studio: Fixed rapidjson assert error in cocos studio module
  [FIX] network: Win32 CURL doesn't support zlib
  [FIX] network: Fixed memory leak of HttpClient on iOS and Mac platform
  [FIX] audio: Fixed program may freeze if `AudioEngine::stop` or `AudioEngine::stopAll()` is invoked frequently on Android
  [FIX] audio: Fixed a freezing crash in Windows 10 with the new audio engine when pressing stop after play
  [FIX] audio: Fixed audio can't resume if it is interrupted by an incoming phone call
  [FIX] audio: Fixed `SimpleAudioEngine::playEffect` lagged on Android 5.0.x
  [FIX] audio: Fixed `SimpleAudioEngine` may cause application to crash on Android 5.0.x
  [FIX] audio: Fixed thread safety problem on Android
  [FIX] audio: Added guard to audio engine pointer in `SimpleAudioEngine::end`
  [FIX] ui: Text scale factor is wrong with multiline text
  [FIX] 3d: skybox can't move to other position except origin point in world space
  [FIX] 3d: terrain can't move to other position except origin point in world space
  [FIX] 3d: Fixed Terrain lod computing bugs
  [FIX] 3d: Fixed clipping node not working for Sprite3D
  [FIX] 3rd: Fixed PIE link error on iOS caused by libpng and libtiff
  [FIX] 3rd: Fixed iOS libtiff 32bit header file error
  [FIX] AssetsManager: crashed issue
  [FIX] EaseRateAction: no way to create an `EaseRateAction` instance
  [FIX] Label: Fixed compile error when enabling CC_ENABLE_BOX2D_INTEGRATION
  [FIX] Label: crashed if invoking `setString(text` after `getLetter(letterIndex)` and `letterIndex` is greater than the length of text
  [FIX] Label: position is wrong if label content is changed after invoking `getLetter(letterIndex)`
  [FIX] Label: shadow effect cause OpenGL error on iOS
  [FIX] Label: outline effect doesn't match characters well
  [FIX] Label: Fixed system font label line height calculation is wrong on Android.
  [FIX] Label: Fixed IllegalArgumentException on Android 2.3.x
  [FIX] Label: Fixed line wrap error without space.
  [FIX] Label: The texture of character have not cropped if character cross the axis-aligned bounding-box
  [FIX] Label: Fixed the top of character's texture may be tailored if enable outline effect
  [FIX] ProgressTimer: `setSprite()` doesn't take effect
  [FIX] Sprite3D: setGLProgram() does not work
  [FIX] Sprite3D: transition breaks when there is a Sprite3D in the scene
  [FIX] Terrain: terrain is on top of particles, particles can not be seen
  [FIX] TextureCache: unbindImageAsync failed to unbind all asynchronous callback for a specified bound image
  [FIX] TileMap: crashed if a layer contains nothing
  [FIX] WebView: memory leak on iOS
  [FIX] WebView: Fixed crash on Android
  [FIX] WebView: crashed if url contains illegal characters on Android
  [FIX] Lua: luaLoadChunksFromZip should just remove .lua or .luac extension
  [FIX] Lua: Added some skipped create functions for Sprite
  [FIX] Lua: Fixed some lua test case bugs
  [FIX] JS: Enabled touches support for Windows 8.1 platform
  [FIX] JS: Fixed keyboard support for Windows Phone 8.1 platform
  [FIX] web: Fixed positionType error of particle system in timeline parser
  [FIX] web: Fixed setAnimationName issue while the property is undefined in timeline parser
  [FIX] web: Fixed `cc.TMXObjectGroup#objectNamed` not returning the result bug
  [FIX] web: Fixed TransitionSlideX callback sequence issue
  [FIX] web: Fixed issue in music end event
  [FIX] web: Fixed bug that LayerColor's color will disappear when update transform after being baked
  [FIX] web: Fixed `inverse` function bug of `cc.math.Matrix4`
  [FIX] web: Fixed the webaudio's invalid loop attribute bug for chrome 42
  [FIX] web: Fixed crash when character not found into BMP font
  [FIX] web: Fixed spine's js parser issue by avoid NaN duration
  [FIX] web: Fixed LabelTTF multiline detection
  [FIX] web: Fixed issue in ccui.Widget#getScale
  [FIX] web: Fixed texture is not updated in some cases
  [FIX] web: PlayMusic should not use the search path (timeline 2.x)
  [FIX] web: Fixed bug of loading path of resources
  [FIX] web: Premultiply texture's alpha for png by default to fix Cocos Studio render issues
  [FIX] web: Fixed cache update issue of Layout after bake
  [FIX] web: Fixed isBaked returning undefined issue
  [FIX] web: Made CCProgressTimerCanvasRenderCmd to properly show colorized sprites
  [FIX] web: Fixed attributes being reset issue while baked cache canvas' size changed
  [FIX] web: Fixed texture does not rotate bug of ccui.LoadingBar
  [FIX] web: Fixed color not being set issue in timeline parser
  [FIX] web: Fixed custom easing animation bug
  [FIX] web: Fixed return empty texture2d bug when adding image with same url multiple times
  [FIX] web: Fixed actiontimeline can not step to last frame issue when loop play
  [FIX] web: Fixed the prompt can not be used in iOS wechat 6.2
  [FIX] web: Fixed restoring of sprite's color issue
  [FIX] web: Fixed Uint8Array initialize issue
  [FIX] web: Fixed cc.TextFieldTTF Delegate memory leaks
  [FIX] web: Fixed sorted result is wrong in cc.eventManager (_sortEventListenersOfSceneGraphPriorityDes)
  [FIX] web: Fixed BinaryLoader issue on IE11
  [FIX] web: Fixed the sprite's texture bug when frequently change the color
  [FIX] web: Fixed an issue that action will result in automatic termination
  [FIX] web: Fixed ScrollView initWithViewSize issue
  cocos2d-x-3.6 Apr.30 2015
  [NEW] 3rd: update chipmunk to v 6.2.2 on Windows 8.1 Universal App
  [NEW] 3rd: update freetype to v 2.5.5 on Windows 8.1 Universal App
  [NEW] C++: Added SpritePolygon
  [NEW] Label: added LabelEffect::ALL which can be used in disableEffect(LabelEffect) to disable all effects
  [NEW] Lua-binding: binded ui:WebView and added corresponidng test case
  [NEW] MathUtil: added `MathUtil::lerp()`
  [NEW] UserDefault: added `UserDefault::setDelegate()`
  [NEW] Vec2: added `Vec2::setZero()`
  [NEW] Vec3: added `Vec3::lerp()`
  [NEW] WP8: remove WP8 support because Angle don't support WP8 any more
  [NEW] WP8.1: added back button support
  [FIX] Animate3D: modify `Animate3D::setHighQuality()` Animate3D::setQuality(), add a new animation quality type none which means that will not update animation to the bone, it is useful when the Sprite3D is out of the screen, it can safe a lot of cpu time.
  [FIX] AnimationCurve: memory leak
  [FIX] Bundle3D: memory leak when failed to load file
  [FIX] HttpClient: memory leak on iOS
  [FIX] JNI: JNI illegal start byte error which causes crashing error on Android 5.0
  [FIX] PUParticleSystem3D: refactoring create function using initWithXXX
  [FIX] UI:VideoPlayer: crashed when playing streamed MP4 file on iOS
  [FIX] VideoPlayer: can not play videos on Android v2.3.x
  cocos2d-x-3.6beta0 Apr.14 2015
  [NEW] 3rd: update Spine runtime to v2.1.25
  [NEW] MotionStreak: add `MotionStreak::getStroke()` and `MotionStreak::setStroke()`
  [NEW] Rect: added `Rect::intersectsCircle()`
  [NEW] UI:Text: add `Text::disableEffect(LabelEffect)` to disable a specific effect
  [FIX] 3rd: link error on VS2012 caused by libpng
  [FIX] Label: position is wrong if it is visited by a new camera
  [FIX] Particle3D: crash on clone
  [FIX] Particle3D: "make local" now working correctly. "Make local" is a properties that toggles particle coordination between local and global.
  [FIX] Particle3D: particle rotation now no longer stacks up on each other
  [FIX] Particle3D: Ribbon Trail now positions correctly
  [FIX] Physics: rigid body's rotation is wrong if it is attatched to a node which rotation is not 0
  [FIX] Renderer: RenderQueue command buffer optimizing
  [FIX] UI:Button: use too much memory
  [FIX] UI:Text: content size is wrong after setting outline effect
  cocos2d-x-3.6alpha0 Apr.8 2015
  [NEW] 3D: added texturecube support
  [NEW] 3D: added skybox support
  [NEW] 3D: added node animation support
  [NEW] 3D: added terrian support
  [NEW] 3rd: updated libcurl to v7.4 on all supported platforms except WP8/WP8.1 universal
  [NEW] 3rd: updated chipmunk to v6.2.2
  [NEW] 3rd: updated openssl to v1.0.11
  [NEW] 3rd: updated freetype to v2.5.5
  [NEW] 3rd: updated png to v1.6.16 on all supported platforms except WP8/WP8.1 universal because it is not needed on these two platforms
  [NEW] Animate3D: added `Animate3D::setHighQuality()` to set animation quality
  [NEW] Label: added disableEffect()
  [NEW] Lua-binding: used luajit arm64 version on iOS 64-bit devices
  [NEW] Sprite3D: getAABBRecursively return own aabb combining childeren's
  [NEW] Vec3: added `Vec3::add(float, float, float)` and `Vec3::setZero()`
  [FIX] Audio: memory leak
  [FIX] Audio: crashed on iOS 5.1.1
  [FIX] C++: lag issue if `Director::setContentScaleFactor` is called frequently
  [FIX] C++: CDT builder is enabled by default in cpp template on Android
  [FIX] Label: shadow color is incorrect
  [FIX] MenuItem: crash if `MenuItem::onExit` is called multiple times
  [FIX] Particle3D: particles' rotation affect particle system's rotation
  [FIX] Sprite3D: memory leak
  [FIX] Vec3: use inline function to improve performance
  [FIX] WebView: loadHTMLString() can not work if it is invoked in the same frame of creating a webview on iOS
  cocos2d-x-3.5 Mar.23 2015
  [NEW] EditBox: support Color4B
  [FIX] AutoRelasePool: memory leak if adding an element into pool when releasing auto release pool
  [FIX] EditBox: have a 100 bytes input limit on windows
  [FIX] FileUtils: getWritablePath() does not return correct writable path on Mac & Windows
  [FIX] HttpAsynConnection: can not get error content if response code less than 200 or response code greater or equal than 300
  [FIX] HttpResponse: reference count error causes assert error
  [FIX] Label: stroke color of system font is incorrect on iOS
  cocos2d-x-3.5rc0 Mar.13 2015
  [NEW] CocosStudio: add callback when loading a CSB file
  [NEW] Particle3D: more Particle Universe features are supported, add observers and event handlers
  [FIX] Billboard: fix bug on transparent Billboard because of transparent queue
  [FIX] Bundle: bug that create bundle with empty path
  [FIX] Camera: camera is detroyed unexpectedly when call removeAllChildren
  [FIX] C++: use console in `build/`
  [FIX] Label: position is wrong if it is visited by a new camera
  [FIX] MotionStreak: can not work with MoveTo and MoveBy
  [FIX] MoveTo: disable reverse() because it is meaningless
  [FIX] Particle3D: to make path shorter, rename Particle Universe folder to PU, and files CCPUParticle3DXXX to CCPUXXX to fix compiling error on WP8
  [FIX] Particle3D: `loadMaterialsFromSearchPaths` bug on linux platform
  [FIX] Sprite3D: fix bug on transparent 3D Sprite because of transparent queue
  cocos2d-x-3.5beta0 Feb.27 2015
  [NEW] Added Particle3D
  [NEW] C++: add Romanian language support
  [FIX] Audio: audio can not resume if it is interrupted, and back from background
  [FIX] Cocos Studio UI: setCameraMask does not work for the Cocos Studio UI
  [FIX] C++: compiling error when using CC_USE_CULLING
  [FIX] Label: texture size of string has unexpected padding on iOS 7 and upper version
  [FIX] HttpClient: if the request data is started by a null character, it does not fill http body
  [FIX] HttpClient: memory leak on iOS
  [FIX] Sprite3D: `getAttachNode()` will fail when there is no bone with name
  cocos2d-x-3.4 Jan.30 2015
  [FIX] Animate3D: `setSpeed` has not effect if `Animate3D` is used in Sequence
  [FIX] C++: will crash if built with armeabi-v7a enabled on Android devices that with armeabi-v7a architecture but doesn't support NEON instructions
  [FIX] C++: may crash if VAO is not supported
  [FIX] EditBox: content is not clipped correctly on windows
  [FIX] GLProgram: will cause crash on some devices that don't support more than 8 atrributes
  [FIX] HttpClient: not set response code when connecting failed on Android
  [FIX] Label: alpha channel of text color of system font has not effect
  [FIX] Label: use int for dimensions that will lose the precision
  [FIX] Label: labels will become white block after resume from background on some Android devices, such as xiaomi3
  [FIX] Label: improved parsing performance of bitmap font
  [FIX] Label: can not display `&` if using system font on windows
  [FIX] Lua-binding:studio-support: AnimationInfo is not binded
  [FIX] New audio: not close file descriptor leads to that may causes game freeze if playing two many times(may be more than 1000) on Android
  [FIX] Node: anchor point has not effect to rotation, it always rotate along (0, 0)
  [FIX] Physics integration: Scale9Sprite can't run `Move` action and `Scale` action if used physical scene
  [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: `addSpriteFramesWithFil`e may crash if plist file doesn't exist
  [FIX] Sprite3D: material files (.mtl) are not loaded for any object when creating from an .obj file
  [FIX] UI::ImageView: rendered content size is wrong if `ignoreSize` is true and `Scale9` is not enabled
  [FIX] UI::Slider: when scale9 is enabled, the progress bar's rendering height is wrong
  [FIX] UI:Scale9Sprite: some position information will be lost when toggling `Scale9` state
  [FIX] UI::TextField: will get wrong event message if clicking `TextField` twice
  [FIX] UI::TextField: result of `getContentSize` is wrong if it is invoked in insert or delete event callback
  [FIX] UI::WebView: base URL can not work
  cocos2d-x-3.4rc1 Jan.15 2015
  [NEW] C++: added CC_USE_CULLING macro to control if enable auto culling or not
  [NEW] FileUtils::fullPathForFilename will return empty string when file can not be found
  [NEW] VertexBuffer&IndexBuffer: allow setting usage(GL_STATIC_DRAW or GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW) in create method
  [NEW] Renderer: 3D rendering support for 2d objects
  [FIX] DrawNode: fix random crash because of init opengl buffer wrongly
  [FIX] DrawNode: drawPoints() can not set ponit size
  [FIX] EventDispatcher: crash if adding/removing event listeners and dispatching event in event callback function
  [FIX] GLProgramState: may cause GL_INVALID_VALUE error at start up on Android
  [FIX] LUA: 0x80000000 can not be converted by lua_tonumber correctly on some devices
  [FIX] PhysicsBody: can't get correct position in the same frame of adding PhysicsBody to PhysicsWorld
  [FIX] UI: fix crash when navigation controller is null
  cocos2d-x-3.4rc0 Jan.9 2015
  [NEW] 3rd: update libcurl to v7.39
  [NEW] 3rd: update luajit to v2.0.3
  [FIX] C++: crash when run clang static analyzer in Xcode
  [FIX] DrawNode: can not set color when DrawPoints, wrong behavior of drawRect
  [FIX] FileUtils: getData() can't get data from file when file was using by other application on windows
  [FIX] FileUtils: getData() will cause memory leak if file size is 0 on windows
  [FIX] GLProgram: when there is a shader compile error in shader, it will crash on windows
  [FIX] GLProgramState: Assert error because uniforms and attribute is not refreshed when come to foreground on android
  [FIX] HttpClient: http requests will be lost in immediately mode on iOS
  [FIX] JumpTo: can not be applied more than once
  [FIX] Label: may cause infinite loop if using system font on Android
  [FIX] Particle: GL_INVALID_OPERATION error because VAO and VBOs is not reset when come to foreground on android
  [FIX] Physics integration: physics body is not still after disabling gravitational force by PhysicsBody::setGravityEnable()
  [FIX] Sprite3DTest: Sprite3DUVAnimationTest, Sprite3DFakeShadowTest, Sprite3DLightMapTest, Sprite3DBasicToonShaderTest will crash on android when switch to foreground from background
  [FIX] Template: multiple dex files define error on Android if using Eclipse to build new generated application
  [FIX] VideoPlayer: can not play video if passing path returned from FileUtils::fullPathForFilename() on Android
  [FIX] WP8: compiling error on ARM architecture
  cocos2d-x-3.4beta0 Dec.31 2014
  [NEW] 3D: support frustum culling
  [NEW] Action: MoveTo and MoveBy support Vec3
  [NEW] Allocator: add custom allocator support, global, default, fixed block, object pool
  [NEW] Application: added Turkish and Ukrainian language support
  [NEW] UI:LoadingBar: add TextureResType to LoadingBar's create method
  [NEW] Director: add setClearColor() to set clear values for the color buffers
  [NEW] Node: rotation representation using quaternion
  [NEW] UI: Added new layout functionality for Cocos Studio, keeps widget margins a fixed set and adjusts the widget size according to the margins.
  [NEW] UI: Add gray shader to ui::Button, ui::CheckBox and ui::Slider when the disable state resources are not provided
  [NEW] UI: Modify the default behavior when ui::Button, ui::CheckBox and ui::Slider's selected state resources are not provided, the new behavior is scale the normal state texture when the selected state texture are missing.
  [NEW] 3rd party libraries: Add prebuilt version of libcurl to Mac and upgrade iOS,Android,Mac and Win32 libcurl to 7.39.0.
  [NEW] Replace network module implementation from libcurl to system network API on IOS and Android
  [FIX] ui::Button: fix setTitleColor calls method setColor instead of setTextColor of title label.
  [FIX] AssetsManagerEx: Fix assetManager can't download file on Win32
  [FIX] FileUtils: WebP format with alpha channel displayed wrong
  [FIX] Label: content size of Label is incorrect if the string is set to empty string
  [FIX] GLProgramState: fix assert error caused by outdated uniform and attribute cache
  cocos2d-x-3.3 Dec.12 2014
  [FIX] Billboard: allow billboard rotate along z axis
  [FIX] Bundle3D: create aabb for mesh whose aabb does not exist (user custom mesh)
  [FIX] EditBox: text position and move animation error on iPhone6 Plus
  [FIX] FileUtils: createDirectory(): doesn't invoke closedir() after opendir on platforms other than WP8/WinRT/Windows
  cocos2d-x-3.3-rc2 Dec.5 2014
  [FIX] C++: use 100% of one core on Windows
  [FIX] Label: when a label is added to a invisible parent node, app will crash if switching from background
  [FIX] Label: label will not be shown when using system font on Mac
  [FIX] Studio reader: replace protocol buffer with flatbuffer
  cocos2d-x-3.3-rc1 Nov.29 2014
  [NEW] Vec2: added greater than operator
  [NEW] Tools: Updated cocos console to v1.4 (from 1.2)
  [NEW] WP8: Win8.1 universal app support
  [FIX] Audio: `SimpleAudioEngine::sharedEngine()->playBackgroundMusic()` crashed freezen on Lollipop(Android5.0)
  [FIX] Button: when the dimension of button title is larger than the button, button will scale to fit the dimension of the button title
  [FIX] Button: when the dimension of button title is larger than the button, button will scale to fit the dimension of the button title
  [FIX] Camera: does not work correctly when the up is not (0, 1, 0)
  [FIX] Director: Uses a low-pass filter to diplay the FPS
  [FIX] DrawNode: drawPoint() may cause crash
  [FIX] EventKeyboard: can not check right Shift, right Ctrl and right ALT
  [FIX] GLProgramCache: doesn't release old program with the same key before adding a new one
  [FIX] GLProgramState: enabled GLProgramState restoring on render recreated on WP8
  [FIX] Label: label shifting when outline feature enabled
  [FIX] Label: when applying additionalKerning to a Label that displays a string with only 1 character, the character is shifted
  [FIX] Label: display incompletely with multiline text with outline feature enabled
  [FIX] Label: crash if using BMFont but missing corresponding png file
  [FIX] Lua: logical error in luaval_to_quaternion
  [FIX] New audio: can not loop on Android 2.3.x
  [FIX] Random: CCRANDOM_0_1() and CCRANDOM_MINUS_1_1() can be seeded using std::srand(seed)
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite: will be flipped if both flipX and flipY are false
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite: if scale and flip property are set at the same time, the result would be wrong
  [FIX] Scene: setScale() doesn't work as expected
  [FIX] Sprite3D: did not create attached sprite from cache
  [FIX] Tests: Sprite Performance Test automation works as expected
  [FIX] UI: Text: invoke ignoreContentAdatpSize(false) will cause wrong effect
  [FIX] VideoPlayer: showed in wrong place on Android v2.3.x
  [FIX] WebView: showed in wrong place on Android v2.3.x
  [FIX] WP: back key behaviour and Director::getInstance()->end() works not correctly
  [FIX] Lua-binding: XmlHttpRequest would truncate binary data
  cocos2d-x-3.3-rc0 Oct.21 2014
  [NEW] 3d: added light support: direction light, point light, spot light and ambient light
  [NEW] Added ClippingRectangleNode
  [NEW] Added AssetsManagerEx, which is more powerful than AssetsManager
  [NEW] Added a test case of sprite lamp effect
  [NEW] Animate3D: can create with start frame and end frame
  [NEW] Audio: new audio supports Mac OS X and Windows
  [NEW] Application: added openUrl()
  [NEW] Armature: added getOffsetPoints()
  [NEW] Lua-binding: added Camera3DTest ,BillBoradTest
  [NEW] Node: schedule/unschedule lambda functions
  [NEW] Rect: added merge()
  [NEW] Spine: update to 2.0.18
  [NEW] TileMap: added staggered tile map support
  [NEW] Utils: added getCascadeBoundingBox()
  [NEW] WP8: enabled screen orientation change handling
  [FIX] Accelerometer: using Accelerometer will freeze app and then crash on WP8
  [FIX] Application: getCurrentLanguageCode() always return empty string
  [FIX] Action: kRepeatForever macro superseded by CC_REPEAT_FOREVER macro
  [FIX] C++: remove armv7s in VALID_ARCHS for Xcode projects
  [FIX] Cocos Studio reader: UI animation playing crash if GUI JSON file is loaded again
  [FIX] Cocos Studio reader: improvement ImageViewReader don't necessary loadTexture when imageFilePath is empty
  [FIX] EditBox: view rendered in wrong position if click EditBox on iOS 8
  [FIX] FileUtils: can not remove files/directory on iOS devices
  [FIX] GLProgram: crashed on some Android devices that do not support more than 8 attributes
  [FIX] Label: getStringNumLines() may returns wrong result if label is dirty
  [FIX] Label: can not change opacity if using FNT font
  [FIX] Label: endless loop if not using system font, and constrained length is less than one character width
  [FIX] LabelAtlas: opacity do not change when setting parent's opacity
  [FIX] Lua-bindings: may crash if passing two-dimensional table from lua to c++
  [FIX] New audio: can not play audio after playing some times on Android
  [FIX] Node: macro scheduler_selector() superseded by CC_SCHEDULER_SELECTOR(). The same is true for the other schedule_ macros
  [FIX] Node: unscheduleAllSelectors() deprecated in favor of unscheudleAllCallbacks()
  [FIX] Node: crashed if remove/add child too quickly when using integrated physics
  [FIX] TextFieldTTF: will get wrong characters if using Chinese input method on WP8
  [FIX] TextureCache: memory leak in reloadTexture()
  [FIX] UI: Button: button remains gray when releasing it, this issue only happened if enable scale9 and only has one texture
  [FIX] UI: Button: when creating a button with a title only, button content size is not immediately updated
  [FIX] UI: EditBox: setMaxLength is invalid on mac
  cocos2d-x-3.3-beta0 Sep.20 2014
  [NEW] 3d: added `BillBoard`
  [NEW] ActionManager: added removeAllActionsByTag()
  [NEW] Audio: added new audio system for iOS and Android
  [FIX] DrawNode: has as many functions as `DrawPrimitive`
  [NEW] GLViewProtocol: added getAllTouches()
  [NEW] Node: added stopAllActionsByTag()
  [NEW] PhysicsWorld: add setSubsteps() and getSubsteps()
  [NEW] Renderer: added TriangleCommand
  [NEW] UI: added `WebView` on iOS and Android
  [FIX] C++: CMake works for Mac builds
  [FIX] C++: Reorganized cocos2d/platform folder. Easier to add new platforms
  [FIX] EditBox: moved to ui:EditBox
  [FIX] External: ScrollView: scroll view hidden picks up the touch events
  [FIX] FastTileMap: change indices to short because not all devices support int indices which will prevent drawing tilemap
  [FIX] FileUtils: can not create and delete directory on wp8
  [FIX] HttpClient: condition variable sleep on unrelated mutex
  [FIX] Image: optimize decompress jpg data
  [FIX] Label: outline effect may be wrong if outline width is big and font size is big too
  [FIX] MenuItem: memory leak if using menu_selector
  [FIX] MeshCommand: generate wrong meterial id which will cause problem that only first mesh is drawn
  [FIX] Node: create unneeded temple `Vec2` object in `setPosition(int, int)`, `setPositionX()` and `setPositionY()`
  [FIX] Node: skew effect is wrong
  [FIX] Node: setNormalizedPosition can not take effect if parent position is not changed
  [FIX] TextureAtlas: may crash if only drawing part of it
  [FIX] UI: Button: a button can not be touched if it only contains title
  [FIX] UI: Button: title can not be scaled if a button is scaled
  cocos2d-x-3.3alpha0 Aug.28 2014
  [NEW] 3D: Added Camera, AABB, OBB and Ray
  [NEW] 3D: Added better reskin model support
  [NEW] Core: c++11 random support
  [NEW] Core: Using `(std::notrow)` for all the `new` statements
  [NEW] Desktop: Added support for applicationDidEnterBackground / applicationWillEnterForeground on desktop
  [NEW] Device: added setKeepScreenOn() for iOS and Android
  [NEW] EventMouse: support getDelta, getDeltaX, getDeltaY functions
  [NEW] FileUtils: add isDirectoryExist(), createDirectory(), removeDirectory(), removeFile(), renameFile(), getFileSize()
  [NEW] FileUtilsApple: allow setting bundle to use in file utils on iOS and Mac OS X
  [NEW] Image: support of software PVRTC v1 decompression
  [NEW] Lua-binding: added release_print that can print log even in release mode
  [NEW] Physics Integration: can invoke update in demand
  [NEW] Renderer: Added primitive and render primitive command, support passing point, line and triangle data
  [NEW] Renderer: Added method for custom precompiled shader program loading on WP8
  [NEW] Renderer: Added consistent way to set GL context attributes
  [NEW] RenderTexture: add a call back function for saveToFile()
  [NEW] RotateTo: added 3D rotation support
  [NEW] ScrollView: added `setMinScale()` and `setMaxScale()`
  [NEW] Sprite3D: added setCullFace() and setCullFaceEnabled()
  [NEW] Sprite3D: added getBoundingBox() and getAABB()
  [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: load from plist file content data
  [NEW] utils: added gettime()
  [NEW] UI: Added UIScale9Sprite
  [NEW] UI: ui::Button: support customize how much zoom scale is when pressing a button
  [NEW] UI: ui::PageView: added `customScrollThreshold`, could determine the swipe distance to trigger a PageView scroll event
  [NEW] UI: ui::TextField: support utf8
  [NEW] UI: ui::TextField: support set color and placeholder color
  [NEW] UI: ui::Widget: support swallowing touch events
  [NEW] Text: added getter and setter for TextColor
  [FIX] EditBox: font size is not scaled when GLview is scaled on Mac OS X
  [FIX] EditBox: began/end events not work
  [FIX] Label: can not set charmap after it is created
  [FIX] Label: setTextColor does not have any effect on Mac OS X
  [FIX] Label: result of LabelTTF::getBoundingBox() is wrong
  [FIX] Label: can not set outline color correctly if using system font on iOS
  [FIX] Label: character edge will be cut a little if character size is small
  [FIX] LabelBMFont: result of LabelBMFont::getBoundingBox() is wrong
  [FIX] ListView: can not insert an item in specific position, it is added at bottom
  [FIX] LoadingBar: position is changed if changing direction
  [FIX] ParticleSystem: effect is wrong if scene scaled
  [FIX] ParticleSystemQuad: setTotalParticles() can't set a value larger than initialized value
  [FIX] PhysicsBody: return wrong bitmask
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite: new added sprite will be hidden
  [FIX] Slider: if the UISlider is faded, the slide ball won't fade together
  [FIX] Sprite: will turn black if opacity is set other than 255 and be added into SpriteBatchNode
  [FIX] TableView: can handle touch event though its parents are invisible
  [FIX] TextField: can not use backspace to delete a character
  [FIX] Widget: may crash if remove itself in touch call back function
  [FIX] Widget: not support cascaded opacity and cascaded color by default
  [FIX] VideoPlayer: memory leak on iOS
  [FIX] VideoPlayer: video frame size is not calculated correctly on iOS
  [FIX] VideoPlayer: video player not showing on iOS if it's not in FullScreen mode
  [FIX] Others: can not import java library shift by engine correctly when using Eclispe on Android
  [FIX] Others: optimize FPS control algorithm on Android
  [FIX] Lua-binding: replace dynamic_cast to std::is_base_of in object_to_luaval
  [3rd] fbx-conv: complex FBX model support which is useful for reskin, multiple meshes and multiple materials support
  cocos2d-x-3.2 Jul.17 2014
  [NEW] Node: added getChildByName method for get a node that can be cast to Type T
  [NEW] FileUtils: could add search path and resolution order path in front
  [FIX] Animation3D: getOrCreate is deprecated and replaced with Animation3D::create
  [FIX] Animate3D: setSpeed() accept negative value, which means play reverse, getPlayback and setPlayBack are deprecated
  [FIX] EditBox: can not set/get text in password mode on Mac OS X
  [FIX] Game Controller: joystick y value inversed on iOS
  [FIX] GLView: cursor position is not correct if design resolution is different from device resolution
  [FIX] Label: color can not be set correctly if using system font on iOS
  [FIX] LabelTTF: may lost chinese characters on linux
  [FIX] Lua-binding: support UIVideoPlayer
  [FIX] Node: setRotation3D not work based on anchor point
  [FIX] Node: modify regular of enumerateChildren, now it just searchs its children
  [FIX] Physics integration: body shape will be wrong when using negative value to scale
  [FIX] ScrollViewDelegate: make the scrollView delegate methods optional
  [FIX] will crash on windows because of checking `zsh`
  [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: opacity can not work
  [FIX] Sprite3D: may crash on Android if playing animation and replace Scene after come from background
  [FIX] UIwidget: opacity is wrong when replace texture
  [FIX] UIRichText: will crash when using utf8 string and the length exceed specified length
  [FIX] UIText: can not wrap words automatically
  [FIX] UITextField: keyboard can not hide if touching space outside of keyboard
  [FIX] UITextField: can not wrap words automatically
  [FIX] UIVideoPlayer: can not exit full screen mode on Android
  [FIX] Others: don't release singleton objects correctly that are needed in the whole game, which will be treated
  as memory leak when using VLD.
  [FIX] Others: compiling error when building for iOS 64-bit devices with Xcode6 beta3
  cocos2d-x-3.2rc0 Jul.7 2014
  [NEW] FastTMXTiledMap: added fast tmx, which is much more faster for static tiled map
  [NEW] GLProgramState: can use uniform location to get/set uniform values
  [NEW] HttpClient: added sendImmediate()
  [NEW] Label: support setting line height and additional kerning of label that not using system font
  [NEW] Lua-binding: Animation3D supported
  [NEW] Lua-binding: UIEditor test cases added
  [NEW] Lua-binding: UI focus test cases added
  [NEW] Node: added getName(), setName(), getChildByName(), enumerateChildren()
  and addChild(Node* node, int localZOrder, const std::string &name)
  [NEW] Node: physical body supports rotation
  [NEW] Sprite3D: support c3b binary format
  [NEW] utils: added findChildren() to find all children by name
  [NEW] Value: added operator == !=
  [FIX] Armature: blend func has no effect
  [FIX] Armature: crashed when remove armature in frame event
  [FIX] Animation3D: doesn't load original pose, which leads to wrong effect if not playing animation
  [FIX] Animation3D: animation for unskined bones lost
  [FIX] FileUtils: getStringFromFile may return a unterminated string
  [FIX] Lua-binding: Sequence:create will cause drop-dead issue
  [FIX] Lua-binding: lua-tests can’t be loaded on 64 bits iOS devices and Linux
  [FIX] Node: Node::setScale(float) may not work properly
  [FIX] Physics integration: child node can move with its father
  [FIX] Physics integration: support scale
  [FIX] Sprite3D: 20% performance improved, simplify shader, use VAO and batch draw
  [FIX] Studio support: NodeReader may cause crash
  [FIX] UIButton: doesn't support TTF font
  [FIX] UIButton: `getTitleColor()` doesn't equal to the value set by `setTitleColor()`
  [FIX] UIListView: addEventListener can not work
  [FIX] UIListView: element position is changed a little when you click and up a list view without move
  [FIX] UIListView: element will respond to item_end event when end of scrolling a list view
  [FIX] UIVideo: crash when try to remove videoView(STATE_PLAYBACK_COMPLETED) on android
  [FIX] WP8: crash of utils::captureScreen()
  cocos2d-x-3.2-alpha0 Jun.17 2014
  [NEW] Console: add a command to show engine version
  [NEW] Node: added setter/getter for NormalizedPosition(). Allows to set positions in normalized values (between 0 and 1)
  [NEW] Scene: Added createWithSize() method
  [NEW] TextField: added getStringLength()
  [NEW] TextureCache: added unbindImageAsync() and unbindAllImageAsync()
  [NEW] utils: added captureScreen()
  [NEW] UIText: added shadow, outline, glow filter support
  [NEW] Sprite3D: support 3d animation
  [NEW] Animation3D: 3d animation
  [FIX] not output debug message in release mode on Android
  [FIX] Android: 3d model will be black when coming from background
  [FIX] Android: don't trigger EVENT_COME_TO_BACKGROUND event when go to background
  [FIX] prevent flickering when opening another activity
  [FIX] Director: Director->convertToUI() returns wrong value.
  [FIX] GLProgram: not abort if shader compilation fails, just return false.
  [FIX] GLProgramState: sampler can not be changed
  [FIX] Image: Set jpeg save quality to 90
  [FIX] Image: premultiply alpha when loading png file to resolve black border issue
  [FIX] Label: label is unsharp if it's created by smaller font
  [FIX] Label: Label's display may go bonkers if invoking Label::setString() with outline feature enabled
  [FIX] Label: don't release cached texture in time
  [FIX] Label: calculated height of multi-line string was incorrect on iOS
  [FIX] Lua-binding: compiling error on release mode
  [FIX] Lua-binding: Add xxtea encrypt support
  [FIX] Node: setPhysicsBody() can not work correctly if it is added to a Node
  [FIX] Node: state of _transformUpdated, _transformDirty and _inverseDirty are wrong in setParent()
  [FIX] Node: _orderOfArrival is set to 0 after visit
  [FIX] Other: link error with Xcode 6 when building with 32-bit architecture
  [FIX] RenderTexture: saveToFile() lost alpha channel
  [FIX] Repeat: will run one more over in rare situations
  [FIX] Scale9Sprite: support culling
  [FIX] Schedule: schedulePerFrame() can not be called twice
  [FIX] ShaderTest: 7 times performance improved of blur effect
  [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: fix memory leak
  [FIX] Texture2D: use image's pixel format to create texture
  [FIX] TextureCache: addImageAsync() may repeatedly generate Image for the same image file
  [FIX] WP8: will restart if app goes to background, then touches icon to go to foreground
  [FIX] WP8: will be black if: 1. 3rd pops up a view; 2. go to background; 3. come to foreground
  [FIX] WP8: project name of new project created by console is wrong
  [FIX] WP8: missing texture after app switch
  [3RD] curl: will crash if use https request on iOS simulator
  [3RD] curl: update OpenSSL to v1.0.1h
  cocos2d-x-3.1.1 May.31 2014
  [FIX] GLProgramState: restores states after coming from background
  cocos2d-x-3.1 May.24 2014
  [FIX] EventKeyboard::KeyCode: key code for back button changed from KEY_BACKSPACE to KEY_ESCAPE
  [FIX] Label: may crash when using outline effect
  [FIX] Label: using outline and invoking 'Director::setContentScaleFactor' cause label show nothing
  [FIX] ProgressTo: will start from 0 when it reaches 100
  [FIX] Physics integration: may crashes if remove bodies at physics contact callback
  [FIX] UIWidget: copyProperties() lost copy some properties
  [FIX] WP8: orientation is not correct when it is set to portrait
  [FIX] WP8: fix for precompiled shaders and precompiled headers
  [FIX] WP8: template supports orientation
  cocos2d-x-3.1-rc0 May.18 2014
  [NEW] Cocos2dxActivity: Adds a virtual method to load native libraries.
  [NEW] Directory Structure: reorder some files within the cocos/ folder
  [NEW] Sprite3D: a node that renders 3d models
  [NEW] EditBox: support secure input on Mac
  [FIX] ControlButton: cascade opacity and color error
  [FIX] Director: twice calling of onExit
  [FIX] Math: Vector2->Vec2, Vector3->Vec3, Vector4->Vec4, Matrix->Mat4
  [FIX] GLProgram: uniform CC_Texture0 is pre-defined by cocos2d. MUST NOT be defined in shaders
  [FIX] GLProgramState: Supports multitexturing
  [FIX] Studio:ActionObject: correct TotalTime of ActionObject
  [FIX] Studio: FrameData::copy doesn't copy `isTween` property
  cocos2d-x-3.1-alpha1 May.9 2014
  [NEW] Animate: Dispatch a custom event after an animation frame is displayed
  [NEW] GLProgram: Easy to customize uniforms and attributes by using the new class GLProgramState
  [NEW] Template: cpp project support Eclipse c++ project
  [NEW] UI: add navigation support
  [NEW] UI: add a widget to play video
  [NEW] VS: support VS 2013
  [FIX] Audio: pause sound automatically when go to background on Android
  [FIX] Director: remove keepData and releaseData
  [FIX] Label: label is unsharp if it's created by system font with small size on iOS & Mac OS X
  [FIX] Label: Label created with system font is still visible when its opacity is 0
  [FIX] Label: Label created with system font havs black border on WP8/WINRT
  [FIX] Lua: A potential crash in the bindings of sp.SkeletonAnimation.setAnimation
  [FIX] Lua: Lua template should fail to launch on lua error
  [FIX] ParticleSystem: Particles can be created without a texture
  [FIX] ParticleSystem: yFlippedCoord behavior fixed.
  Added cocos2d/tools/particle to fix particles that were based on the old (broken) behaviour
  [FIX] Added SDK / NDK detection based on PATH
  [FIX] UIText: support TTF
  [FIX] Value: all types share the same union to reduce memory usage
  cocos2d-x-3.1-alpha0 May.1 2014
  [NEW] Android: Adds support for get response when Activity's onActivityResult is triggered
  [NEW] Core: Adds RefPtr<T> smart pointer support
  [NEW] Label: supports auto-culling
  [NEW] Math: New unified math library that supersedes Kazmath, CCGeometry and CCAffine*
  [NEW] Test: Adds a sample for making a outline sprite by using a custom shader
  [FIX] Application: Application::run returns wrong value on Mac platform
  [FIX] Build scripts: Improved cmake files for Linux, and for Android
  [FIX] Image: saveToImage may cause memory leak
  [FIX] Lua: cc.pGetAngle may return wrong value
  [FIX] Network: HttpRequest uses std::function as callback
  [FIX] Particle: The effect of particle loaded from CocosBuilder is incorrectly
  [FIX] ParticleSystem: particle direction in verticality is opposite when "configName" has value and "yCoordFlipped" is -1
  [FIX] Physics: PhysicsSprite's transform couldn't be updated
  [FIX] Value: default value changed to false
  [FIX] WP8: Some bug fixes
  cocos2d-x-3.0 Apr.23 2014
  [NEW] Lua: add `RichText` test cases
  [NEW] EditBox: Added missing Text Font and Placeholder feature for Mac platform
  [FIX] cocos console: Zipalign the apk generated with release mode
  [FIX] Director: Application crashes on closing if CC_ENABLE_CACHE_TEXTURE_DATA is enabled
  [FIX] Image: memoery leak
  [FIX] Image: crashes when save a jpg file
  [FIX] Lua: 'EditBox' can't response 'changed','ended' and 'return' event on Windows
  [FIX] Lua: new project will crash on iOS 5.1 devices
  [FIX] Others: compiling error when CC_LABELBMFONT_DEBUG_DRAW or CC_LABELATLAS_DEBUG_DRAW is enabled
  [3rd] libcurl: support ssl again on iOS
  cocos2d-x-3.0rc2 Apr.15 2014
  [NEW] Event: Adds `EventListener::setEnabled/isEnabled` to support enable/disable event listeners
  [NEW] GLView: Added createWithFullscreen overloaded method for selecting monitor and setting video mode
  [FIX] Android: Cocos2dxHelper.runOnGLThread() can't work
  [FIX] Animation: Added 'loops' parameter to Animation::createWithSpriteFrames
  [FIX] Audio: can not resume after pausing on windows
  [FIX] Audio: stopalleffect lead to stop background music on WP8
  [FIX] Audio: play effect may lead to memory leak on WP8
  [FIX] CocoStudio: Potential crash in SceneReader::createNodeWithSceneFile
  [FIX] Control: ControlButton can't swallow touch event
  [FIX] Event: Removing and re-adding an event listener will trigger an assert
  [FIX] Event: A potential crash when unregistering listener right after its registration
  [FIX] Event: EventDispatcher::setDirtyForNode doesn't consider node's children
  [FIX] FileUtils: 'isFileExist' doesn't consider SearchPaths and ResolutionOrders
  [FIX] Image: The result of 'malloc' is incompatible with type 'unsigned char *' in Image::saveImageToPNG
  [FIX] JNI: doesn't cache classloader which may cause crash on Android devices with 4.2 or upper version
  [FIX] Network: HTTPClient reports 2xx status codes as errors
  [FIX] Lua: Added ScriptHandlerMgr::destroyInstance to avoid memory leak
  [FIX] Physics: Skips one frame when delta time is equal to zero
  [FIX] Physics: PhysicsShapeEdgeChain::init() always return false
  [FIX] Setup: Force updating environment variables in
  [FIX] Value: A potential memory leak in value's default constructor
  cocos2d-x-3.0rc1 April.2 2014
  [NEW] Application: Adds getCurrentLanguageCode() which returns iso 639-1 language code
  [NEW] cocos2d::extension::ScrollView: Elastic bounce back effect support
  [NEW] Constructor: Added CC_CONSTRUCTOR_ACCESS macro to re-define constructor/initXXX methods to 'public' access.
  [NEW] Label: Added new methods 'set(Anti)AliasTexParameters' for enabling/disabling antialias
  [FIX] Android: Reloaded texture is not shown if it has the mipmap
  [FIX] Android: Application may become black at first time entering on some devices
  [FIX] Audio: Stopped music could also be resumed on iOS
  [FIX] CCBReader: Wrong logic in CCBAnimationManager::moveAnimationsFromNode
  [FIX] CocoStudio: ActionObject memory leak in ActionManagerEx::initWithDictionary
  [FIX] Console: initialize some variables that are not initilized in destructor
  [FIX] Console: refactor 'upload' command, encode file with base64, detach 'upload' from main loop
  [FIX] EventDispatcher: Potential crashes in EventDispatcher while using SceneGraphPriroity listeners
  [FIX] FileUtils: addSearchResolutionsOrder doesn't check whether there is a 'slash' at the end of path
  [FIX] FileUtils: Boolean value could not be written to specified plist file
  [FIX] GLView: Can't receive touchEnded event when mouse up outside of window on desktop platforms
  [FIX] Image: Some functions and variables in Image class is private, it should be protected
  [FIX] Label: Crash if label's type is STRING_TEXTURE and label->sortAllChildren is called
  [FIX] Label: Display incorrect of multi-line label if invoking 'getLetter'
  [FIX] Label: Default Anchor point isn't in middle and shadow offset doesn't consider contentScaleFactor
  [FIX] Label: Label's color is incorrect if it's created by font name
  [FIX] Label: Missing letters if using old LabelTTF and running on iPhone 64bit simulator(device)
  [FIX] Label: Refactor implementation of label's shadow
  [FIX] Label: Stroke was not 'outside stroke' for Label which is generated by 'Font name'
  [FIX] Label: Wrong logic in Label::setFontAtlas
  [FIX] Label: Read file more than once for label created by different font size
  [FIX] Label: Getting wrong rectangle by LabelTTF(LabelBMFont)::getBoundingBox.
  [FIX] Label: Possible crash if invoking FontAtlasCache::purgeCachedData
  [FIX] LuaBinding: Adds `addCustomHandler` in the ScriptHandlerMgr
  [FIX] LuaBinding: Upgrading LuaSocket to the latest version
  [FIX] Menu: Added missed scaleZ feature in ScaleTo and ScaleBy.
  [FIX] Network: Implements 'SIODelegate::fireEventToScript' method to integrate JSB event handling with the original native code.
  [FIX] Network: WebsocketTest crashes on win32, mutex varible may be deleted while it's still locked
  [FIX] ParticleSystem: Particle will stop animating if it was removed and re-added to another node
  [FIX] ParticleSystem: Set particle visible to false then set to true cause crashes
  [FIX] Physics: Incorrect function invocation in PhysicsBody::setAngularVelocityLimit
  [FIX] Physics: PhysicsBody::setGravityEnable doesn't work correctly sometimes
  [FIX] Physics: PhysicsBody moves randomly when switch foreground/background
  [FIX] Physics: Refactors PhysicsDebugDraw
  [FIX] Tests: Memory leak in CocosDenshionTest
  [FIX] Texture2D: Support to update partial texture
  [FIX] Tools: The apk generated with release mode in cocos-console can't be installed
  [FIX] UI: Widget::addNode is confused, need to add ProtectedNode to remove addNode API.
  [FIX] UI: Adding HBox, VBox layouts, refactoring 'doLayout' function
  [3RD] Chipmunk: Upgraded to v6.2.1
  [3RD] libwebsockets: Upgraded to v1.23
  cocos2d-x-3.0rc0 March.14 2014
  [NEW] Action: RotateBy supports 3D rotations
  [NEW] Bindings: Using python to automatically generate script bindings
  [NEW] ccConfig.h: removed support for CC_TEXTURE_ATLAS_USE_TRIANGLE_STRIP
  [NEW] Console: Added command: 'autotest run|main|next|back|restart'.
  [NEW] Console: Added 'resolution', 'projection' commands. Improved API
  [NEW] Console: Added more commands: director resume|pause|stopanimation|startanimation.
  [NEW] Console: Added command: 'touch tap|swipe' to simulating touch events.
  [NEW] Console: Added command: 'upload filename filesize' to upload a file to writable path.
  [NEW] Director: Displays 'Vertices drawn' in the stats. Useful to measure performance.
  [NEW] GLProgram: initWithVertexShaderByteArray() -> initWithByteArrays()
  [NEW] GLProgram: initWithVertexShaderFilename()a -> initWithFilenames()
  [NEW] GLProgram: addAttribute() -> bindAttributeLocation()
  [NEW] Label: can custom shadow and outline size
  [NEW] Label: LabelTTF was re-implemented as a wrapper of Label
  [NEW] Node: Added set/get Position3D() and set/get Rotation3D()
  [NEW] Node: Calculates rotation X and Y correctly.
  [NEW] Node: set/get VertexZ() -> set/get PositionZ()
  [NEW] Node: setRotationX() -> setRotationSkewX()
  [NEW] Node: setRotationY() -> setRotationSkewY()
  [NEW] Node: visit() and draw() new arguments: Renderer, parentTransform, and whether or not the parentTransform has changed since the last frame
  [NEW] Language: Added Dutch support
  [NEW] Sprite: Added auto-culling support. Performance increased in about 100% when many sprites are outside the screen
  [NEW] added script to set up environment needed for cocos2d-x
  [NEW] Scheduler: Added new API [ schedule(std::function, ...), schedule(member_func, ...) ], deprecated the old API [ scheduleSelector(member_func, ...) ]
  [FIX] Action: FadeIn and FadeOut behaviours is incorrect if it doesn't start from an edge value( 0 or 255)
  [FIX] Array: crash when invoking initWithObjects()
  [FIX] Action: Merge cocostudio/CCActionXxx to CCAction
  [FIX] Bindings: Adds a macro to disable inserting script binding relevant codes
  [FIX] Bindings: Supports 'setTimeout' and 'setInterval' in JSB
  [FIX] Bindngs: Exposes the missing data structures of Spine to JS
  [FIX] Bindings: cc.BuilderReader.load( path, null, parentSize ); was not allowed
  [FIX] Console: crashes on Windows
  [FIX] ControlButton: Crash if it was removed from parent in its callback
  [FIX] CocoStudio: Logical error in 'TriggerObj::detect()'
  [FIX] Director: Crash if invoking Director::end() on WINDOWS
  [FIX] Director: setAnimationInterval has not effect on Mac
  [FIX] EditBox: position would not be updated if its parent's position changed
  [FIX] EditBox: Voice recognition input would cause crash on ios7
  [FIX] EGLView: renamed to GLView, no longer a singleton, easier to customize
  [FIX] EventDispatcher: removeAllEventListeners() remove event listeners used internally, make textures not reload on Android when come from background
  [FIX] EventDispatcher: dispatchEventToListeners() causes "out of range" exception
  [FIX] Image: s3tc compressed textures with no mipmaps fail to be loaded
  [FIX] Label: A string which only contains CJK characters can't make a line-break when it's needed
  [FIX] Label: Character would not be aligned on the baseline when label using distance field
  [FIX] Label: Color and opacity can't take effect
  [FIX] Label: Font size passed to new Label didn't consider 'contentScaleFactor'
  [FIX] Label: loading custom fonts from ttf file fails on windows
  [FIX] Label: LabelAtlas::setColor takes no effect
  [FIX] MotionStreak: Added unimplemented position getter/setter
  [FIX] Node: setAdditionalTransform receives a pointer and not a const reference
  [FIX] Node: setRotation() moves opposite when node has a physics body
  [FIX] Node: Can not use Node::setPhysicsBody to reset a physics body
  [FIX] Object: Object -> Ref, and remove unneeded functions
  [FIX] Other: Removes samples except testcpp|testjavascript|testlua. Moves sample games to `cocos2d/samples` repo
  [FIX] Physics integration: Improves physical performance
  [FIX] Physics integration: PhysicsContact::_contactData may be double freed.
  [FIX] Physics integration: PhysicsShapeBox::getSize returns wrong value.
  [FIX] ParticleSystemQuad: setTotalParticles() can not set a value larger than initialized value
  [FIX] Renderer: Expand textureID bit from 18bits to 32bits. Resolves probably crash on Linux / Android
  [FIX] RenderTexture: save screen with RenderTexture got unexpected result
  [FIX] RenderTexture: saveToFile() can't write png file correctly
  [FIX] Spine: spine::Skeleton would not be updated after being re-added to scene
  [FIX] Sprite: not work as expected when CC_SPRITE_DEBUG_DRAW is 1
  [FIX] Scheduler: Thread deadlock if new functions are added in callback of Scheduler:: performFunctionInCocosThread
  [FIX] Tests: EditBoxText crashes on Win32 when being clicked many times
  [FIX] Tests: ChipmunkTest bounding box for debugging couldn't be shown
  [FIX] Tests: CocoStudioGuiTest/LabelBMFontTest crashes
  [FIX] Tests: Particle test/AddAndRemove test crashes
  [FIX] Tests: RenderTextureTest not drawn when coming from background
  [FIX] Tests: LabelTTFMultiline show nothing on mac
  [FIX] Timer::cancel always call Director::getInstance()->getScheduler() even in another Scheduler
  [FIX] Tests: Potential crash by switching repeatly between HttpClientTest, WebSocketTest, SocketIOTest
  [FIX] Tests: State is changed to RESUME when game comes back to foreground if pause button was clicked in Interval Test
  [FIX] TMXLayer: Removing child from TMXLayer may cause crash
  [FIX] TMXObjectGroup: Object values (x, y, width and height) from TMXObjectGroup are incorrect
  [FIX] TMXXMLParser: Refactored the codes of parsing pure xml layer format for tilemap
  [FIX] TMXXMLParser: 'y' value is parsed incorrectly
  [FIX] UI: Changes namespace from 'cocos2d::gui' to 'cocos2d::ui'.
  [FIX] UI: Supports RichText
  [FIX] Vector: Object which isn't in Vector would also be released when invoking Vector::eraseObject.
  [FIX] Websocket: Potential crash when websocket connection closes.
  [FIX] Websocket: No callback is invoked when websocket connection fails
  [FIX] Xcode 5.1: Added Xcode 5.1 to build arm64 version, but can not require socket module in lua, will fix it soon
  [3RD] Kazmath: Upgraded to latest version of Kazmath
  cocos2d-x-3.0beta2 Jan.24 2014
  [NEW] Full screen support for desktop platforms.
  [NEW] Adds performance test for EventDispatcher.
  [NEW] Adds performance test for Containers(Vector<>, Array, Map<K,V>, Dictionary).
  [NEW] DrawNode supports to draw triangle, quad bezier, cubic bezier.
  [NEW] Console: added the 'textures', 'fileutils dump' and 'config' commands
  [NEW] GLCache: glActiveTexture() is cached with GL::activeTexture(). All code MUST call the cached version in order to work correctly
  [NEW] Label: Uses a struct of TTF configuration for Label::createWithTTF to reduce parameters and make this interface more easily to use.
  [NEW] Label: Integrates LabelAtlas into new Label.
  [NEW] Node: Added `setGlobalZOrder()`. Useful to change the Node's render order. Node::setZOrder() -> Node::setLocalZOrder()
  [NEW] Renderer: Added BatchCommand. This command is not "batchable" with other commands, but improves performance in about 10%
  [FIX] event->stopPropagation can't work for EventListenerTouchAllAtOnce.
  [FIX] Uses unified `desktop/CCEGLView.h/cpp` for desktop platforms (windows, mac, linux).
  [FIX] Bindings-generator supports Windows again and remove dependency of LLVM since we only need binary(
  [FIX] Removes unused files for MAC platform after using glfw3 to create opengl context.
  [FIX] Wrong arithmetic of child's position in ParallaxNode::addChild()
  [FIX] CocoStudio: TestColliderDetector in ArmatureTest can't work.
  [FIX] CocoStudio: The order of transform calculation in Skin::getNodeToWorldTransform() is incorrect.
  [FIX] Crash if file doesn't exist when using FileUtils::getStringFromFile.
  [FIX] If setting a shorter string than before while using LabelAtlas, the effect will be wrong.
  [FIX] Label: Memory leak in FontFreeType::createFontAtlas().
  [FIX] Label: Crash when using unknown characters.
  [FIX] Label: Missing line breaks and wrong alignment.
  [FIX] Label: Corrupt looking characters and incorrect spacing between characters
  [FIX] Label: Label:color and opacity settings are invalid afeter these these properties changed: 1)text content changed 2)align style changed 3)max line width limited
  [FIX] Label: Crash when using unknown characters
  [FIX] Console: log(format, va_args) is private to prevent possible resolution errors
  [FIX] Configuration: dumpInfo() -> getInfo()
  [FIX] ControlSlider doesn't support to set selected thumb sprite.
  [FIX] ControlButton doesn't support to set scale ratio of touchdown state.
  [FIX] Particles: Crash was triggered if there is not `textureFileName`section in particle plist file.
  [FIX] Renderer: Uses a float as key with only the depth. Viewport, opaque are not needed now
  [FIX] Renderer Performance Fix: QuadCommand::init() does not copy the Quads, it only store a reference making the code faster
  [FIX] Renderer Performance Fix: Sprite and SpriteBatchNode (and subclasses) has much better performance
  [FIX] Renderer Performance Fix: When note using VAO, call glBufferData() instead of glBufferSubData().
  [FIX] Renderer Performance Fix: Doesn't sort z=0 elements. It also uses sort() instead of stable_sort() for z!=0.
  [FIX] Sprite: removed _hasChildren optimization. It uses !_children.empty() now which is super fast as well
  [FIX] Tests: Sprites Performance Test has 4 new tests
  [FIX] TextureCache: getTextureForKey and removeTextureForKey work as expected
  [FIX] TextureCache: dumpCachedTextureInfo() -> getCachedTextureInfo()
  [FIX] Websocket doesn't support send/receive data which larger than 4096 bytes.
  [FIX] Object: Remove _retainCount
  [FIX] ParallaxNode: Coordinate of Sprite may be wrong after being added into ParallaxNode
  [FIX] Crash if there is not `textureFileName`section in particle plist file
  [FIX] Websocket cannot send/receive more than 4096 bytes data
  [FIX] TextureCache::addImageAsync can't load first image
  [FIX] ControlSlider: Can not set "selected thumb sprite"
  [FIX] ControlSlider: Can not set "scale ratio"
  [FIX] Crash when loading tga format image
  [FIX] Keyboard pressed events are being repeatedly fired before keyboard is released
  [FIX] Background music can't be resumed when back from foreground
  [FIX] ANR (Application Not Responding) appears on android 2.3 when pressing hardware button.
  [lua binding]
  [NEW] Can bind classes that have the same class names but different namesapces
  [FIX] Use EventDispatcher to update some test cases
  [FIX] sp.SkeletonAnimation:registerScriptHandler should not override cc.Node:registerScriptHandler
  [javascript binding]
  [NEW] Bind SAXParser
  [FIX] Pure JS class that wants to inherite from cc.Class will trigger an irrelevant log
  [FIX] Mac and iOS Simulator should also use SpiderMonkey which was built in RELEASE mode
  [FIX] Crash when running JSB projects on iOS device in DEBUG mode
  [FIX] Crash when Firefox connects to JSB application on Mac platform.
  [NEW] Support fullscreen
  [FIX] "Testing empty labels" in LabelTest crashes.
  [FIX] Removes unused files after using glfw3 to create opengl context
  [FIX] Compiling error when using x64 target
  [FIX] Tests: TestCpp works with CMake
  [FIX] Bindings-generator supports Windows again and remove dependency of LLVM since it only needs binary of libclang
  cocos2d-x-3.0beta Jan.7 2014
  [NEW] New label: shadow, outline, glow support
  [NEW] AngelCode binary file format support for LabelBMFont
  [NEW] New spine runtime support
  [NEW] Add templated containers, such as `cocos2d::Map<>` and `cocos2d::Vector<>`
  [NEW] TextureCache::addImageAsync() uses std::function<> as call back
  [NEW] Namespace changed: network -> cocos2d::network, gui -> cocos2d::gui
  [NEW] Added more CocoStudioSceneTest samples.
  [NEW] Added UnitTest for Vector<T>, Map<K, V>, Value.
  [NEW] AngelCode binary file format support for LabelBMFont.
  [NEW] New renderer: Scene graph and Renderer are decoupled now.
  [NEW] Upgrated Box2D to 2.3.0
  [NEW] SChedule::performFunctionInCocosThread()
  [NEW] Added tga format support again.
  [NEW] Adds UnitTest for Template container and Value class
  [FIX] A Logic error in ControlUtils::RectUnion.
  [FIX] Bug fixes for Armature, use Vector<T>, Map<K, V> instead of Array, Dictionary.
  [FIX] Used c++11 range loop(highest performance) instead of other types of loop.
  [FIX] Removed most hungarian notations.
  [FIX] Merged NodeRGBA to Node.
  [FIX] Potential hash collision fix.
  [FIX] Updates spine runtime to the latest version.
  [FIX] Uses `const std::string&` instead of `const char*`.
  [FIX] LabelBMFont string can't be shown integrally.
  [FIX] Deprecates FileUtils::getFileData, adds FileUtils::getStringFromFile/getDataFromFile.
  [FIX] GUI refactoring: Removes UI prefix, Widget is inherited from Node, uses new containers(Vector<T>, Map<K,V>).
  [FIX] String itself is also modified in `String::componentsSeparatedByString`.
  [FIX] Sprites with PhysicsBody move to a wrong position when game resume from background.
  [FIX] Crash if connection breaks during download using AssetManager.
  [FIX] OpenAL context isn't destroyed correctly on mac and ios.
  [FIX] Useless conversion in ScrollView::onTouchBegan.
  [FIX] Two memory leak fixes in EventDispatcher::removeEventListener(s).
  [FIX] CCTMXMap doesn't support TMX files reference external TSX files
  [FIX] Logical error in `CallFuncN::clone()`
  [FIX] Child's opacity will not be changed when its parent's cascadeOpacityEnabled was set to true and opacity was changed
  [FIX] Disallow copy and assign for Scene Graph + Actions objects
  [FIX] XMLHttpRequest receives wrong binary array
  [FIX] XMLHttpRequest.status needs to be assigned even when connection fails
  [FIX] TextureCache::addImageAsync may load a image even it is loaded in GL thread
  [FIX] EventCustom shouldn't use std::hash to generate unique ID, because the result is not unique
  [FIX] CC_USE_PHYSICS is actually impossible to turn it off
  [FIX] Crash if connection breaks during download using AssetManager
  [FIX] Project_creator supports creating project at any folder and supports UI
  [NEW] build/ add supporting to generate .apk file
  [NEW] Bindings-generator supports to bind 'unsigned long'.
  [FIX] XMLHttpRequest receives wrong binary array.
  [FIX] 'Test Frame Event' of TestJavascript/CocoStudioArmatureTest Crashes.
  [FIX] UserDefault::getDoubleForKey() doesn't pass default value to Java.
  [FIX] Infinite loop in UserDefault's destructor
  [NEW] CMake support for windows.
  [NEW] Support CocoStudio v1.2
  [NEW] Adds spine JS binding support.
  [FIX] Don't bind override functions for JSB and LuaBining since they aren't needed at all.
  [FIX] The order of onEnter and onExit is wrong.
  [FIX] The setBlendFunc method of some classes wasn't exposed to LUA.
  [FIX] Bindings-generator doesn't support 'unsigned long'
  [FIX] Potential hash collision by using typeid(T).hash_code() in JSB and LuaBinding
  [Lua binding]
  [NEW] New label support
  [NEW] Physcis integrated support
  [NEW] EventDispatcher support
  [FIX] CallFuncND + auto remove lua test case have no effect
  [FIX] Lua gc will cause correcsponding c++ object been released
  [FIX] Some lua manual binding functions don't remove unneeded element in the lua stack
  [FIX] The setBlendFunc method of some classes wasn't exposed to LUA
  [Javascript binding]
  [FIX] `onEnter` event is triggered after children's `onEnter` event
  cocos2d-x-3.0alpha1 Nov.19 2013
  [all platforms]
  [DOC] Added RELEASE_NOTES and files
  [FIX] Texture: use CCLOG to log when a texture is being decoded in software
  [FIX] Spine: fix memory leaks
  [FIX] fixed a memory leak in XMLHTTPRequest.cpp
  [FIX] removeSpriteFramesFromFile() crashes if file doesn't exist.
  [FIX] Avoid unnecessary object duplication for Scale9Sprite.
  [FIX] does not rename/replace template projects completely.
  [FIX] Could not set next animation in CCBAnimationCompleted callback.
  [FIX] The Node's anchor point was changed after being added to ScrollView.
  [FIX] Refactored and improved EventDispatcher.
  [FIX] EventListeners can't be removed sometimes.
  [FIX] When parsing XML using TinyXML, the data size has to be specified.
  [FIX] Parameter type: const char* -> const string&
  [FIX] Armature: many bug fixed, add more samples, add function to skip some frames when playing animation
  [FIX] Configuration of VAO in runtime
  [FIX] Webp Test Crashes.
  [FIX] TransitionScenePageTurn: z fighting
  [FIX] AssetsManager: Adding test whether the file directory exists when uncompressing file entry,if does not exist then create directory
  [FIX] CCBReader: To set anchor point to 0,0 when loading Scale9Sprite
  [FIX] OpenGL Error 502 in Hole Demo
  [FIX] AssetsManager: downloading progress is not synchronized with actual download
  [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: memory leak when loading a plist file
  [FIX] removeSpriteFramesFromFile() crashes if file doesn't exist
  [FIX] EditBox: can't click the area that outside of keyboard to close keyboard
  [FIX] CCBReader: can not set next animation in AnimationCompleted callback
  [FIX] Node's anchor point was changed after being added to ScrollView
  [FIX] EventDispather: refactor method and fix some bugs
  [FIX] EventListner: cann't be removed sometimes
  [FIX] UserDefault: didn't set data size when parsing XML using TinyXML
  [FIX] Webp test crashed
  [FIX] CCHttpClient: The subthread of CCHttpClient interrupts main thread if timeout signal comes.
  [NEW] Arm64 support.
  [NEW] Added Mouse Support For Desktop Platforms.
  [NEW] Point: Adds ANCHOR_XXX constants like ANCHOR_MIDDLE, ANCHOR_TOP_RIGHT, etc.
  [NEW] Sprite: Override setScale(float scaleX, float scaleY)
  [NEW] External: added | operator for Control::EventType
  [NEW] Android & iOS screen size change support
  [NEW] GLProgram: setUniformLocationWithMatrix2fv, setUniformLocationWithMatrix3fv
  [NEW] Color[3|4][B|F]: comparable and explicit convertible
  [NEW] Contorl::EventType add | operation
  [NEW] Performance Test: Sprite drawing
  [NEW] Adjusted folder structure
  [NEW] Added tools to simplify upgrading game codes from v2.x to v3.x
  [FIX] Added virtual destructors on Interfaces
  [FIX] Added EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE to OpenGL attributes
  [FIX] Fixed application will crash when pause and resume.
  [FIX] Clear NoSuchMethodError Exception when JniHelper fails to find method id
  [FIX] Fixed crash when backging from background
  [FIX] LabelTTF: crashed when setting dimension input height value less than the height of the font and the input width value is 0
  [FIX] Changed data type of 'char' to signed as default
  [NEW] Added xlargeScreens="true" to supports-screens
  [NEW] Added build/ to build all Android samples, and remove all
  [NEW] Added to build template projects, and remove
  [NEW] Added Cocos2dxHelper.runOnGLThread(Runnable) again
  [NEW] Added support for orientation changed
  [NEW] Disabled CDT Builder on Eclipse
  [FIX] Removed unused CCLOG() from GL initialization
  [FIX] HttpClientTest: crash
  [FIX] Can't click the area that outside of keyboard to close keyboard when using EditBox.
  [NEW] Added support for orientation changed
  [NEW] Used CMake to build linux projects.
  [FIX] Closed X display after getting DPI on Linux.
  [FIX] Last test case of OpenglTest crashed
  [FIX] Trigger onKeyReleased only after the key has been released.
  [NEW] Added mouse support
  [Javascript binding]
  [FIX] Fixed a memory leak in ScriptingCore::runScript()
  [FIX] sys.localStorage.getItem() does not support non-ascii string.
  [FIX] cc.Scheduler.schedule(target, func) without repeat argument couldn't repeat schedule forever on device.
  [FIX] CCBReader can't play sequence automatically in JSB.
  [FIX] Wrong convention to jsval in cccolor4f_to_jsval and cccolor3b_to_jsval
  [FIX] sys.localStorage: doesn't support non-ascii string
  [FIX] BuilderReader: can't play sequence automatically
  [FIX] Wrong conversion to javal in cccolor4f_to_jsval and cccolor3b_to_jsval
  [NEW] main.js -> cocos2d-jsb.js
  [NEW] Remote debugging using Firefox, "step into" can not work
  [NEW] Added binding for Node::setScale(float, float)
  [NEW] Impvoved armature binding
  [NEW] Added CocoStudio releated binding codes: gui, scene parser, and add corresponding samples
  [Lua Binding]
  [NEW] Added Armature lua binding and added test samples.
  [NEW] Added LuaObjectBridge & LuaJavaBridge to simplify invoking objective-c codes and java codes from lua
  [NEW] Added CocoStudio releated binding codes: gui, scene parser, and add corresponding samples
  [NEW] Added AssetsManager binding and corresponding sample
  [NEW] Added XMLHttpRequest lua binding and corresponding sample
  cocos2d-x-3.0alpha0 @Sep.19 2013
  [all platforms]
  [FIX] TargetAction::reverse() works as expected
  [FIX] Fixed crash in OpenGLTest
  [FIX] Fixed logic when passing an empty std::vector to WebSocket::init()
  [FIX] Fixed crash in ParticleSystemQuad due to improper deletion of VBO and VAO
  [FIX] Point::isSegmentIntersect() returns correct value
  [FIX] Improved UTF8 response code in XmlHttpRequest
  [FIX] Observers with the same target and name but different sender are the same observer in NotificationCenter
  [NEW] Added ATITC format support
  [NEW] Better integration with physics engine
  [NEW] New Event Dispatcher: supports Keybaord, Touches, Accelerometer, Custom events. Added Tests as well
  [NEW] New Label code: Faster and more efficient than previous code
  [NEW] Added S3TC support
  [NEW] Added a method to get duration of timeline for CCBAnimationManager class
  [NEW] Array is compatible with STL containers.
  [3RD] Upgraded SpiderMonkey to Firefox v23
  [FIX] Fixed When lock screen or entering background and resume the application textures from pvr.ccz file become black
  [FIX] Fixed Stroke font color
  [NEW] Uses Native Activity
  [FIX] Status bar can be hidden on iOS 7
  [FIX] Added iOS7 icons to templates and tests
  [Mac OS X]
  [NEW] iOS and Mac tempaltes were merged into one single Xcode project file.
  [NEW] Added Lua template
  [JavaScript bindings]
  [FIX] CCBReader is able to set properties to owner if 'owner var' is setted
  [FIX] Fixed crash when extending cc.ScrollView in JS
  [FIX] cc.registerTargettedDelegate supports pure js object as its target
  [FIX] Fixed memory leak in the binding glue code of cc.FileUtils.getStringFromFile(getByteArrayFromFile)
  [NEW] Added bindigns for Sprite::getDisplayFrame(), ControlButton callback and RemoveSelf
  [Lua bindings]
  [NEW] Bind Sprite::getDisplayFrame()
  cocos2d-x-3.0alpha0-pre @Jul.30 2013
  [all platforms]
  [FIX] #2124: Image::initWithImageFileThreadSafe is not thread safe
  [FIX] #2230: Node::onEnterTransitionDidFinish was called twice when a node is added in Node::onEnter
  [FIX] #2237: calculation offset in font rendering
  [FIX] #2303: missing precision when getting strokeColor and fontFillColor
  [FIX] #2312: WebSocket can not parse url like "ws://